17 Best Synth VST Plugins: Synthesis Spectrum (2024)

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Welcome to the ultimate guide on the Best Synth VST Plugins! In the world of electronic music, having the right synth at your disposal is like having the perfect palette of colors for a painter. But, with countless plugins out there, how do you know which ones will help you create that masterpiece you’ve been dreaming of?

That’s where we come in!

This article is your one-stop-shop for exploring the top synth VST plugins that have been making waves in the music industry. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned producer, our comprehensive guide will introduce you to a range of plugins, each with unique strengths, that are sure to inspire your creative endeavors.

Our selection criteria are stringent – we look at the quality of sound, versatility, user-friendliness, and the overall value these plugins provide. From lush pads and mind-bending soundscapes to electrifying leads and earth-shattering bass, these plugins have got you covered.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of synth VST plugins and find the perfect match for your sonic explorations. Prepare to have your mind blown by the vast possibilities that lie ahead!

Our Top Picks
  • U-he - Diva
  • U-he - Repro
  • Lennar Digital - Sylenth1
  • Xfer Records - Serum
  • Native Instruments - Massive X
  • Tone2 - Icarus2
  • Reveal Sound - Spire
  • Arturia - Pigments 5
  • Vengeance Sound - VPS Avenger
  • Spectrasonics - Omnisphere 2
  • Kilohearts - Phase Plant
  • Synapse Audio - Dune 3
  • Rob Papen - Predator 3
  • Arturia - V Collection X
  • Roland - Cloud Analog Polysynth Collection
  • Cherry Audio - Synth Stack 4
  • Korg - Korg Collection

Virtual Analog & Modeling Synth VST Plugins:

These plugins emulate vintage analog synthesizers, offering classic sounds with the benefits of digital flexibility. They provide rich, warm tones reminiscent of classic hardware synths while leveraging modern features like enhanced modulation and digital stability.

Best Synth VST Plugins: U-He - Diva Synth
(Image Credit: U-He)

U-he Diva

Revive the Golden Era of Analog Synths


  • Type of synthesis: Analog Modeling Synth
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Unparalleled analog emulation.
  • Dynamic workflow with mix and match capability.
  • Quality effects for extra polish.
  • Detailed control over your sound.


Step into the world of U-he Diva, where the golden era of analog synthesizers is reborn with stunning accuracy. If you crave the warmth and richness of classic analog synths, Diva is your ticket back in time.

Diva stands out in the crowd for its unparalleled emulation of vintage analog circuits. Every dial, every slider, every function captures the essence of historic synths, delivering sounds that are incredibly close to their hardware counterparts.

But what makes Diva a true diva? It’s the freedom to mix and match different components from various iconic synths, letting you craft a unique sound that is entirely yours. From oscillators to filters, each module is at your disposal, offering a dynamic workflow that mimics having an entire collection of classic synths at your fingertips.

Add a cherry on top with quality effects. From sparkling reverbs to thick choruses, Diva has the extra polish your tracks need.

Diva doesn’t stop at just providing the raw sounds, it also gives you detailed control over your sound. Every parameter can be tweaked to your liking, allowing you to dig deeper into sound design.

Final Thoughts:

U-he Diva isn’t just a synthesizer; it’s a time machine that takes you back to the golden age of analog synths. It brings an authentic vintage vibe to the digital realm like no other.

Why wait? Start your journey with Diva today and create tracks with a timeless character that only true analog sound can provide.

Best Synth VST Plugins: U-he - Repro 5
(Image Credit: U-he)

U-he Repro

Analog Modeling Synth


  • Type of synthesis: Analog Synthesizer Emulation VST Plugin
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX, Standalone


  • High-Fidelity Analog Emulation: Faithfully reproduces the sound and behavior of classic analog synthesizers.
  • Dual Synths in One: Includes Repro-1 (monophonic) and Repro-5 (polyphonic) for versatile sound creation.
  • Extensive Preset Library: Hundreds of presets designed by renowned sound designers.
  • Advanced Modulation Options: Provides a wealth of modulation capabilities for intricate sound design.
  • Comprehensive Effects: Built-in effects include reverb, delay, chorus, and more for complete sound sculpting.


U-he Repro is a standout synthesizer plugin known for its meticulous analog emulation, delivering the authentic sound and feel of vintage synthesizers. This plugin actually includes two synthesizers: Repro-1, which is a monophonic synth modeled after the Sequential Circuits Pro-One, and Repro-5, a polyphonic synth inspired by the Prophet-5. Together, they provide a broad spectrum of analog sounds, from deep basses and sharp leads to lush pads and complex textures.

The Repro suite is highly regarded for its sound quality, faithfully capturing the warmth, grit, and character of the original hardware. The attention to detail in the emulation process ensures that the oscillators, filters, and envelopes behave just like their analog counterparts, providing an unparalleled level of authenticity. This makes Repro an excellent choice for producers seeking the classic analog sound without the need for physical hardware.

