Best Guitar VST Plugins:
The Definitive List  [2021]


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Updated: January 12, 2021

Are you looking for realistic high-quality guitar VST plugins for your recordings?

You don’t have to look any further because it is right here!

We will present to you the 18 BEST Guitar VST plugins the pros are using in 2020.

Best Guitar VST Plugins
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You will undoubtedly agree with me.

It’s hard to beat the sound of a real acoustic or electric guitar, which will sound better than any simulation VST on the market!

But you know what!

In this article, we've swum deep into the calm waters of exceptional guitar emulations to bring you a selection of great picks you can try out.

Let’s see them!

The 18 Best Guitar VST Plugins of 2021 include:

01. Vir2 Acou6tics

Vir2 Acou6tics

Now, the Vir2 Acou6tics is a versatile, flawless-sounding beauty that captures the essence of six acoustic instruments with utmost precision and detail.

Specifically, it presents six instruments, including a guitalele, steel-string guitar, twelve-string, nylon-string, ukulele, and mandolin.

Vir2 Acou6tics Playback

And guess what?

It provides for plectrum and fingerpicking options, Blumlein stereo recordings as well as piezo-based sources.

Even better, the plugin comes with thousands of samples crosscutting numerous articulations specially recorded for each instrument.

Talk about releases, sustains, mutes, legato, hammer-ons, harmonics, effects, and more.

The real kicker, however, lies in the smart playback engine that ensures inputs translate to the desired guitar effects.

Vir2 Acou6tics FX

Ideally, the engine analyzes inputs in real-time and interprets them based on patch settings to deliver expected realistic sounds.

Of course, the menu will be a tad intimidating, but the versatile controls nonetheless allow unlimited tweakability and behavior customization.

All things considered, Vir2 Acou6tics comes as an excellent way to include warm, organic, and engaging sound to audio projects.

Vir2 Acou6tics


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Vir2 Acou6tics:

02. Vir2 Electri6ity

Electri6ity from Vir2

Looking to electrify your sound with powerful guitar tones?

Electri6ity brings all the power and authenticity necessary for the job.

At its core are eight revered guitar tones alongside 24000 24-bit samples precisely recorded from each guitar.

Electri6ity Virtual Fretboard

The wide array of exceptional samples enables the playing of individual articulations on each fret of every string.

Whether you are all about downstrokes, upstrokes, ghost notes, mutes, harmonics, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, or releases, you got it all.

All Electri6ity has to offer is presented in three main pages, namely the Performance, Settings, Effects, and Fretboard page.

Electri6ity Performance Page

The Performance pages grant access to crucial playback settings such as guitar pickup, volume, vibrato, release, and strum behavior.

You can easily tweak the variables thanks to the integral advanced scripting capabilities made possible by VIR2’s revolutionary Articulation Morphing Technology and Velocity Morphing Technology.

And in case you need more control, the Settings page leaves everything in your hands.

You can manipulate the strings, Fretboard, tone, legato, strumming, picking, noise, and so much more.

Electri6ity Guitar Effects

That’s not all. You’ll love the Effects page steps in with stunning sounds, including Jazz, Classical, Metal, and Clean.

Finally, you have the Fretboard showing the origin of sample triggers allowing seamless interpretation of chords and notes.

Vir2 Electri6ity


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Vir2 Electri6ity

03. Vir2 Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar

Vir2 Fractured Prepared Acoustic Guitar

Then again, the instruments are categorized into five folders, namely Chromatic Kits, Drum Kits, Melodic, Pads & SFX, and Tempo Synced.

You’ll be happy to know each instrument bears the real taste of the acoustic guitar (of course, with new tone inflections that add dimension).

Custom Designed Guitar Instruments

Also worth noting, the plugin is housed in a user-friendly interface that allows seamless customization.

And since the controls are tailor-made for each of its over a hundred instruments, once you load an instrument, suitable knobs pop up on the interface to allow seamless tweaking.

