14 Best Mastering Plugins: Precision for Final Touch (2024)

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Mastering is often viewed as the final polish, the last step in the music production process that transforms a mix into a professional-sounding track ready for distribution. It’s a delicate procedure, requiring a keen ear and a collection of high-quality tools designed to work with precision and transparency. With the rise of digital audio workstations (DAWs) and VST plugins, even independent artists and home producers can now access top-tier mastering tools that were once reserved for elite mastering studios.

In this article, we present a list of the Best Mastering Plugins that have become indispensable in modern studios. These plugins offer a range of functionalities, from surgical equalization and dynamic range control to stereo imaging and harmonic enhancement. They represent the pinnacle of audio technology, ensuring that your tracks sound their best, whether they’re played on a club sound system, streaming platforms, or standard consumer headphones.

Embark on this journey with us as we delve into the nuanced world of mastering plugins, providing insights and overviews that will help you make an informed decision for your mastering toolkit.

Our Top Picks
  • UAD - Shadow Hills
  • Brainworx - AMEK Mastering Compressor
  • Softube - Weiss DS1-MK3
  • iZotope - Ozone 10
  • IK Multimedia - T-RackS 5
  • Newfangled Audio - Elevate Mastering Bundle
  • FabFilter - Mastering Bundle
  • NUGEN Audio - Modern Mastering Bundle
  • Signum Audio - BUTE Loudness Suite 2
  • Leapwing - DynOne
  • Sonible - true:level
  • Sonible - true:balance
  • Rob Papen - MasterMagic
  • Mastering the Mix - BASSROOM

Mastering Compressors:

Best Mastering VST Plugins: UAD - Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
(Image Credit: UAD)

UAD Shadow Hills


  • Software Type: Mastering Compressor
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - UAD-2 hardware (DSP powered)


  • Modeled after the legendary Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor hardware.
  • Dual-stage compression allowing for separate Optical and Discrete (VCA) dynamics control.
  • Provides a selection of three distinct output transformers: Nickel, Iron, and Steel, each imparting its unique sonic character.
  • Transparent operation ensures minimal coloration with maximum control.
  • Designed to handle delicate mastering tasks while retaining the mix's dynamics.


The UAD Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor plugin beautifully emulates the renowned hardware unit that sits in some of the world’s most prestigious mastering studios. Its ability to switch between Optical and Discrete compression allows users to sculpt the dynamics of a track meticulously.

One of the most remarkable features of this compressor is its selectable output transformer types. Whether you’re going for the smooth and rich character of Nickel, the mid-forward Iron, or the more aggressive and vibrant Steel, you have the flexibility to shape the sonic texture of your master.

Though it provides the color and character of vintage gear, its precision makes it suitable for modern mastering. Its transparent operation ensures that while the dynamics are tamed, the life and soul of the mix remain intact.

Final Thoughts:

For those looking to infuse their masters with the charm of vintage gear without compromising on the clarity and detail required in contemporary mastering, the UAD Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor stands out as a top choice. It’s more than just a plugin; it’s a testament to how modern technology can faithfully capture the essence of iconic audio hardware.

Best Mastering VST Plugins: Brainworx - AMEK Mastering Compressor
(Image Credit: Brainworx)

Brainworx AMEK Mastering Compressor

The Imprint of Analog Warmth: Precision Mastering with Iconic Roots


  • Software Type: Mastering Compressor
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • Designed in collaboration with legendary mixer Rupert Neve.
  • Offers a combination of vintage character and contemporary clarity.
  • Features an accurate emulation of AMEK's renowned analog circuits.
  • Tailored controls for mastering, providing precise dynamics processing.
  • Ensures transparent and musically pleasing compression.


Brainworx’s AMEK Mastering Compressor, stemming from a collaboration with the revered audio pioneer Rupert Neve, brings the essence of top-tier analog mastering to the digital domain. Designed to emulate the intricate analog circuits of AMEK’s legendary equipment, this plugin masterfully marries the past’s warmth with today’s precision.

One of the standout traits of this compressor is its ability to provide both transparent compression and the subtle coloration reminiscent of classic analog gear. This versatility means that whether you’re working on a vintage-sounding jazz track or a dynamic EDM anthem, the AMEK Mastering Compressor will be up to the task.

