Ready to take your Music Production and Studio Knowledge to the next level?

Then you have come to the very right place.

Do you need to know more about recording...

Are you not sure and confused which gear or plugins you should use?

We will help you search and find the most suitable solution.

So if you already know how to record but you also want to learn more... then you have come to the right place.

How 101Audio can take you to the next level

We believe that today's producers and audio engineers can't go without all those technological advances the market has to offer us.

But with all that product information and content out there you need a reliable source to go to.

We will help you find the right techniques for music production as well ass the information you need for your studio.

101Audio is a rapidly growing audio magazine and resource for one extremely simple reason:

We love to write great content and our reader love to read that superb content as well!

PS: While your reading this make sure you sign up for our newsletter. You will receive updates from our blog as well as free downloads and the ability to win fun prizes. was founded by Immanuel Jones and Jay von Krieg. Both have a studied audio engineering and run their own project studio.

Because they love to read the popular audio magazines likeĀ  sos and interface they decided to write their knowledge down in the form of a website.

You can always contact us if you have any questions.

Next level audio production and studio recording
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