Vocoder VST Plugins: The Ultimate Guide of 2020

Last updated on November 7, 2019
by Jay Von K

Do you want your vocal sound synthesized?

Best Vocoder VST PluginsThen vocoder plugins are the perfect solution to get the job done.

And guess what?

The VST market today offers products with multiple options and fair starting prices.

In application, you can think of it in terms of creating tunes from mere speech, adding texture to an audio piece or even synthesizing a choir from single voice.


The good news is that there are many vocoder alternatives, but of course, it can tough to settle on the right ones.

To help through the dilemma, in this article, we'll highlight some options worth checking out.

9 Best Vocoder VST Plugins

01. iZotope VocalSynth 2

VocalSynth 2 iZotope


Simply put, VocalSynth 2 presents itself as an evolution of vocal processing of sorts.

Offering immersive plugin experience thanks to its advanced styling, it comes endowed with features that open doors to new vocal possibilities.

And it does not only elevate vocal productions to suit contemporary needs, but it also grants access to much-needed old classical sound.

Looking at it, you can immerse yourself in layers, textures, effects while experimenting with different blends and shapes before working out the ultimate vocal sound.


At the center of its functionality is a scientific modelling of the human vocal tract.

The technique allows making of adjustments of vocal characteristics such as nasality, vowel shapes, and formants for smooth textural treatment on audio signals.

Then again, it features seven stompbox-style effects section which boosts vocal processing via a custom drag and drop vocal effects chain.


The section includes distortion, filter, transform, delay, shred, ring, mod, and chorus modules all whose order you can alter in line with your production needs.

That's not all-because it further enables interactive visualization thanks to Anemone-a colorful animation feature.

Other features of interest beyond the above include inter plugin communication and three ways to play, namely Auto, MIDI, and Side chain.

So, you can go for what suits your style for seamless creativity.

In a nutshell, this plugin has been re-imagined to allow the user to achieve better sound quicker and more seamlessly.

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02. Image-line Vocodex

Image-Line Vocodex


Get this- Vocodex is possibly one of the easiest to use plugins you can ever come across.

Designed with newbie users in mind, it is housed in a straightforward UI with only a few controls.


Even so, there is an information bar that displays functions of each control when you hover over it.

More importantly, it comes with up to 100 filter bands meaning getting accurate sound is given.

Again, it features inbuilt multiple carrier options to choose from besides other essential functions such as an envelope follower and controls for filter bands.

What else?

Vocodex provides speech enhancement capabilities, background noise cancelling, voice doubling, and reverb capabilities to say nothing on an integral soundgoodizer.

As if that is not enough, it further offers band unison for producing fat and lush sound and many more per band effects.

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03. Sonivox Vocalizer Pro

Sonivox Vocalizer Pro


Moving on, the Vocalizer Pro by SONiVOX is another impressive vocalizing tool thanks to its unique capabilities.

Want to know more?

First and foremost, this plugin is anchored on a four-module system that is tweakable in several creative ways.

And each module has options for pitch shifting, filtering, and modulation using LFO.

That implies one can mix and determine how the four modules interact with each other.

The result is the ability to actualise very elaborate patches.

Vocalizer Pro

To ensure seamless functionality, Vocalizer Pro features two rows of eight MIDI-mappable pads on the interface.

The top enables saving of various presets and parameters for reuse whenever the need arises.

On the other hand, the bottom row can be used for mapping chords for hassle-free sequencing from a MIDI controller.

Although the interface can be a little intimidating at first contact, it provides access to in-depth custom shaping controls.

One particularly striking section is the effects tab that anchors built-in EQ, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb-as well as an effective browser system functioning based on genre, colour, and character descriptors.

Besides that, Vocalizer Pro features up to eight snapshot pads which allow on the go access to presets and eight chord pads that help to recall keyboard notes and chords.

Overall, this plugin sounds fantastic and is ready to use, the more reason it remains an ideal inclusion in any production toolkit.

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04. Meldaproduction MVocoder

Meldaproduction MVocoder


Imagine an analog filter based vocoder which supports up to 100 bands, ten filters, band matrix, band distribution and resonance graphs, and among other cutting edge features.

Well, that is precisely what Mvocoder by Meldaproduction represents.

It is quite versatile and enticingly optimized for hassle-free use in case you want to explore every creative angle.


Are you looking forward to creating robotic voices?


Singing synthesizers, ability to morph between multiple audio signals, and unique vocoding modes?

Check, check, and check.

As it turns out, the multi-channel vocoding ability is one of its greatest strengths.

It employs an external side chain from where users can feed in audio sources before it kicks in.

Don't forget, it offers up to eight surround channels.

And if you need to venture a little deeper with your sound, Mvocoder can literally lead you to modulation heaven.

With extensive modulation options, you can work on any parameter from sources like an LFO, audio level follower, envelope generator, or even a pitch detector.

Other features worth highlighting include unique visualization engine, adjustable oscillator shape technology, MIDI controllers with MIDI learn, and global preset management with online preset exchange.