Its controls, tailored for the nuances of mastering, allow users to dial in just the right amount of compression without squashing the life out of a mix. Furthermore, the sonic signature it imparts, subtle yet distinct, can be the final touch that transforms a good master into a great one.

Final Thoughts:

When vintage charm meets modern efficiency, you get something akin to the Brainworx AMEK Mastering Compressor. Ideal for engineers and producers seeking that elusive analog warmth without sacrificing detail, it stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in pushing boundaries in audio processing.

Best Mastering VST Plugins: Softube - Weiss DS1-MK3
(Image Credit: Softube)

Softube Weiss DS1-MK3

The Mastering Mainstay: Precise Dynamics Processing Meets Digital Excellence


  • Software Type: Digital Mastering Processor
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • A precise emulation of the iconic Weiss DS1-MK3 hardware unit, revered by professionals worldwide.
  • Comprehensive toolset includes de-essing, limiting, and compression functionalities.
  • Transparent sound signature ensures dynamics processing without coloration.
  • Extremely high-resolution algorithms deliver impeccable sonic quality.
  • Versatile enough for various applications beyond mastering, such as mixing and sound design.


When Softube decided to digitally recreate the legendary Weiss DS1-MK3, it was clear the final product had to be nothing short of spectacular. This plugin is not merely an emulation but a tribute to one of the most respected mastering compressors in history.

Known for its supreme transparency and versatility, the DS1-MK3 is favored by top mastering studios for its ability to handle dynamics with surgical precision, ensuring the final master sounds polished and cohesive. With its advanced de-essing and limiting capabilities, it’s a must-have tool for taming harsh sibilance and preventing digital clipping.

One of the standout features of the Weiss DS1-MK3 is its adaptability. While it shines in the mastering phase, its attributes can be employed during mixing or sound designing tasks, making it a staple in any audio professional’s toolkit.

Final Thoughts:

Softube’s Weiss DS1-MK3 brings the revered hardware unit’s prowess right into the digital realm, ensuring mastering engineers and producers have access to top-tier dynamics processing. Whether you’re mastering an album or finessing a mix, the DS1-MK3 stands as a testament to Softube’s commitment to audio excellence.

Mastering Suites & All-In-One Solutions:

Best Mastering VST Plugins: iZotope - Ozone 11
(Image Credit: iZotope)

iZotope Ozone 10

Mastering the Digital Domain: A Comprehensive Suite for Modern Engineers


  • Software Type: Mastering Suite
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX, Standalone


  • All-encompassing mastering toolset with modules for EQ, compression, imaging, and more.
  • Utilizes AI-assisted mastering with its Master Assistant feature.
  • Provides both vintage and modern processing options.
  • Offers a real-time spectral analyzer for precise visual feedback.
  • Seamless integration with other iZotope products for a cohesive workflow.


Ozone 10 by iZotope stands tall as one of the most comprehensive digital mastering suites available. Building on its reputation as a go-to solution for mastering professionals, Ozone 10 offers an array of tools designed to deliver polished and professional-sounding results in any genre of music.

Central to Ozone 10’s prowess is its versatility. With modules ranging from equalization and compression to stereo imaging and limiting, it empowers users to craft a master that’s both loud and dynamic. One of its standout features is the Master Assistant, leveraging AI technology to analyze your mix and provide a custom preset tailored to your track.

Additionally, its vintage processing options allow engineers to infuse their masters with that sought-after analog warmth, while its modern algorithms ensure crystal-clear clarity. The real-time spectral analyzer provides an invaluable visual representation of your track, aiding in informed decision-making during the mastering process.

Ozone 10’s interface is both intuitive and sleek, designed for efficiency without compromising depth. And with its seamless integration capabilities, it can effortlessly fit into a workflow that includes other products from iZotope’s impressive lineup.

Final Thoughts:

iZotope’s Ozone 10 continues to set the standard for digital mastering suites. With a combination of cutting-edge features, user-friendly design, and a legacy of excellence, it remains an indispensable tool for producers and mastering engineers looking to make their mark in today’s music industry.