In addition to its impressive sound engine, Repro offers extensive customization options. The advanced modulation capabilities, including a comprehensive modulation matrix and numerous modulation sources, allow for intricate and evolving soundscapes. The built-in effects suite further enhances the sound design possibilities, offering high-quality reverb, delay, chorus, distortion, and more, making it a complete solution for crafting unique and professional-quality sounds.

Final Thoughts:

U-he Repro is a must-have for any music producer looking to incorporate the rich, analog tones of vintage synthesizers into their productions. Its dual synths, Repro-1 and Repro-5, provide a versatile toolkit for both monophonic and polyphonic sound creation. With its high-fidelity analog emulation, extensive modulation options, and comprehensive effects suite, Repro stands out as a top-tier synthesizer plugin. Whether you’re producing electronic music, film scores, or any genre that benefits from authentic analog sound, U-he Repro delivers with precision and depth.

Best Synth VST Plugins: Lennar Digital - Sylenth1
(Image Credit: Lennar Digital)

Lennar Digital Sylenth1

Renowned Virtual Analog Synthesizer


  • Type of synthesis: Virtual analog synth
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • High-Quality Oscillators: Four alias-free unison oscillators generating analog-style waveforms.
  • Extensive Modulation Options: Features two ADSR envelopes and two LFOs for dynamic sound shaping.
  • Robust Filter Section: Includes two state-of-the-art analog-sounding filter sections with selectable types.
  • Low CPU Usage: Optimized for minimal CPU usage while maintaining high sound quality.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design that makes sound design straightforward and efficient.


Lennar Digital Sylenth1 is celebrated as one of the premier virtual analog synthesizers in the music production world. Its powerful oscillators are the heart of its analog sound, with four alias-free unison oscillators capable of producing up to eight voices per note. This allows for incredibly rich and complex sounds, perfect for a variety of musical genres.

The synth’s modulation capabilities are vast, offering two ADSR envelopes and two LFOs that can be routed to almost any parameter. This flexibility enables intricate modulation schemes and evolving soundscapes, making Sylenth1 a favorite among sound designers and producers who require depth and versatility in their synth sounds.

Sylenth1’s filter section is another standout feature, with two analog-modeled filter sections that include selectable low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and notch types. These filters provide a warm, analog-like response that adds character and depth to the sound. Despite its powerful features, Sylenth1 is optimized for low CPU usage, allowing producers to use multiple instances without overloading their systems.

Final Thoughts:

Lennar Digital Sylenth1 remains a top choice for producers seeking a virtual analog synthesizer that delivers high-quality sound, extensive modulation capabilities, and efficient performance. Its user-friendly interface and robust feature set make it an essential tool for creating everything from lush pads to punchy basses and soaring leads. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting, Sylenth1 is a versatile and reliable addition to any production setup.

Wavetable Synth VST Plugins:

Wavetable synths provide diverse and evolving sound textures, perfect for both experimental and mainstream music production. They utilize digital waveforms to create complex, morphing sounds that can be easily manipulated, offering a wide range of sonic possibilities from smooth pads to aggressive leads.

Best Synth VST Plugins: Xfer - Serum Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer
(Image Credit: Xfer Records)

Xfer Serum

The Cutting-Edge Wavetable Synthesizer


  • Type of synthesis: Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • High-resolution wavetable synthesis for rich and detailed sounds.
  • User-friendly interface that provides a real-time visual feedback.
  • Immense modulation capabilities for dynamic sound design.
  • Advanced unison settings to create wide, lush sounds.


Xfer Records Serum is a trailblazer in the world of wavetable synthesis, offering a robust toolset for crafting intricate, modern sounds. This Cutting-Edge Wavetable Synthesizer sits confidently in the studios of top producers worldwide, and for a good reason.

With Serum, sound design becomes an interactive experience. Its high-resolution wavetable engine delivers a remarkable level of clarity, enabling the creation of rich and detailed sounds. From hard-hitting basses to ethereal pads, the possibilities are endless.

The serum’s interface, apart from being pleasing to the eye, offers real-time visual feedback, which is not only informative but also inspiring. This gives you an immediate understanding of what’s happening with your sound, making your sound design process more intuitive and efficient.

Add to that the immense modulation capabilities, and you get a playground for creating dynamic, evolving sounds. Plus, the advanced unison settings allow you to stack up multiple voices and detune them for incredibly wide and lush sounds.

Final Thoughts:

Xfer Records Serum is more than just a synth plugin; it’s a powerhouse that provides a level of control and clarity that’s hard to match. If you’re after a plugin that can take your sound design to the next level, Serum is a fantastic choice.

Why wait? Embark on your sound design journey with Serum today and see where your creativity takes you. Ready to shape your sound?

