Best Autotune VST Plugins:
The Definitive List  [2021]


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Updated: January 18, 2021

Autotune is an essential plugin if you want to be considered a real sound engineer…

But, with so many alternatives in the market, how do you know what suits which situation?

If that troubles you, then you're at the right place!

Here we’ll pick out the best autotune VST plugins on the market!

Best Autotune VST Plugins
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But why do they say that autotune has revolutionized music?

Without a doubt, pitch correction VST plugins remain vital in contemporary music production. And it’s all thanks to their ability to quickly fix pitch imperfections in vocal recordings and performances.

Because honestly speaking, if your vocals are of poor quality, everything else will feel out of taste. Autotune plug-ins come handy when it gets to fixing, tweaking, and polishing vocals during a performance or in-studio recording.

Additionally, you can use autotune for creative purposes, as many modern vocalists do! Ranging from Daft Punk and Kanye West to Sufjan Stevens and Cher, autotune has shaped many iconic tracks!

Now let’s check out the top autotune plugins!

The 11 best Auto-Tune VST Plugins of 2021 include:

1. Antares Auto-Tune Pro

Antares Auto-Tune Pro Pitch Correction

Setting us off, the Antares Auto-Tune Pro Vocal Pitch Correction is arguable one of the top hits in the game.

To some extent, you can’t discuss digital plugins for vocal without it coming into the picture.

Auto-Tune Pro

Now to specifics, the latest iteration packs everything from the previous versions into a clean and easy to maneuver interface.


It comes with impressive enhancements too.

Think about Auto-Key, which automatically detects the key and scale of a project.

Similarly, it presents the Classic Mode that offers Auto-Tune 5 sound.

Auto-Tune Pitch Correction

To add to that, there is also an Audio Random Access feature for reliable integration with your DAW.

And that offers the added benefit of real-time control via a MIDI controller.

In a nutshell, this plugin is quite advanced with real-time pitch correction and effects as well as elaborate pitch and time editing.

So users can avoid the endless retakes.

Antares Auto-Tune ProWATCH THE DEMO

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2. Antares Auto-Tune Artist

Antares Auto-tune Artist

Now, here’s something for those who need great vocal sound in real-time.

Wondering what's has in store for you?

To begin with, Antares Auto-Tune is tailored to function with the DAW or live plugin host software as one may find convenient.

As you might expect, it packs all everything from Antares range of revered digital pitch correction tools bringing them all to a live stage.

And thanks to its improved processing engine, you can’t possibly get anything faster.

As a result, it enables accurate tracking without introducing unwanted delay on your vocals.

Auto-Tune Artist

And when the Zero-artifact feature joins into the action, the result is full blast natural sound.

Of course, the complete MIDI control will strike your attention, considering it aids tuning as the performance goes.

What else?

Antares Auto-Tune Artist features advanced capabilities for improving live vocals.

Talk of realistic formant filter.


Humanized function with increased realism, natural vibrato control, and throat modeling technology.

Check, check, and check.

Antares Auto-Tune ArtistWATCH THE DEMO

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Auto-Tune Artist:

3. Antares Auto-Tune EFX+

Antares Auto-Tune EFX+

Next up!

Auto-Tune EFX+ is simply a versatile workhorse as far as vocal production is concerned.

Primarily, it combines the baseline features of Auto-Tune with effective Auto-EFX multi-effects rack as well as the Auto-Motionpitch-shifting melodic pattern generator.

Auto-Tune EFX+

Whether on the stage or in the studio, it offers pro-grade Auto-Tune pitch fixing with low latency processing to enable real-time performance.

Isn’t that amazing?

That aside, it features perfectly adjustable Return Speed and Humanize parameters.

As such, you can fine-tune effects say transparent pitch correction or iconic Auto-tune effect desirably into your sounds.

If you add that to Auto-Key, you’ll never feel trapped in finding your music key before making adjustments.

Well, this is just but an overview- there is so much more in there.

Antares Auto-Tune EFX+WATCH THE DEMO

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Auto-Tune EFX+:

4. Antares Auto-Tune Access

Antares Auto-Tune Access

Looking for a nearly effortless way to get into Auto-Tune?

Here comes Antares Auto-Tune Access.

Designed to grant access to popular Auto-Tune features that professionals have relied on over the years, it is a perfect pick for newbies and veterans alike.

In the first place, it comes housed under a very appealing interface.

Well, that is just what meets the eye.

Auto-Tune Access

In use, it provides a premium yet light CPU load processing.

That is a big plus for users working on massive and advanced projects.

 Don't forget.

It does function in real-time.

It's Return Speed and Humanize Knobs avails multiple tuning options.

Think of subtle natural-sounding pitch correction and Radical Auto-Tune Effects, and it delivers efficiently.

What's more?

Whether on stage or within the studio, it features low latency processing that enables performance through the plugin without causing delays.

To top it all, it can be integrated with Auto-Key in one touch for real-time detection of the key and scale of music.

Antares Auto-Tune AccessWATCH THE DEMO

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Auto-Tune Access:

5. Antares Auto-Key

Antares Auto-Key

As the name suggests, the Auto-Key is in the simplest terms a key and scale VST detection tool.

Granted, it is designed to improve Auto-Tune workflow thereby saving crucial production minutes.

More specifically, it eases the selection of the key and scale of given music in line with effective pitch correction efforts.

Beyond that, it is useful for selecting samples and loops that rhyme with the key of a project.


All you need to do is to place Auto-Key on a track. And whoops!

It will subject it to real-time analysis.

Needless to say, it detects and displays the key and scale of music and tops it up with a tuning reference frequency.

That's not all.

The onscreen keyboard further lights up to reveal detected pitches.

The icing on the cake is- with other compatible Auto-Tune versions, it auto-updates precise key and scale settings in a click.