Best Mastering VST Plugins: IK Multimedia - T-RackS 5
(Image Credit: IK Multimedia)

IK Multimedia T-RackS 5

Elevate Your Masters: The Pinnacle of Modular Mastering in the Digital Age


  • Software Type: Modular Mastering Suite
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • Comprehensive collection of professional-grade mastering processors.
  • Modular chain system allows for flexible signal routing.
  • Offers both classic and contemporary processing units for a versatile sonic palette.
  • One-button simplicity with its Album Assembly section, streamlining the mastering of multiple tracks.
  • High-resolution visual metering tools provide accurate feedback.


T-RackS 5 by IK Multimedia epitomizes the perfect blend of legacy and innovation in the realm of digital mastering. Building on decades of expertise, this suite brings together an expansive array of tools that are geared towards delivering impeccable masters tailored to the demands of today’s music landscape.

At the heart of T-RackS 5 is its modular chain system. This innovative feature provides users the freedom to craft custom signal chains by dragging and dropping up to 16 processors in any order. From vintage compressors that ooze analog warmth to modern equalizers for surgical precision, the suite is teeming with options to craft the perfect sound.

An added feather in its cap is the Album Assembly section, which streamlines the mastering process for multiple tracks, ensuring cohesive sonic quality across an entire album. To ensure precise adjustments, T-RackS 5 also boasts a range of high-resolution visual metering tools, including a real-time analyzer, peak and RMS meters, and phase correlation tools.

Its visually appealing interface, combined with its vast capabilities, makes T-RackS 5 not just a tool, but an experience. Its ability to resonate with both novices and seasoned professionals alike stands testament to its holistic design approach.

Final Thoughts:

With T-RackS 5, IK Multimedia reinforces its commitment to delivering top-tier mastering tools to the audio community. The suite’s vast capabilities, combined with its intuitive design, make it a formidable asset in the arsenal of any mastering engineer aiming for sonic perfection.

Best Mastering VST Plugins: Newfangled Audio - Elevate Mastering Bundle
(Image Credit: Newfangled Audio)

Newfangled Audio Elevate Mastering Bundle

Mastering with AI-Driven Precision


  • Software Type: AI-powered Mastering Suite
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • Utilizes cutting-edge AI algorithms for optimal sound quality enhancement.
  • Advanced spectral clipper ensures transients remain intact even with aggressive limiting.
  • Adaptive technology handles dynamics, EQ, transient, and loudness simultaneously.
  • Multi-band dynamics processor provides in-depth control over mix elements.
  • Preserves the sonic detail and enhances the depth and clarity of your tracks.


The Newfangled Audio Elevate Mastering Bundle is the embodiment of modern mastering technology, combining advanced AI capabilities with tried-and-true audio processing techniques. Designed to elevate the sound of your tracks to a professional standard, this bundle is much more than just a collection of tools—it’s a sonic guardian ensuring that your music shines.

One of the standout features of the Elevate Mastering Bundle is its AI-driven processing. Through intelligent analysis and adaptation, the suite dynamically adjusts various audio parameters, ensuring a pristine, distortion-free output even in the most challenging scenarios. This, combined with its spectral clipper, guarantees that transients and crucial audio elements remain unblemished.

The multi-band dynamics processor is another gem, granting users the ability to dive deep into their mix, tweaking and fine-tuning to perfection. From adding a touch of warmth to a bassline to giving the midrange a gentle boost, Elevate offers unparalleled control.

Yet, with all its technical prowess, the bundle remains user-friendly, thanks to its intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate layout. Whether you’re a seasoned mastering engineer or an artist looking to self-master a track, the Elevate Mastering Bundle provides the tools and precision you need.

Final Thoughts:

Newfangled Audio’s Elevate Mastering Bundle is not just another set of plugins—it’s a revolution in mastering technology. By synergizing advanced AI with elite audio processing, it promises—and delivers—stellar sound quality. For those who demand the best in their audio, this suite is an indispensable asset.

Best Mastering VST Plugins: FabFilter - Mastering Bundle
(Image Credit: Fabfilter)

FabFilter Mastering Bundle

Comprehensive Suite for Pristine Sonic Detailing: The Ultimate Mastering Arsenal


  • Software Type: Mastering Effects Suite
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX, AudioSuite


  • A complete set of state-of-the-art tools designed exclusively for mastering.
  • Seamless integration of EQ, compression, limiting, and stereo imaging in one package.
  • Known for its impeccable sound quality and transparent processing.
  • Highly intuitive interfaces across all plugins, designed for precision and ease-of-use.
  • Offers advanced metering and spectrum analysis for detailed feedback.