Best Synth VST Plugins: NI - Massive X
(Image Credit: NI)

NI Massive X

Unleashing the Beast of Wavetable Synthesis


  • Type of synthesis: Next-Generation Wavetable Synthesizer
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX, Standalone


  • Highly flexible modulation architecture, for endless sound shaping possibilities.
  • Versatile filter section offering a wide range of types and modes.
  • An array of high-quality effects for added depth and character.
  • Advanced routing options for intricate sound design experiments.


Massive X, from Native Instruments, is a mammoth in the world of software synthesizers. It’s the next generation of the legendary Massive synth, and it takes everything up a notch. Are you ready to meet the beast?

In the heart of Massive X lies its highly flexible modulation architecture. With multiple envelopes, LFOs, and other modulation sources, you have unlimited possibilities to shape and morph your sounds. It’s like an extensive playground for your creativity.

The filter section is just as versatile, offering a wide range of types and modes. From classic to cutting-edge, you can sculpt your sound to perfection. Then, add depth and character with the high-quality effects. Reverb, delay, distortion, and more – Massive X has got you covered.

But what really sets Massive X apart is its advanced routing capabilities. Want to route an LFO to control the delay time? Or use an envelope to shape the reverb tail? With Massive X, you can! It invites you to experiment, to push boundaries, and to create truly unique sounds.

Final Thoughts:

Native Instruments Massive X is more than just a synthesizer. It’s a powerful tool for sound design, a platform for creativity, and a means to create sonic landscapes that are uniquely yours. So, why not give it a spin? Discover the power of Massive X and let your sonic imagination run wild. Are you ready to embark on this journey?

Best Synth VST Plugins: Tone2 - Icarus2
(Image Credit: Tone2)

Tone2 Icarus2

Your Gateway to Waveform Exploration


  • Type of synthesis: Wavetable Synthesizer
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU


  • Powerful and flexible 3D wavetable synthesis.
  • Massive modulation matrix for in-depth sound design.
  • Impressive effects section and arpeggiator.
  • User-friendly interface with a visual 3D waveform display.


Enter the expansive world of waveform synthesis with Tone2 Icarus2, a synthesizer that champions flexibility and innovation. Icarus2 stands out in the crowded plugin market as a high-fidelity wavetable synthesizer that transforms your production journey into an exploration of sound.

Powerful, flexible, and boasting a 3D wavetable synthesis, Icarus2 allows you to traverse sonic territories that were previously out of reach. Its impressive effects section and arpeggiator work in harmony with the synth engine, providing you the tools to weave complex and intricate soundscapes.

But where Icarus2 truly shines is in its vast modulation matrix. This feature enables in-depth sound design that can breathe life into any production. From subtle movements to drastic transformations, your sound design possibilities are virtually limitless.

Final Thoughts:

Icarus2 from Tone2 is not just a wavetable synthesizer; it’s your personal spacecraft for navigating the endless universe of sound. If you’re ready to elevate your productions with the power of waveform synthesis, Icarus2 is your co-pilot.

Embark on your sonic exploration today with Tone2 Icarus2. Experience the thrill of sound design like never before!

Best Synth VST Plugins: Reveal Sound - Spire
(Image Credit: Reveal Sound)

Reveal Sound Spire

Hybrid Synthesizer with Unmatched Versatility


  • Type of synthesis: Wavetable Polyphonic Synthesizer
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Hybrid Engine: Combines digital and analog synthesis to deliver a wide range of sounds.
  • Unique Oscillators: Features four versatile oscillators with multiple modes, including Classic, Noise, FM, and Hard FM.
  • Advanced Modulation: Comprehensive modulation system with four envelopes, four LFOs, and a modulation matrix.
  • High-Quality Effects: Integrated effects like reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, and EQ for enhanced sound design.
  • Intuitive Interface: User-friendly interface with clear layout and visual feedback, making it easy to create and tweak sounds.


Reveal Sound Spire is a versatile polyphonic synthesizer known for its powerful hybrid engine that combines the best of digital and analog synthesis. Designed for producers and sound designers who require a wide sonic palette, Spire offers a robust set of features that make it suitable for various genres and production styles.

At the heart of Spire are its four unique oscillators, each offering multiple modes such as Classic, Noise, FM, and Hard FM. This flexibility allows users to create a diverse range of sounds, from lush pads and soaring leads to gritty basses and complex textures. The oscillators are complemented by a rich modulation system, including four envelopes and four LFOs, as well as a modulation matrix that provides detailed control over every aspect of the sound.

Spire also includes a suite of high-quality effects, such as reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, and EQ, enabling users to enhance and refine their sounds within the synth itself. The intuitive interface, with its clear layout and visual feedback, makes it easy to navigate and manipulate parameters, allowing for quick and efficient sound design.