Fractured Prepared Acoustic Guitar

From quantization, attack and release, stereo spread, Lo/hi-pass filters, and layer blend controls, it presents it all.

Don't forget.

There are wide-ranging effects such as flanger, vibrato, reverb, delay, and more.

Vir2 Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar


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Vir2 Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar

04. UJAM Virtual Guitarist

UJAM Virtual Guitarist Bundle

Get this!

The UJAM Virtual Guitarist Bundle is a 5-in-1 package composed of four unique world-class guitar emulations tailored to enhance sound.

More specifically, the Bundle includes Virtual Guitarist SILK, AMBER, IRON, CARBON, and SPARKLE.

Virtual Guitarist Silk

In application, SILK is ideal for smooth and elegant accompaniments, while Amber is excellent for adding warm and shiny strums.

Virtual Guitarist Amber

In the same vein, IRON "The Gods of Rock" should be the weapon of choice for anyone looking for powerful riffs and power chords. 

Virtual Guitarist Iron

SPARKLE shines when it gets to adding color and gloss to tracks. This slick, clean, and crunchy guitar is a guru when it comes to chords, octaves, and riffs.

Virtual Guitarist Sparkle

lastly, CARBON "The Most Versatile Virtual Guitarist" is from another world. This rhythm guitar brings organic, distorted, and rawness to your tracks.

Virtual Guitarist Carbon

With the bundle, you can enjoy unprecedented efficiency and realism, essentially allowing limitless creativity, whether composing or producing music.

For instance, if you have to rush to meet a deadline, you can quickly turn abstract ideas into realistic killer tracks in a few touches.

And its all thanks to custom VG technology, which makes it easier to achieve pro-grade guitar performances.

UJAM Virtual Guitarist Bundle


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UJAM Virtual Guitarist Bundle:

05. Amplesound Acoustic Guitar Series

Acoustic Guitar Series from Amplesound

Ample sound's product lineup boasts of serious high-end acoustic guitar instruments.

And this bundle is a bright display of the brand’s impressive quality.

First of all, the Series includes instruments that emulate leading classic archetypes of the acoustics world.

Ample Guitar SJ III

Talk of Spanish-style classical to the 1930’s Style American dreadnought and American steel-string.

As expected of any Amplesound instrument, the instruments here-in employ in-house guitar-oriented engine.

Similarly, they have matching range and base key switches

Ample Guitar Twelve III

In short, the Series offers the bare minimum you'd expect from a properly sampled guitar.

Round-robins, velocity layers, configurable performance noises with volume control, detailed sequencing of guitar parts, and other unusual extras.

Amplesound Acoustic Guitar Series


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Ample Guitar Super Jumbo III:
Ample Guitar Twelve III:
Ample Guitar Luther III:
Ample Guitar Taylor III:
Ample Guitar Martin III:

06. Amplesound Electric Guitar Series

Electric Guitar Series from Amplesound

If you are looking for a pro-grade electrical guitar VST instrument, the Amplesound Electric Guitar Series is worth checking out for many reasons.

To begin with, each instrument in the Series offers in-depth control.

Right from the UI, users are granted access to seemingly limitless capabilities for curating live guitar performances.

Ample Guitar SC

Although it will take a little practice to make the most of each instrument- brilliant results are always possible in no time.

One particular highlight across the Series is the strummer page.

From this page, users can manage the strumming engine and work with different preset patterns.

You can also control stroke times and volumes, body resonance, humanization option, and more.

Ample Guitar Semi Hollow III

Of course, no unit in the Series is complete without basic effects and alternative play modes.

So you can work on naturally sounding lines and strumming sound in line with your needs.

All in all, the Amplesound Electric Guitar Series presents expressive guitar modules that are functional and versatile.