The FabFilter Mastering Bundle is an impeccable suite of tools tailor-made for mastering engineers demanding the highest quality. Comprising some of the industry’s most respected audio processing tools, this bundle is often the go-to choice for professionals worldwide.

A standout component of the bundle is the Pro-Q 3, which provides unmatched EQ capabilities, allowing for both corrective and creative tonal shaping. Complementing it is the Pro-C 2 compressor, known for its transparent dynamics control, and the Pro-L 2 limiter, which ensures maximum loudness without compromising quality. Each plugin in the bundle carries FabFilter’s signature: exceptional audio fidelity combined with a visually intuitive design.

One of the reasons many professionals swear by the FabFilter Mastering Bundle is its attention to detail. The graphical interfaces, rich with visual feedback, ensure that every adjustment is made with precision. Whether sculpting the tone, managing dynamics, or maximizing loudness, this bundle provides all the necessary tools for mastering with confidence.

Final Thoughts:

FabFilter’s Mastering Bundle stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to audio excellence. It’s not just a collection of tools but a unified system meant to elevate any track to its fullest potential. With its pristine sound quality, user-friendly design, and comprehensive features, it undoubtedly ranks among the top choices for mastering professionals.

Best Mastering VST Plugins: NUGEN Audio - Modern Mastering Bundle
(Image Credit: NUGEN Audio)

Nugen Audio Modern Mastering Bundle

The Next-Gen Toolbox: A Seamless Fusion of Precision, Clarity, and Workflow Efficiency


  • Software Type: Mastering Suite
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • Comprehensive suite offering essential tools for modern-day mastering.
  • Delivers surgical precision for EQ, stereo enhancement, and loudness control.
  • Integrated loudness and true-peak metering tailored for today's digital standards.
  • Streamline your mastering workflow for optimal results across all platforms.
  • Ensures consistent audio fidelity, making tracks shine on streaming services and physical formats alike.


In the realm of digital music, mastering is an art that demands both musicality and technical prowess. NUGEN Audio’s Modern Mastering Bundle stands out as a stellar combination of tools tailored to meet the demands of contemporary mastering engineers. Designed for precision and efficiency, this suite encompasses everything one would need to polish tracks to perfection.

The Modern Mastering Bundle offers a variety of tools ranging from transparent EQ adjustments and meticulous stereo field enhancements to advanced loudness metering, ensuring tracks are primed for the modern listening environment. The inclusion of loudness metering is particularly relevant in an age where consistent loudness and true peak levels have become standard prerequisites for many streaming platforms.

A hallmark of this bundle is its adaptability. Whether you’re preparing tracks for Spotify, Apple Music, physical vinyl, or radio broadcast, the tools within the Modern Mastering Bundle can be tweaked to suit the specific requirements of each medium.

Final Thoughts:

NUGEN Audio’s Modern Mastering Bundle is an embodiment of mastering excellence in the digital age. For engineers looking for a harmonious blend of intuitive design, surgical precision, and adaptability, this suite emerges as a compelling choice. It’s more than just a collection of tools—it’s a promise of consistently stellar masters, regardless of the end playback medium.

Loudness & Dynamics Processors:

Best Mastering VST Plugins: Signum Audio - BUTE Loudness Suite 2
(Image Credit: Signum Audio)

Signum Audio BUTE Loudness Suite 2

Precision Mastering with Comprehensive Loudness Solutions


  • Software Type: Loudness Analysis and Correction Suite
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • Highly accurate loudness analysis for ensuring consistent audio levels across projects.
  • Compliance with international loudness standards, including ITU, EBU, and ATSC.
  • Comprehensive loudness history overview and detailed loudness log.
  • Intuitive and visually striking interface for real-time feedback.
  • Efficient workflow integration, offering both standalone and plugin modes.


In the ever-evolving realm of audio mastering, adhering to loudness standards without compromising on dynamic range is paramount. Enter Signum Audio’s BUTE Loudness Suite 2, a specialized tool designed to guarantee your masters meet the required loudness standards, while retaining the desired sonic aesthetics.