Final Thoughts:

Reveal Sound Spire offers unmatched versatility and power, making it a favorite among producers. Its hybrid synthesis engine, unique oscillators, and comprehensive modulation system allow for extensive sound design possibilities. Spire’s intuitive interface ensures quick and efficient creativity, making it an essential tool for any producer.

Hybrid Synth VST Plugins:

Hybrid synths combine multiple synthesis methods, such as wavetable, virtual analog, FM, and granular synthesis, into a single plugin. This versatility allows for the creation of unique and complex sounds that can cater to various musical genres and production needs.

Best Synth VST Plugins: Arturia - Pigments 5
(Image Credit: Lennar Digital)

Arturia Pigments 5

The Powerhouse of Sonic Alchemy


  • Type of synthesis: Hybrid (wavetable, virtual analog, granular, and sample-based synthesis)
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Flexible Sound Engine: Multiple synthesis engines including analog, wavetable, granular, harmonic, and sampling.
  • Extensive Modulation Options: Includes a comprehensive modulation matrix, allowing for complex sound design.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive interface with customizable workflow to suit various production styles.
  • Preset Library: Comes with thousands of presets covering a wide range of genres and styles.
  • Advanced Effects: Includes a variety of built-in effects, such as delay, reverb, distortion, and more.


Arturia’s Pigments 5 is a powerful and versatile synthesizer that brings together multiple synthesis engines in a single, cohesive interface. It offers users the ability to explore analog, wavetable, granular, harmonic, and sampling synthesis, making it a one-stop solution for all your sound design needs. The intuitive interface is designed to provide an accessible yet deep sound design experience, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced producer.

One of the standout features of Pigments 5 is its extensive modulation capabilities. The modulation matrix is incredibly flexible, allowing you to modulate almost any parameter with sources such as LFOs, envelopes, and more. This opens up a world of possibilities for creating evolving and dynamic sounds. Additionally, the user-friendly interface ensures that you can focus on your creativity without getting bogged down by technical complexities.

Pigments 5 also comes with a rich library of presets, making it easy to find the perfect sound for your project. These presets cover a wide range of genres and styles, ensuring that you’ll always have the right sound at your fingertips. The built-in effects further enhance the sonic capabilities of Pigments 5, allowing you to add depth, space, and character to your sounds with ease.

Final Thoughts:

Arturia Pigments 5 stands out as a highly versatile and powerful synthesizer in the market. Its combination of multiple synthesis engines, extensive modulation options, and user-friendly interface makes it an excellent choice for music producers and sound designers. Whether you’re looking to create complex, evolving textures or simple, punchy leads, Pigments 5 provides the tools you need to bring your musical ideas to life.

Best Synth VST Plugins: Vengeance Sound - VPS Avenger
(Image Credit: Vengeance Sound)

Vengeance-Sound VPS Avenger

The Swiss Army Knife of Synths: All-Purpose Powerhouse


  • Type of synthesis: Hybrid (includes wavetable, virtual analog, FM, and sample-based synthesis)
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU


  • Immense sound design possibilities with multiple synthesis methods.
  • Extensive modulation capabilities for custom sound shaping.
  • Vast library of presets, samples, and wavetables.
  • Powerful effects section and intuitive sequencer.


Step into a world of endless sonic possibilities with Vengeance-Sound VPS Avenger, a powerhouse synthesizer that offers the flexibility to create any sound you can imagine. Blending the principles of wavetable and virtual analog synthesis, the VPS Avenger defines itself as the Swiss Army Knife of synths, ready to tackle any musical challenge you throw its way.

The driving force behind the Avenger’s extraordinary capabilities is its broad modulation functionality and an immense library of presets, samples, and wavetables. This synthesizer is not merely a tool; it’s a canvas for your imagination, providing the framework to delve deep into the intricacies of sound design and construct intricate and distinctive sounds with comfort and precision.

In addition, the Avenger shines with its impressive effects section and intuitive sequencer. These features amplify its versatility, allowing for further tailoring of your sound and providing an intuitive pathway to synchronize your synth patterns seamlessly. It’s as if every element of the VPS Avenger was crafted with the producer’s creative freedom in mind.

Best Synth VST Plugins: Spectrasonics - Omnisphere 2
(Image Credit: Spectrasonics)

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

The Universe of Sound Exploration


  • Type of synthesis: Hybrid (includes wavetable, granular, and sample-based synthesis)
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX, Standalone


  • Extensive sound library of over 14,000 patches.
  • Flexible and customizable sound design tools.
  • Hardware Synth Integration feature for hands-on control.
  • Advanced arpeggiator, granular synthesis, and unique psychoacoustic sounds.


Ready to voyage into the cosmos of sound synthesis? Meet Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, a tool that offers you the universe of audio exploration.