Electric Guitar Series from Amplesound


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Ample Sound Vintage Cherry III:
Ample Guitar Semi Hollow III:
Ample Guitar Telecaster III:
Ample Guitar Peregrine Falcon III:
Ample Guitar Stratocaster III:
Ample Guitar Gibson Les Paul III:

07. Amplesound Metal Series

Amplesound Metal Guitar Series

Imagine two detailed virtual instruments that offer great metal and bass guitar sound.

A dual set that comes with features that makes it easy to generate realistic performances.

You couldn’t be wrong guessing the Amplesound Metal Series.

The Series is composed of the Ample Metal Eclipse III, Ample Metal Ray5 III, and Ample Metal Hellrazer modules- all standing out as premium creations for modern sound production.

In particular, the Ample Metal Eclipse III is sampled after the Japanese ESP Eclipse I guitar.

Ample Metal Eclipse

The Ample Metal Ray5 III features samples from the American MusicMan String.

Ample Metal Ray5

The mahogany body Ample Metal Hellrazer features unique 9 string samples from the Schecter Hellraiser C-9 guitar, which is suited for heavy metal styles.

Ample Metal Hellrazer

On matters sound, the Eclipse III comes as a darker and warmer tool optimized for actualizing big and heavy sound.

And it features the usual metal sound and tuning ideal for nearly all metal music.

By contrast, Ray5 III is bright and hard-hitting and is better suited for rock music.

In use, the Ray5 III boasts of incredible detail, impressive choice range of performance noises with volume controls, among other handy inclusions.

Remember, as independent modules, each plugin utilizes Amplesound's propriety guitar-oriented engine.

That means the features are guitar-specific to ensure optimal performance.

Amplesound Metal Guitar Series


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Ample Sound Metal Eclipse III:
Ample Sound Metal Ray5 III:
Ample Metal Hellrazer:

08. Applied Acoustics Systems Strum GS-2

AAS Strum GS-2

Imagine having your acoustic and electric guitar a touch away.

A flexible and in-depth source of strummed guitar parts.

Well, the AppliedAcoustics Systems Strum GS-2 guarantees just that.

GS2 Strum User Interface Play Panel

Central to its functionality are a vast selection of acoustic and electric guitars, sophisticated chord voicing, and automated chord recognition.

Again, it features integral strumming and picking action, MIDI riff library, amp, and effects.

GS2 Strum Effects Panel

So, just from the keyboard, you can enjoy seamless guitar playability.

You only need to pick a guitar from the collection of over 200 options depending on your music style, and Strum GS-2 does all the heavy lifting.

Alternatively, you can create your guitar because it allows unlimited control on every aspect of making an instrument manually.

To top it all, you can always dive a little deeper with five Sound Bank Series titles that offer over 400 presets.

AAS Strum GS-2


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09. Best Service Chris Hein Guitars

Chris Hein Guitars

The plugin covers nine instruments, including three electric guitars (clean, chorus, blues), nylon, steel, mandolin, two jazz guitars (plectrum and finger), and banjo.

And it has every instrument packed with up to 6700 samples and each preset featuring up to 49 articulations.

That’s not all. It also includes up to 13 velocities, a variety of effects, and a 69 intelligent MIDI controller.

Chris Hein Guitar

Then again, it features extensive controls and scripts.

From slide modes to automated variations, attack and release controls as well as effect samples, it leaves nothing to chance.

In a nutshell, this is an incredible library with all-round samples for right out of the box playability.

Chris Hein Guitar VST Plugin
Best Service Chris Hein Guitars


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Best Service Chris Hein Guitars:

10. East West Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock 2

East West Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock 2

Ever imagined having an all-in-one virtual guitar tool for composing a hit track?

The East West Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock 2 maybe that complete package you've been missing.

It is packed with 57 GB of rock drums, basses, and guitar samples covering wide-ranging styles optimized to give producers a full-scale sound package without sourcing anything elsewhere.

EWQL Ministry Of Rock 2

The best part is- all the samples are treated to the manufacturer’s advanced LIVE technology in effect, making multi-sampled instruments sound like a live performance.

In summary, this plugin is quite dynamic, playable, and delivers realistic-sounding instrument samples.