BUTE Loudness Suite 2 stands out in its domain due to its unerring precision in loudness analysis. Whether you’re aiming to comply with broadcasting standards or simply want a consistent loudness level across your music album, this suite has got you covered. It supports a plethora of international loudness regulations, ensuring your content is broadcast-ready, irrespective of the region.

The suite is not just about accuracy, but also about efficiency. Its visually compelling interface offers an immersive experience, displaying real-time loudness data in an intuitive manner. The history overview is a boon for professionals, offering a panoramic view of loudness changes throughout a track.

Beyond its analysis capabilities, BUTE also offers robust correction tools. Its True Peak Limiter ensures that your masters stay distortion-free, while the automatic loudness correction feature adjusts levels to meet specified targets effortlessly.

Final Thoughts:

Signum Audio’s BUTE Loudness Suite 2 is a testament to the brand’s dedication to delivering high-fidelity audio tools. For mastering engineers who value precision, compliance, and efficiency, it’s more than just a plugin – it’s a quintessential companion.

Best Mastering VST Plugins: Leapwing - DynOne
(Image Credit: Leapwing)

Leapwing DynOne

Multi-Band Dynamics Reimagined: Seamless Blending of Precision and Musicality


  • Software Type: Multi-Band Dynamic Processor
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • Unique parallel multi-band dynamics processing for fine-tuned control.
  • Minimal phase crossover filters to prevent unwanted coloration.
  • Center-side processing capabilities, enhancing stereo image width and depth.
  • Adaptable interface with user-friendly drag-and-drop band customization.
  • Precision processing without compromising the natural essence of the source material.


The mastering realm constantly evolves, and amidst this dynamic landscape, Leapwing’s DynOne emerges as an exemplary multi-band dynamic processor. With its keen focus on delivering top-tier sound quality, DynOne is engineered to combine the precision of multi-band compression with the musical nuances that make tracks truly shine.

At the heart of DynOne lies its unique approach to multi-band dynamics. Instead of the traditional methods that can often color or alter the original sound, DynOne’s parallel processing and minimal phase crossovers ensure that the original characteristics of the audio remain untouched while still benefiting from precise dynamic control.

Another standout feature is its center-side processing. This allows mastering engineers to tweak the center and sides of a mix independently, providing unparalleled control over the stereo image. Whether you’re looking to enhance the vocals sitting at the center of a mix or add depth to the sides, DynOne facilitates it with finesse.

Final Thoughts:

Leapwing’s DynOne is not just another multi-band compressor. It’s a thoughtfully designed, masterful tool that gives mastering engineers the ability to fine-tune dynamics without compromising the integrity of the original mix. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring mastering engineer, DynOne offers a blend of technical prowess and musical intuition that can elevate any track to its fullest potential.

Best Mastering VST Plugins: Sonible - true level
(Image Credit: Sonible)

Sonible true:level

Revolutionary Loudness Normalization: Navigating Modern Standards with Precision and Ease


  • Software Type: AI-powered Loudness Normalization Suite
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • Streamlined solution for achieving consistent loudness levels across various platforms.
  • Integrates advanced AI technology to provide optimal loudness without compromising dynamics.
  • Seamless compatibility with modern loudness standards, such as LUFS, ensuring compliance with streaming platforms.
  • Intuitive interface that simplifies the complexities of loudness metering.
  • Boosts workflow efficiency, eliminating the guesswork in loudness normalization.


Navigating the intricate world of loudness standards becomes a breeze with Sonible’s true:level. Designed to provide mastering engineers and producers with a straightforward approach to achieving the ideal loudness for any medium, this tool integrates cutting-edge artificial intelligence to automate and enhance the process.

What sets true:level apart is its astute understanding of modern loudness standards. Instead of relying on generic presets, the plugin assesses the material and applies intelligent adjustments to ensure it meets the required loudness criteria without sacrificing the integrity of the dynamics.

Moreover, true:level isn’t just about adhering to standards—it’s about streamlining the process. The plugin’s interface is designed to demystify loudness, offering visual feedback and actionable insights that guide users to the perfect output. No more endless tweaking to get that mix right for Spotify, YouTube, or broadcast; true:level has it under control.