Imagine having a library packed with over 14,000 sounds at your disposal. The Omnisphere 2 makes this a reality, providing an extensive range of sounds to choose from, enough to spark a lifetime of creativity. Whether you’re creating ethereal atmospheres or hard-hitting bass lines, this plugin can cater to your every need.

What sets Omnisphere 2 apart is its remarkable sound design capabilities. You have the freedom to manipulate waveforms, modulate effects, and dive deep into sound shaping with flexible envelopes and LFOs. Each patch can be further tweaked to create a sound that’s truly yours.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. The Omnisphere 2 flaunts a unique feature – Hardware Synth Integration. It opens the door to a hands-on experience, transforming over 65 well-known hardware synthesizers into extensive hands-on controllers.

Add to this the advanced arpeggiator, granular synthesis, and a treasure trove of unique psychoacoustic sounds, and you’ve got a plugin that is a dream come true for any sound designer.

Final Thoughts

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 is more than a synth; it’s a platform for the limitless exploration of sound. From its comprehensive sound library to its powerful sound design tools, it’s an instrument that stands tall in the world of music production.

Are you ready to let Omnisphere 2 become your sonic exploration spacecraft? Take control today and let the sound journey begin.

Best Synth VST Plugins: Kilohearts - Phase Plant
(Image Credit: Kilohearts)

Kilohearts Phase Plant

A Modular Synth Playground for the Creative Mind


  • Type of synthesis: Hybrid (includes wavetable, virtual analog, granular, and FM synthesis)
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Highly customizable modular system.
  • Quality sound generators and effects.
  • Versatile and unique design.
  • Great for complex sound design projects.


Unleash your creativity with Kilohearts Phase Plant, the modular synth playground that turns your wildest sound design dreams into reality. Phase Plant is the epitome of versatility, offering a vast canvas for those who love to push the boundaries of synthesis.

At the heart of Phase Plant lies its highly customizable modular system. Whether you want to craft a simple patch or a complex soundscape, Phase Plant can handle it all. You are only limited by your imagination.

Phase Plant’s sound generators and effects don’t disappoint either. With pristine quality and an extensive selection, these components allow you to craft sounds that range from the classic to the outright bizarre.

The unique design of Phase Plant adds to its appeal. Its interface is clean and intuitive, with all components readily accessible. This makes it easy to dive in and start creating without a steep learning curve.

Final Thoughts:

Kilohearts Phase Plant takes the power of modular synthesis and places it in a digital environment, combining versatility and convenience. Whether you’re a seasoned sound designer or a synth enthusiast, Phase Plant offers a creative playground that is both fun and inspiring.

Why not take the plunge into the modular world with Phase Plant today? Experience the joy of creating unique and complex sounds from scratch. The world of modular synthesis awaits!

Best Synth VST Plugins: Synapse Audio - Dune 3
(Image Credit: Synapse Audio)

Synapse Audio Dune 3

Advanced Wave-Morphing Synth for Ultimate Sound Design


  • Type of synthesis: Hybrid (wavetable and virtual analog)
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Advanced Synthesis Engine: Combines virtual analog, wavetable, and FM synthesis for diverse sound creation.
  • High Polyphony: Supports up to 8320 oscillators at full polyphony for rich, complex textures.
  • Extensive Modulation: Features two modulation matrices with a total of 32 slots for detailed sound shaping.
  • High-Quality Effects: Includes a wide range of built-in effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, EQ, and more.
  • Intuitive Interface: User-friendly design with a clear layout for quick access to powerful features.


Synapse Audio Dune 3 is a state-of-the-art synthesizer that merges various synthesis techniques into one powerful tool, offering unparalleled versatility and sound quality. This advanced wave-morphing synth is designed to meet the needs of both seasoned producers and newcomers to sound design, providing an extensive set of features that allow for the creation of rich, dynamic sounds.

At the core of Dune 3 is its advanced synthesis engine, which integrates virtual analog, wavetable, and FM synthesis. This hybrid approach enables users to craft a wide array of sounds, from warm analog tones to cutting-edge digital textures. The synthesizer’s high polyphony, supporting up to 8320 oscillators at full polyphony, ensures that even the most complex patches maintain their clarity and richness.

Dune 3’s sound-shaping capabilities are further enhanced by its dual modulation matrices, offering a total of 32 slots for intricate modulation routing. This allows for precise control over every aspect of the sound, making it possible to create highly expressive and evolving patches. Additionally, the built-in high-quality effects, including reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, and EQ, provide all the tools needed to polish and perfect your sounds.

Final Thoughts:

Synapse Audio Dune 3 stands out as a powerhouse synthesizer that combines a sophisticated synthesis engine with an intuitive interface, making it a favorite among producers looking for flexibility and depth in sound design. Whether you’re creating lush pads, intricate leads, or evolving soundscapes, Dune 3’s extensive features and high-quality effects make it an essential tool in any music production arsenal. Its ability to seamlessly blend various synthesis methods ensures that it can handle any sound design challenge, from traditional analog emulations to innovative digital creations.