So, whether you are into music composition or film production, it could be of good use.

East West Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock 2


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East West Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock 1:
East West Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock 2

11. Sugar Bytes Guitarist

Sugar Bytes Guitarist

For all it presents, this guitar VSTi can be compared to a full-time guitarist.

If anything, it comes with all it takes to boost music with punchy guitar tracks.

Talk of compact guitar riffs, onboard amps, pedals and effects, the Sugar Bytes Guitarist is packed to perform.


Along with that, it features integral step, chord, and animation sequencers, which allow users to manage everything from playing style to chord progressions, and track structure.

That way, it becomes easy to create exceptional guitar parts live and in the studio.

Also, it comes with a pattern sequencer for triggering chords, deciding strum direction, and playable strings.

Don’t forget; it presents the action section for tuning sequences in real-time, among other effects and notes.

Overall, Sugar Bytes Guitarist brings unrivaled functionality to sound production space.

Sugar Bytes Guitarist


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Sugar Bytes Guitarist

12. Ilya Efimov Acoustic & Nylon Guitar Bundle

Ilya Efimov Acoustic & Nylon Guitar Bundle

Quite simply, the Acoustic and Nylon Guitar Bundle is a sample-based Kontakt library that takes after Taylor acoustic guitars.

Topping its list of offerings are over 3000 samples that easily tweakable.

Ilya Efimov Acoustic Guitar

Again, it features 14 dynamic layers for each note as well as 17 frets on every string with round-robin.

In use, the plugin employs a special string selection module to ensure the virtual playing hand is always in the right playing position in line with MIDI input.

Ilya Efimov Nylon Guitar

As if that isn’t enough, it offers three distinct modes for automatic chord position search, 14 unique articulations, multiple FX and noises, and so much more.

Ilya Efimov Acoustic & Nylon Guitar Bundle


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Ilya Efimov Acoustic & Nylon Guitar Bundle

13. Ilya Efimov Electric Guitar Bundle

Ilya Efimov Electric Guitar Bundle

Next up! If you are looking for an all-in-one virtual electric guitar plugin package, here comes a good bet.

The Ily Efimov Electric Guitar Bundle is a comprehensive sound production solution that comprises of four detailed emulations that bring realistic nuances of some legendary guitars.

Specifically, the bundle comprises the LP Guitar, LP Strum, TC Guitar, and TC Strum modules.

Each module features thousands of samples, about a dozen velocity layers, 23 frets of each string with round-robin, 14 unique articulations, and three modes for automatic search of chord position.

Ilya Efimov Electric LP Guitar

Beyond that, you have automatic and manual string selection as well as automatic and manual left hand playing, volume and tone control, a variety of effects, and more.

And as sample-based modules, the manufacturer has left nothing to chance in efforts to allow an extensive dynamic sound range.

As such, one can easily tailor realistic and detailed guitar sound that suits particular needs.

Ilya Efimov Electric Guitar Bundle


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Ilya Efimov Electric Guitar Bundle

15. Prominy Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar

Prominy Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar

Sensational is perhaps the best word that summarizes the Prominy Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar.

For starters, it re-creates the essence of the GIbson® 1963 Hummingbird.

As an ultra-sounding virtual acoustic guitar tailored to aid the process of crafting natural guitar tones, it stretches the limits of acoustic guitar emulations.

For one, it comes loaded with about 80 GB 89000 samples and allows extensive playing techniques.

Hummingbird Fretboard

Similarly, it features a Lossless Sample Compression format and real-time ultra-realistic playability.

That way, users can compose original guitar tracks with much ado.

Other notable offerings include Intelligent Instrument Key Switch with chord recognition, double-tracking, multiple guitar percussion samples, customizable strum key, real sampled/emulated chords, and more

Hummingbird Effects

As an SPI (Super Performance Instrument) it includes Auto Stroke Detection

In a nutshell, the Hummingbirds opens the door to the world of ultra-realistic and real-time acoustic guitar performance.