Final Thoughts:

Sonible’s true:level is a testament to the evolution of mastering in the digital age. With streaming platforms dominating the music landscape, ensuring your tracks hit the right loudness sweet spot has never been more crucial. This plugin offers a masterful blend of AI innovation and user-centric design, making it an invaluable asset for modern music makers.

Best Mastering VST Plugins: Sonible - true balance
(Image Credit: Sonible)

Sonible true:balance

Intelligent Mastering Dynamics: Balancing Your Mix with Revolutionary AI Technology


  • Software Type: AI-driven Mastering Processor
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • Incorporates cutting-edge AI algorithms to analyze and balance your mixes.
  • Offers automatic spectral balancing, ensuring tonal perfection in masters.
  • Designed for swift workflow enhancements, speeding up the mastering process.
  • Adaptable interface suitable for both novice producers and seasoned mastering engineers.
  • High-quality audio processing ensures transparent, undistorted results.


In the realm of digital mastering, Sonible’s true:balance has carved a niche for itself by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to bring unparalleled balance and clarity to any mix. Beyond conventional equalization and compression techniques, true:balance intelligently analyzes tracks to detect tonal imbalances, addressing them with precision and finesse.

The brilliance of this plugin lies in its AI-driven approach. By learning from the user’s input and continually adapting, true:balance offers real-time spectral adjustments tailored specifically to the nuances of the track being mastered. The result? A balanced, radio-ready master, achieved in a fraction of the time.

However, don’t let its AI capabilities overshadow its flexibility. Professionals will find a plethora of manual controls beneath the surface, allowing for granular tweaks when the situation demands. Whether you’re aiming for a bright, pop-forward finish or a moody, subdued soundscape, true:balance has the tools to deliver.

Final Thoughts:

Sonible’s true:balance is a game-changer in the world of mastering plugins. Its intelligent, adaptive algorithms, combined with a user-friendly interface, make it an essential tool for anyone looking to bring their productions to a commercial standard. In a domain often dominated by complex toolchains and convoluted processes, true:balance stands out as a beacon of efficiency and excellence.

Specialized Mastering Tools:

Best Mastering VST Plugins: Rob Papen - MasterMagic
(Image Credit: Rob Papen)

Rob Papen MasterMagic

The Finishing Touch: Mastering Made Simple yet Superlative


  • Software Type: Mastering Enhancement Suite
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • Offers an efficient and straightforward approach to mastering without overwhelming complexity.
  • Mono/Stereo enhancer provides an instant widening effect.
  • The Air section adds brilliance and clarity, brightening up tracks without making them harsh.
  • User-friendly interface, ideal for those new to the mastering process.
  • Can also be used as a mix tool for adding a touch of final polish.


Rob Papen’s reputation in the music production world needs no introduction, and MasterMagic, like its siblings, does not disappoint. Catering to producers looking for that extra touch of sparkle and shine on their tracks, MasterMagic offers an uncomplicated path to a professional sound.

The tool’s essence is its simplicity, cutting through the often intimidating facade of mastering. With its main features focusing on enhancing stereo width and adding a touch of ‘air’ to the mix, MasterMagic serves as an excellent tool for producers who wish to give their music a radio-ready sheen.

The Mono/Stereo enhancer tool is invaluable, providing a sense of depth and space to tracks, making them instantly stand out. Simultaneously, the Air feature offers clarity and presence, ensuring your tracks don’t get lost in today’s dense musical landscape.

Moreover, while MasterMagic is a go-to for the mastering process, it’s not limited to that. Many producers use it during the mixing stage, bringing out the richness of individual elements.

Final Thoughts:

Rob Papen’s MasterMagic stands out in a sea of complex mastering tools by prioritizing ease of use without compromising on quality. Whether you’re finalizing a track for release or adding a touch of magic to your mix, MasterMagic is the secret weapon every producer should have in their arsenal.

Final Thoughts:

Rob Papen’s MasterMagic stands out in a sea of complex mastering tools by prioritizing ease of use without compromising on quality. Whether you’re finalizing a track for release or adding a touch of magic to your mix, MasterMagic is the secret weapon every producer should have in their arsenal.