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05. Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder


Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder


For all it presents, the Orange Vocoder is no doubt an ideal pick for contemporary vocal processing needs.

Generally speaking, it boasts of unparalleled sound quality and sonic versatility that runs across its multiple iterations that has been reworked over the years to include new enhancements.


At the core of the current version are a built-in 32 voice synthesizer and more than a dozen distinct vocoder algorithms.

The algorithms range from analog-emulated circuits and 10-band graphic EQ to far-out digital cross-synthesis modes, among others.

As a result, achieving greater transparency and accuracy with your sound is almost a given.

On top of the above, it is designed with two sound sources that can either be waveforms or samples.

And that's not all- it also comes with two modulators which can be set to an LFO or dedicated pitch modulation, ring modulation and onboard reverb, mixer section, and freeze button.

All in all, you'll be impressed with streamline multi-view UI with killer features such as sub-presets and smart section randomization, just to mention.

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06. Soundtoys Little Alterboy

Soundtoys Little Alterboy


If you want to manipulate your sound in every conceivable way, the Little AlterBoy could be a good bet.

Little-AlterBoy front

Coming with the edge to alter vocals so dramatically, it offers a wide range of vocal transformation possibilities that you can ever come across in just one plugin.

Think about changing the pitch of the voice, singer gender with formant shifting or even controlling vocal melody via MIDI, AlterBoy caters for it all.

Of course to allow efficient functionality, Little AlterBoy has a powerful vocal processor, monophonic voice manipulation controls such as Pitch, Formant, Drive, and Mix.

The best part is- the features are presented in a simple and straightforward UI to allow quick manipulations.

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07. Xils Vocoder 5000

Xils 5000 Vocoder


The XILS Vocoder 5000 is simply a rebirth of the legendary EMS 5000 but with some enhancements.

Some of the improvements include filter's Emphasis and Emphasis ponderation, more Slew rate mods, additional Freeze mods, two LFOs, detailed FM and PWM, more oscillators Waveforms and improved output detector.

And while it models complex filtering techniques and circuitry of the analog model, on the face of it, the clarity is impressive.

Xils Vocoder 5000 front

That means it is super easy to use regardless of your prior experience with plugins.

Ideally, the interface provides a standard single panel view hence almost every control is just a touch away.

And if you find it tricky to get started, you'll find the more than a handful presets handy for sourcing inspiration.

Interestingly, you can dive a little deeper because there is the Logo Center panel which opens the door to additional controls.

Once switched it leads to an extensive range of advanced panels with elaborate parameters for further exploration and experimentation.

If you are deeply into sound design, the powerful matrix patch area that opens robust routing and filtering opportunities make great vocoding effects a nearby reality.

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08. Xils Lab Xils V+

Xils 4+


Looking for a vocoding tool with a proven record?

Well, yes!

Here comes the XILS V+. A spot-on emulation of the 1979 Roland VP-330 vocoder and synthesizer, it is versatile and functional as it gets.


As a 10-band vocoder effect with logical controls, you'll appreciate the quality and clarity minus audible liaising no matter the settings.

More specifically, it's Supreme Top Octave Divider which enables layering of synthetic strings or human voices on top of your effects nails it completely.

Besides, you can dig further with onboard effects and modulation options thanks to advanced settings panels.

The advanced setting panels opens extensive options such as the Mixer/Arp panel, vocoder panel, freeze and water controls, effects panel and modulation panel.

From these sections, operations such as mixing of human voice oscillators, tweaking of strings filter shape, pitch tracker manipulation, spicing sound effects, and more can be achieved in a few touches.

So, beyond the striking vintage beauty that evokes feelings of the past, the advanced functions allow the creation of unique touches that no samples or synthesis techniques can reproduce with similar accuracy.

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More Vocoder Plugin Options


Best Free Vocoder VST Plugins

09. TAL Vocoder



Summing up our list, the Tal Vocoder is yet another exciting emulation of a vintage vocoder from back in the days.

It not only imitates the sound of vocoders from the '80s, but it also comes with analog-modeled elements though with some digital algorithms.

At its core is an 11-band engine and internal carrier synth with signal options such as pulse, saw, sub, osc, noise, mono, poly, portamento, sync, mode, and tune.


Worth noting, unlike it's some of its competitors, it does not make direct convolution of the carrier and modulation signal.

Instead, it features an envelope follower for each of the eleven bands.

Beyond that, it presents the possibility to route an external carrier signal and greater harmonics control on any carrier signal.

That pretty much implies that every sound source can be used as a carrier signal.

And guess what?

It features a panic button that freezes hanging notes within the synth clip LED that glows once the input signal gets clipped. Isn't that amazing?

Overall, Tal Vocoder is optimized for intelligent voice processing with seemingly endless routing possibilities.

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Final Thoughts:

Of course, you may not need to use a VST vocoder plugin every day, but, investing in one is never a bad idea.

If anything, vocoder effects can bring a touch of transformation in unmatched creative ways.

Granted, the options one can exploit are more than enough, our list perhaps just a few impressive picks you can try out.

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