Best Synth VST Plugins: Rob Papen - Predator 3
(Image Credit: Rob Papen)

Rob Papen Predator 3

Cutting-Edge Synthesis with Infinite Possibilities


  • Type of synthesis: Hybrid (virtual analog and wavetable synthesis)
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX, Standalone


  • Advanced Sound Engine: Provides high-quality sound generation with a wide range of synthesis options.
  • Extensive Preset Library: Offers thousands of presets suitable for various music genres.
  • Versatile Modulation: Features comprehensive modulation capabilities, including multiple envelopes, LFOs, and modulation matrix.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design that allows for easy sound creation and manipulation.
  • Integrated Effects: Comes with a rich array of built-in effects to enhance and customize sounds.


Rob Papen’s Predator 3 continues the legacy of its predecessors with a powerful synthesis engine that caters to the needs of modern producers. This third iteration brings even more depth and flexibility, featuring advanced sound design tools that enable the creation of everything from rich, complex textures to sharp, cutting leads. The high-quality oscillators, filters, and effects are designed to produce professional-grade sounds suitable for any production.

Predator 3 excels in providing a vast array of presets that cover a wide spectrum of genres, including electronic, pop, rock, and cinematic music. These presets serve as a great starting point, but the real power of Predator 3 lies in its sound design capabilities. The synth offers multiple oscillators, comprehensive modulation options, and a versatile modulation matrix, allowing users to create highly dynamic and evolving sounds.

The user interface of Predator 3 is designed with both beginners and advanced users in mind. It provides an intuitive workflow that makes sound creation straightforward while offering deep editing options for those who want to delve into the intricacies of synthesis. The integrated effects, including reverb, delay, distortion, and chorus, add an extra layer of polish to your sounds, making Predator 3 a complete solution for synthesizer needs.

Final Thoughts:

Rob Papen’s Predator 3 is a versatile and powerful synthesizer that stands out for its sound quality, ease of use, and extensive modulation capabilities. Whether you are a seasoned producer or just starting out, Predator 3 offers the tools and inspiration needed to create compelling and unique sounds. Its comprehensive preset library and intuitive interface make it a valuable addition to any music production toolkit, ensuring you have everything you need to bring your sonic ideas to life.

Synthesizer Collections VST Plugins:

Synthesizer collections bring together a variety of virtual instruments in one package, often including emulations of classic synths, pianos, and other keyboard instruments. These collections are ideal for producers who need a diverse array of sounds at their fingertips, offering both depth and breadth in their sound design capabilities.

Best Synth VST Plugins: Arturia - V Collection X
(Image Credit: Arturia)

Arturia V Collection X

A Vault of Vintage Synths at Your Fingertips


  • Type of synthesis: Collection (various types of synthesis like virtual analog, FM, and physical modeling)
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Comprehensive Synth Collection: Includes 33 iconic synths, keyboards, and pianos meticulously modeled from the originals.
  • High-Quality Sound: Each instrument features high-resolution, meticulously crafted sounds.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Unified interface for easy navigation and sound tweaking across all instruments.
  • Extensive Preset Library: Thousands of presets catering to a wide range of genres and styles.
  • Regular Updates: Continuous updates and new instruments added to the collection.


Arturia’s V Collection X is an extensive bundle that brings together 33 of the most iconic synthesizers, keyboards, and pianos ever created. This collection is a treasure trove for producers and sound designers, offering a vast array of sonic possibilities. Each instrument in the collection has been meticulously modeled from the original hardware, ensuring that you get the authentic sound and experience of these legendary instruments.

The V Collection X covers a broad spectrum of sounds, from the lush analog tones of the Mini V and Jup-8 V to the digital brilliance of the DX7 V and CMI V. This makes it an incredibly versatile tool for any music production task, whether you’re working on electronic music, film scoring, or any other genre. The high-quality sound and attention to detail in the modeling process make these virtual instruments stand out in any mix.

Navigating and tweaking sounds is a breeze with Arturia’s unified interface. Each instrument maintains the original’s charm while providing modern enhancements to facilitate ease of use and deeper sound design capabilities. Additionally, the extensive preset library offers thousands of ready-to-use sounds, allowing you to jump right into your projects or find inspiration quickly.

Final Thoughts:

Arturia V Collection X is an indispensable toolkit for any serious music producer or sound designer. Its comprehensive selection of legendary synths and keyboards, combined with high-quality sound and user-friendly interfaces, makes it an excellent investment. Whether you’re looking to recreate classic sounds or explore new sonic territories, the V Collection X provides the tools and inspiration you need to elevate your music production.