Prominy Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar


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Prominy Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar

17. Prominy SC Electric Guitar

Prominy SC Electric Guitar

Yet another authentic-sounding virtual guitar, the Prominy SC Electric Guitar, recreates the sound of the Fender® Stratocaster®.

With a massive 64 GB, 123000 samples, emulating the sound of the inspiring hardware guitar to the core can’t be any easier.

At its core is the real-time playability that enables access to an extensive range of playing techniques.

It means, in the blink of an eye, you can switch from one playing technique to another without halting performance.

And the best part is- the quality of results isn't compromised even with the speedy processing.

SC Electric Guitar

Moving on, the plugin also features up to five pickups so users can record direct signals simultaneously via independent output jacks.

As if that is not enough, all the pickup positions can be replicated thanks to the high-quality sampling.

Beyond the incredible expression power, V-METAl further features a resourceful fretboard monitor that provides for automatic string/fret position selection and displays the current position of the same.

That's not all.

The plugin is made complete with other handy features like auto-stroke detection, an extensive collection of real code samples, double-tracking, and many more.

Prominy SC Electric Guitar


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Prominy SC Electric Guitar

16. Prominy V-METAL

Prominy V-METAL

Now, although the Prominy isn’t as massive as it’s counterparts, it nonetheless packs enough punch for creating natural-sounding metal guitar tracks.

In the first place, it comes as a dark-powered virtual electric guitar that emulates the ESP® Alexi Blacky with EMG® humbucker pickup.

And it comes with about 19GB of approximately 26000 samples.


And thanks to the SPM (Super Performance Multi) feature, it can automatically select the most suitable string/fret position in line with current needs.

Alternatively, you can go the "manual way" with key switches because the Fretboard monitor dully visualizes the fret position and playing technique in use.

Other handy features of interest include feedback features, extensive chord samples, double-tracking, auto-code detection, assignable switchable keys, and real-time legato side.

We could go on and on.


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Prominy V-METAL:

18. Acousticsamples Sunbird

Acousticsamples Sunbird

Imagine having the beautiful sound of the 1962 Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar at the convenience of your computer.

With the Acousticsamples Sunbird, all that is now possible.

Just like the hardware it emulates, the Sunbird is quite versatile.

It is optimized to work for various genres with impressive results, no matter the situation.


Wondering what makes this plugin special?

First, the sampling captured incredible detail from bass to mono and stereo perspective.

Then again, the recording goes deep, taking into account every possible articulation.

Sunbird from Acousticsamples

In application, Sunbird presents up to four switchable playing modes, including solo, chord, patterns, and MIDI mode.

As such, you can get in action with any operation mode that suits your needs.

But probably nothing makes this tool stand out like the strumming engine that provides for multiple tweaking possibilities.

Acousticsamples Sunbird


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Acousticsamples Sunbird

19. Acousticsamples GD-6

Acousticsamples GD-6

By and large, the GD-6 mirrors the Sunbird library when it comes to features and functionality.

Of course, it primarily emulates the Guild D-40 custom edition electro-acoustic guitar.

But, as a virtual model, it has been improved by including additional utility features.

Otherwise, it is deeply sampled, taking all frets of all strings with everything from upstrokes, downstrokes, round-robins, releases, staccatos, and more.


With its incredible detailing, producing realistic guitar performance is easily achievable.

When it comes to playing, GD-6 presents four modes that users can alternate via key switches.

From solo mode to chord mode and patterns mode as well as MIDI mode, you can enjoy seamless playability as necessary.

Thanks to its built-in strumming engine, the GD-6 can strum in different ways.

Better yet, all the elements of the engine can be tuned to deliver specific sound requirements.

Other exciting features include a selection of adaptable realistic patterns, a pattern maker, song builder, preferences panel, and more.

Acousticsamples GD-6


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Acousticsamples GD-6

Alternative Guitar Plugins:

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