Antares Auto-Tune AccessWATCH THE DEMO

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6. Celemony Melodyne 4 Editor

Celemony Melodyne 4

Imagine a tool that enables top-tier vocal tuning.

A plugin that grants access to vocal notes right inside polyphonic material to fix audio buried within chords.

Well, yes!

That’s exactly what Celemony's Melodyne does.

Melodyne 4

With it, you can correct the pitch of vocals of a set of musicians with instruments such as pianos, guitars, and more in the mix of things.

In other words, it avails a single-track audio editing environment optimized to rhyme with monophonic, polyphonic, and sophisticated audio bits.

Even better, it has both automatic and manual correction of intonation and timing blunders alike.

Beyond that, it makes it possible to customize harmonies, melodies, rhythm, and timing.

Users can also modify note parameters such as vibrato, volume, and formant spectrum.

Despite its massive power, it has a clean and intuitive interface that allows seamless tweaking and exploitation of the fantastic editing possibilities.

Celemony Melodyne 5WATCH THE DEMO

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7. iZotope VocalSynth 2

VocalSynth 2 iZotope

Guess what?

You’d be dead right to imagine the Vocal Synth 2 as a very cool plugin.

As a multi-effects digital tool, it is loaded with five capable vocal engines that deliver nothing but pure quality.

And unlike its predecessor, boasts of more power, a redesigned interface, and far better CPU optimization.


But, perhaps the kicker lies in the BioVox feature which is a new vocal effect module that scientifically emulates the human vocal tract.

BioVox enables manipulation of the nasality, vowel shapes, and formant of vocal tracks in no time.

Other exciting features include stomp-style vocal effects, up to three flexible operation modes, and inter-plugin communication with among others iZotope’s Neutron, Ozone, and Tonal Balance Control.

Don’t forget Vocal Synth 2 comes with a robust selection of presets offering the much-needed inspiration.

Overall, the plugin is as futuristic as it goes with voice-modeled magic for most advanced voice processing.

iZotope VocalSynth 2WATCH THE DEMO

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8. Waves Tune Real-Time

Waves Tune Real-Time

When it gets to altering some notes in a track to ensure the whole project is pitch-perfect, the Waves Tune Real-Time is comparable to a big fierce dog.

And it delivers without dragging false notes into your work.

Designed for pre-production, tracking, and in the studio mixing, it comes with leading-edge pitch detection and fixing technologies.

It ensures adjusted vocal holds true to a performer's natural vocal sound.

Waves Tune Real-Time

For the record, it comes with features such as formant correction, complete ReWire support in addition to other pitch shaping capabilities.

Also in the mix of features is a pitch edit graph that entails waveform overview, piano roll as well as timeline and pitch editor.

At your best, you'll discover timeline modes, namely minutes/seconds, bars/beats, and samples.

And guess what?

You can execute all the manipulations within the DAW instead of working offline or uploading certain sections.

In a big way, Waves Tune Real-Time gives vocalists the confidence to perform and focus on the emotion of their performance whether live or in the studio.

Waves Tune Real-TimeWATCH THE DEMO

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Waves Tune Real-Time:

9. Zynaptiq PITCHMAP


For starters, this is the first-ever and the only vocal tool that caters for the processing of lone sounds within mixes in real-time.

With it, playing on a MIDI keyboard, or even generating a pitch map using it's clean and up-to-date graphical UI, it is possible to alter the melodies and harmonies of any recording.

PITCHMAP instantaneously and selectively rectifies any tuning issues.

And it doesn't stop there.


It also conceals individual sounds within a mix and can apply complex synthesizer-like sound changes to the audio.

And you have more options courtesy of automatic and manual control.

In other words, PITCHMAP makes it possible to work with the MIDI in real-time

As a bonus, it offers a wide array of presets complete with a presets manager.

In all, you can think of it as an inspiring correction plugin that puts the power to shape vocals right into your hands.


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10. Zplane Vielklang 2

Zplane Vielklang

The Zplane Vielklang is simply an audio harmonization instrument that allows on-the-go polishing of melodies.

Ideally, it creates harmonies with two to four voices.

Vielklang 2

Thanks to innate music intelligence and theory, it detects ideal harmonies for every distinct input melody.

It then synthesizes up to four voices that run in parallel with their voicings tipped to sound in the most natural way.

Moreover, it features advanced pitch editing controls that grant users fast and hassle-free access to pitch, timing, vibrato control, formant shift, amongst other options.

Zplane Vielklang 2WATCH THE DEMO

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Vielklang 2:

Free Auto-Tune Plugins

11. MeldaProductions MAutoPitch

MeldaProductions MAutoPitch

At first glance, you’ll notice the MAutoPitch as a very simple tool.

But, a little digging will tell you it is a real beast.

Well, it is designed to work on vocals as well as monophonic musical instruments automatically.

Over and above the primary function of tuning audio, it comes with a host of features optimized to support the process.

Talk about stereo expansion and formant shift, and there is more than just the basics.

What else makes it tick?

It boasts of up to eight channels surround processing.


Meaning, apart from handling mono and stereo signals it delivers on much more.

Perhaps that explains why it is a good fit for wide-ranging audio production needs.

In any case, it comes with an advanced yet straightforward UI providing seemingly limitless control on fine-tuning and alteration of values.

With its standardized GUI that supports resizing and styling, users can enjoy many offerings, including textual editing, smooth visualization, and near unlimited zooming.

And guess what?

It also offers global preset management and online preset exchange.

MeldaProductions MAutoPitchWATCH THE DEMO

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Final Thoughts

Given the crucial role of perfect vocals in music, there’s no question that Autotune plugins are an obvious necessity.

Hopefully, our list highlights one or two that will help transform your vocals.

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