Best Synth VST Plugins: Roland - Cloud Analog Polysynth Collection
(Image Credit: Roland)

Roland Cloud Analog Polysynth Collection

Iconic Analog Synths in a Digital Package


  • Type of synthesis: Collection (mainly virtual analog)
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Authentic Sound: Faithful recreations of classic Roland analog synthesizers.
  • Diverse Collection: Includes iconic synths like the Juno-106, Jupiter-8, JX-3P, and more.
  • Advanced Features: Modern enhancements like polyphonic step sequencers and expanded modulation options.
  • High-Quality Presets: Extensive library of professionally designed presets.
  • Seamless Integration: Easy integration with Roland hardware and DAWs for streamlined workflows.


The Roland Cloud Analog Polysynth Collection brings the legendary sounds of Roland’s iconic analog synthesizers into the digital realm. This collection features meticulously crafted emulations of synths like the Juno-106, Jupiter-8, JX-3P, and others, providing producers with access to the rich, warm tones that defined entire genres of music.

Each synth in the collection stays true to its original hardware counterpart, offering authentic sound and character. However, Roland has also introduced modern enhancements, such as polyphonic step sequencers, expanded modulation capabilities, and other advanced features that provide additional creative possibilities. This blend of vintage sound and modern functionality makes the collection incredibly versatile for a wide range of music production needs.

The Analog Polysynth Collection also comes with a vast library of high-quality presets, crafted by professional sound designers to help users get started quickly. These presets cover a broad spectrum of sounds, from lush pads and soaring leads to punchy basses and intricate sequences. Moreover, the collection integrates seamlessly with Roland hardware and popular DAWs, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for producers.

Final Thoughts:

The Roland Cloud Analog Polysynth Collection is a must-have for producers who want to capture the classic analog sound of Roland’s legendary synthesizers. Its faithful emulations, combined with modern enhancements and an extensive preset library, make it a powerful tool for creating rich, dynamic music. Whether you’re looking to recreate vintage sounds or explore new sonic territories, this collection offers the quality and versatility needed to elevate your productions.

Best Synth VST Plugins: Cherry Audio - Synth Stack 4
(Image Credit: Cherry Audio)

Cherry Audio Synth Stack 4

Comprehensive Synth Collection for Unlimited Creativity


  • Type of synthesis: Collection (includes virtual analog, FM, and others)
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX, Standalone


  • All-in-One Bundle: Includes a vast collection of synthesizers, providing a wide range of sounds and synthesis methods.
  • High-Quality Emulations: Features accurate emulations of classic analog and digital synthesizers.
  • Extensive Presets: Offers thousands of presets to jumpstart your creativity across various music genres.
  • Affordable: Provides exceptional value with a large number of high-quality instruments at a reasonable price.
  • User-Friendly Interfaces: Designed for ease of use, with intuitive interfaces that make sound design straightforward.


Cherry Audio’s Synth Stack 4 is a formidable bundle that includes a wide array of synthesizers, each meticulously crafted to deliver high-quality sounds. This collection brings together the best of Cherry Audio’s emulations, offering everything from vintage analog warmth to modern digital precision. The bundle includes a variety of synthesizers, each with unique characteristics and capabilities, making it a versatile tool for producers of all genres.

One of the standout features of Synth Stack 4 is its high-quality emulations of classic synths. These instruments capture the essence of their hardware counterparts, providing rich, authentic sounds that are perfect for both nostalgic recreations and innovative new tracks. With this bundle, users can explore the sounds of legendary synthesizers without the need for the physical hardware, making it a practical and powerful addition to any studio setup.

The extensive preset library included in Synth Stack 4 ensures that producers can quickly find inspiring sounds for their projects. Whether you are working on electronic music, film scores, or any other genre, the presets provide a great starting point. Additionally, the user-friendly interfaces of the included synths make it easy to tweak and customize sounds, allowing both beginners and experienced sound designers to achieve their desired results with minimal effort.

Final Thoughts:

Cherry Audio’s Synth Stack 4 is an outstanding bundle that offers a comprehensive collection of synthesizers at an unbeatable price. Its high-quality emulations, extensive preset library, and user-friendly design make it a must-have for any music producer. Whether you are looking to expand your sonic palette or need a versatile set of tools for your productions, Synth Stack 4 delivers exceptional value and performance, making it an essential part of your music production arsenal.

Best Synth VST Plugins: Korg - Korg Collection
(Image Credit: Korg)

Korg Korg Collection

Classic Synth Sounds Reimagined


  • Type of synthesis: Collection (includes virtual analog, FM, and sample-based synthesis)
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX, Standalone


  • Comprehensive Collection: Offers a range of iconic Korg synthesizers, from the MS-20 to the M1.
  • Authentic Sound: Emulates the original hardware with remarkable accuracy.
  • Extensive Presets: Includes a wide variety of presets for instant inspiration and productivity.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-navigate interface for both beginners and experienced users.
  • Versatile Sound Design: Suitable for a wide range of music genres and production styles.