Best Mastering VST Plugins: Mastering the Mix - BASSROOM
(Image Credit: Mastering the Mix)

Mastering the Mix BASSROOM

Sculpting Low Frequencies: A Targeted Approach to Bass Enhancement and Balance


  • Software Type: Bass Frequency Balancing Tool
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • Precision tool dedicated to improving and enhancing the bass frequencies in your mix.
  • Features genre-specific target presets to guide mixing decisions.
  • Intuitive user interface with visual feedback to simplify bass adjustments.
  • Ensures bass frequencies translate well across various listening systems.
  • A unique approach to EQ, focusing on the most impactful and often challenging part of the spectrum.


Mastering the Mix’s BASSROOM takes a deep dive into the world of low frequencies, providing producers and mastering engineers with a unique tool designed exclusively to perfect the bass in their tracks. Recognizing the challenges many face in getting the bass to sound right across different systems, BASSROOM delivers a solution that’s both intuitive and effective.

Central to BASSROOM’s approach is its range of genre-specific target presets. These presets offer valuable reference points, indicating how the bass should sound for different styles of music. This feature, combined with the plugin’s visual feedback system, ensures that users can make informed decisions when shaping their low end.

Beyond its practical features, BASSROOM boasts an elegant and user-friendly interface. Its design intuitively guides users, whether they’re looking to add warmth to acoustic tracks, punch to rock mixes, or depth to electronic music. With its singular focus on the bass spectrum, BASSROOM fills a niche that general EQs often overlook.

Final Thoughts:

The bass frequencies can make or break a mix. With Mastering the Mix’s BASSROOM, the challenges that come with managing the low end become a thing of the past. This dedicated tool stands out in its category, ensuring that tracks not only sound great in the studio but translate effectively to any listening environment.

FAQ Buying Guide: Best Mastering VST Plugins

Mastering is the final touch in the music production process, ensuring a track’s utmost quality. With a plethora of mastering VST plugins available, understanding their unique features and applications helps producers make informed decisions, aiming for the best possible sound.

  • What is a mastering VST plugin?

    A mastering VST plugin is a digital tool designed to enhance and finalize the overall sound of a mix, preparing it for distribution. They aim to ensure the track sounds polished, cohesive, and translates well across various playback systems.

  • Why is mastering important in music production?

    Mastering is the final step in music production, refining a track to ensure it sounds balanced, clear, and professional. It focuses on enhancing the mix’s sonic quality, ensuring consistency across tracks, and preparing the track for various formats like CD, vinyl, or streaming platforms.

  • What is the difference between mixing and mastering plugins?

    While mixing plugins target specific instruments or tracks to ensure they fit cohesively, mastering plugins work on the stereo mixdown, refining its overall sound and ensuring it meets industry standards.

  • Why do many mastering plugins offer a 'stereo width' control?

    Stereo width controls adjust the perceived width of a mix, allowing engineers to make a track sound broader or narrower. Proper use can help a track feel more immersive and spacious without causing phase issues.

  • What is a brickwall limiter and why is it crucial for mastering?

    A brickwall limiter ensures that the audio does not exceed a set ceiling, preventing clipping and distortion. It’s vital for achieving commercial loudness levels without sacrificing audio quality.

  • How do multi-band compressors benefit the mastering process?

    Multi-band compressors allow different frequency bands to be compressed independently, offering precise control over the dynamics of specific frequency ranges. This can help in maintaining balance and clarity in a mastered track.

  • Why do some mastering plugins come with dithering options?

    Dithering introduces a low-level noise to mask quantization errors when reducing the bit depth of audio. It’s used during the final stages of mastering to ensure smooth and artifact-free conversions, especially for formats like CD.

  • How can reference tools in mastering plugins help producers?

    Reference tools allow producers to A/B compare their track to professional, commercially-released tracks, ensuring their master stands up to industry standards in terms of frequency balance, stereo width, and loudness.

  • Why is it essential to check mastered tracks on various playback systems?

    Different systems (like headphones, car speakers, or home stereos) may highlight different aspects of a mix. By checking on multiple platforms, producers ensure their master sounds optimal everywhere.

  • Is it always necessary to use dedicated mastering plugins, or can mixing plugins work?

    While mixing plugins can sometimes be used in mastering for specific tasks, mastering plugins are specifically designed to handle the challenges and nuances of finalizing a full mix, making them more suitable for the job.

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