The Korg Collection is a powerful bundle that brings together some of the most legendary synthesizers ever created by Korg. This collection includes faithful recreations of classics like the MS-20, Polysix, Mono/Poly, M1, and more, each offering the iconic sounds that have shaped countless hits over the decades. With advanced modeling technology, Korg ensures that each synthesizer not only sounds like the original hardware but also feels like it in terms of playability and character.

One of the standout features of the Korg Collection is its extensive library of presets. These presets cover a wide range of genres and styles, making it easy for producers to find the perfect sound for their tracks. Whether you are looking for rich analog warmth, punchy basses, shimmering pads, or intricate leads, the Korg Collection has something to offer. The intuitive user interface further enhances the experience, allowing users to tweak and modify sounds effortlessly to suit their specific needs.

In addition to its impressive sound quality and versatility, the Korg Collection is designed to integrate seamlessly into any modern production environment. It supports all major plugin formats and can be used as a standalone application, making it a versatile tool for studio and live performance settings alike. With its combination of classic sounds and modern functionality, the Korg Collection is an invaluable resource for any music producer looking to add a touch of Korg’s legendary magic to their productions.

Final Thoughts:

The Korg Collection is a must-have for any producer or musician who appreciates the rich heritage and timeless sounds of Korg synthesizers. Its authentic emulations, vast preset library, and user-friendly design make it a versatile and powerful addition to any music production setup. Whether you’re crafting new tracks or looking to recreate the magic of vintage synths, the Korg Collection delivers the tools and inspiration you need.

FAQ Buying Guide: Best Synth VST Plugins

When exploring the vast realm of Synth VST plugins, understanding the tools’ capabilities and features is paramount. This guide seeks to clarify the intricate facets of synthesizers, ensuring that music producers can select the ideal plugin for their sonic vision.

  • What are Synth VST plugins and why are they essential for modern music production?

    Synth VST plugins digitally recreate or emulate the sounds and functionalities of hardware synthesizers. They offer a versatile tool for sound design, enabling producers to craft unique tones, from atmospheric pads to aggressive leads, vital for various music genres.

  • What's the difference between subtractive, FM, and wavetable synthesis in Synth VSTs?

    Subtractive Synthesis: It starts with a rich waveform (like a sawtooth or square wave) and then “subtracts” frequencies using filters.

    FM Synthesis (Frequency Modulation): It involves modulating one waveform with another to create complex harmonic sounds. It’s known for its iconic electric piano and bass sounds.

    Wavetable Synthesis: It plays back waveforms from a table of different waves, allowing for evolving timbres and a wide range of sonic possibilities.

  • Why do some Synth VSTs offer analog emulation?

    Analog emulation in Synth VSTs aims to capture the warm and organic sound characteristics of vintage hardware synthesizers. These plugins often recreate non-linearities, drift, and saturation to provide a rich, vintage tone, prized in many music genres.

  • How crucial are presets and sound libraries in Synth VSTs?

    Presets provide quick access to a wide array of professionally designed sounds. They can serve as a starting point for sound design, inspire new tracks, or offer direct solutions for producers. An extensive sound library can greatly enhance a synth’s versatility.

  • Why do some Synth VSTs come with built-in sequencers and arpeggiators?

    Built-in sequencers and arpeggiators allow for pattern-based sound manipulation and rhythmic variations. They can bring life to static sounds, creating moving sequences or pulsating rhythms, enhancing the dynamic feel of a track.

  • How do modulation options like LFOs and envelopes shape the sound in Synth VSTs?

    LFOs (Low-Frequency Oscillators) and envelopes influence various parameters of the sound over time. They can affect pitch, filter cutoff, volume, and more, allowing for dynamic changes and adding movement and depth to the sound.

  • What's the significance of polyphony and voice stacking in Synth VSTs?

    Polyphony refers to the number of notes a synth can play simultaneously. Voice stacking allows multiple voices to play per note, thickening the sound. These features determine the richness and fullness of chords or layered sounds in your production.

  • How do onboard effects enhance the capabilities of Synth VSTs?

    Onboard effects, like reverb, delay, and distortion, can immediately transform and shape the sound within the synth environment. This internal processing can lead to a more cohesive sound design and streamlined workflow.

  • Why is the user interface and visual feedback vital in Synth VSTs?

    A well-designed user interface aids in easy navigation, promotes efficient sound design, and often provides visual feedback, like waveforms or modulation routing. This can help users understand the signal flow and the impact of their adjustments.

  • How do I ensure compatibility and integration of a Synth VST with my DAW?

    Always check the supported formats (VST, AU, AAX) and platform (Mac/Windows) of the Synth VST. Most modern plugins support common DAWs, but it’s essential to ensure compatibility to avoid software conflicts.

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