Top 10 Best VST Plugins For FL Studio [The Image Line Collection]

Some Of The Best VST Plugins From Image-Line

Lets talk about “The Best VST Plugins For FL Studio” which is hard to tell.

True or not?

There are just too many to mention.

I can not really say which is the best for FL studio but I can tell you which are widely used and for what purpose.

It depends on what music you like and want to produce right?

If you purchase the complete version of FL Studio, you do not want to purchase something else for a while.

FL Studio Packs & Synths

1. SliceX Sampler

Slice-XWith a pricetag of $50, I'd say investing that in a drum loop slicing tool is a bit too farfetched.

But SliceX proves with features and usability it is worth its price.

While not too intuitive, if you've used a Dr. Rex loop player from Propellerhead, it looks similar with all its knobs and features.

However, SliceX is more than just the usual slice tool.

SliceX has:

  • a Master Panel up top
  • an Articulation Panel in the middle
  • a Wave Editor and...
  • a step-sequencer as the fourth layer of this interesting VST.

The Master Panel has the standard ADSR filter. The X/Y grid for modulation makes for some interesting effects. All of these can be automated, including everything in the articulation to the wave editor.

Perhaps one of the most useful things about SliceX is the ability to insert markers in the Wave Editor.

Finding the slices you'd want to use on the fly is great for live performing DJs.

Meanwhile, the articulation panel has impressive high-pass and band-pass filters.

Another useful feature is that each marker could introduce new articulation settings.

If you're using SlicerX as your main tool, you won't need a separate sequencer too.

This thing just rocks.

2. Sytrus

SytrusImageLine's Sytrus is an additive and subtractive synthesizer that eats up lots of ram and CPU power.

But in exchange is a plethora of great presets to get you started.

I don't think you're getting Sytrus and paying about $150 for the vst synthesizer just for those presets though.

If you dig around a little more, you'll find Sytrus is more of a feature-rich frequency modulation synthesizer.

Sytrus is powered by six oscillators in a series sequence perfect for frequency and ring modulation, as a start.

The modulation matrix allows you to setup the output for the frequency modulation sequence.

The interface is more intuitive than most subtractive synthesizers, being that you have a wavetable to get the sound you'd want to have.

On top of the wavetable is a partial harmonic editor matrix allowing you full control of your synth sound. Shape modifiers allow you to change:

  • the wave shape
  • the tension (which can deliver some awesome ring modulation)
  • skew
  • sine shaping
  • pre-filter and...
  • noise.

What makes Sytrus impressively versatile is the articulation section of each operator in the frequency modulation synthesis.

The plucked damping (DAMP) articulation introduces some swift attack emulating a plucking sound with no clicking.

The huge modulation matrix is essential for creating unique frequency modulation sounds.

Subtractive synthesizers often have limited features, but this one, especially the articulation and modulation table, really takes the cake.

3. Harmor

Harmor ImageAggressive looking but feature-rich as much as Sytrus could do, Harmor had positive reviews from delighted users.

The plentiful knobs and its grayish color scheme comes with high quality sound and capabilities that make it a powerful contender in the additive synthesis category.

If you're not sold on creativity and synth canvases such as this one, let me tell you, the presets are impressive!

Harmor has the usual oscillator generator, a filtering section and the global section right underneath everything.

Beside the global section is your most essential tool, the Envelope Window

But before we head to that, Harmor offers you a timbre of one sine and another waveform.

Their waveforms are displayed in the envelope window and as per additive synth, you could edit them.

Tweak them with unique features such as changing the positions of partials via Prism and throwing harmonics everywhere through the Harmonizer.

Obviously, the Envelope Window, the Prism, Harmonizer and sub generator gets the cake for extending the usefulness of Harmor.

But the pluck/attack editor and the filters that introduce some vintage and experimental filtering sound great and is useful during performances or recording.

The ability to automate the Envelope Window made Harmor a winner for me.

The ability to change frequencies, change the filters, change the sine in real time makes for some experimental-level of synthesis. Welcome to the future indeed!

4. Harmless

Harmless ImageFor $80, you get an additive synthesizer that is easy to use. With lots of possibilities, ImageLine's Harmless is everything you need from a powerful additive synthesizer. Except it couldn't make those dirty TB-303 sounds.

The problem with additive synthesis is the impression of rocket science with all the algorithm. But this one introduces additive synthesis into a simpler form. Your $80 won't go to waste here!

The Timbre, as with Harmor, is where the sound generation begins. Choose your waveform and resynthesize. You could even drag your own samples. Harmless will analyze the waveforms of your sample ready for total alteration via additive synthesis

The Timbre sports a Custom function allowing you to add or cancel out sawtooth variants. While it has its own presets appearing as variations of sawtooth, creating new sounds has never been easier.

verything in Harmless is useful. From the Harmonic Equalizer that follows the bands depending on the waveform and note's pitch to the subtractive-esque filter section. Effects such as Phaser become useful if you want to cancel out frequencies through phase cancellation post sound-generation. Pretty interesting stuff.

Probably the most useful is indeed, the phaser. Adding and subtracting sawtooth values while creating new cancellation (or addition, Phase makes it possible too) in your sound makes Harmless interesting enough that you forget you need some Wub sounds from a dirtier-sounding synth.

Still, it holds well on its own.

5. xosc

3xOsc ImagePerhaps the 3xosc synthesizer is the easiest frequency modulation synthesis available today.

The best thing about it is that it's a free fl studio plugin that comes with the program...

All you have is a simple interface with three operators. While it might appear limiting for people who need to have more from their synthesizer, ImageLine's 3xosc is expandable. Don't be deceived by its appearance, or its hefty price tag.

Reading reviews, I've seen some claim they could make snares, trumpets and huge kicks out of the 3xosc. Let's see.

It's as simple as it gets. The 3xOsc features six waveform, a Custom waveform option and a waveform randomizer for interesting sounds. Next, you have a slider that sets the phase offsets for the left and right hcannels of the generator, allowing you to create huge pad sounds through frequency modulation. Detune allows you to create some heavier sub sounds.

Coarse Tuning, Fine Tuning, Panning, Volume, OSC3 AM and Phase Randomizer (Phase Rand), that's all you need to get some huge sounds.

Try this, switch Phase Randomizer on. You'd probably hear some clicks due to the phase changes happening at random with start points beginning almost everywhere. Fix it with short attack times and you get some pretty unique synthesizer sounds. But that's not the cherry on top though.

Use the custom waveform to combine unique-sounding waveforms via subtractive synth. This option allows you to use a simple frequency modulating synthesizer to achieve some new, interesting and useful sounds.

FL Mixing Effects

6. Edison

Editing and Recording Tool EdisonWill you be willing to pay $100 for a wave editor that works similar to your DAW but you don't have to call up the DAW in the first place (confused)?

Here's ImageLine's Edison, originally and imported from FL Studio to the outside world of VST technology.

With its standalone mode, you could make it work like SliceX. But it has automatic slicing using pitch detection, great-sounding time and pitch shifting and even blurring the transients of your audio. Wow.

Edison looks like a videogame turned into an instrument of pure creativity. It breaks down your audio into a waveform (duh). But when that happens, the audio has gone through spectral frequency analysis already.

You have a convolution reverb with impulse responses, an EQ, a denoiser (works very well like iZotope's RX series) de-click and fade functions.

Pretty good so far. but until you hear the cherry on top you'll want to read on.

The simple beat slicer with different sensitivity levels does a great job with sampling. However, the pitch detection automatic slicing has helped me save countless minutes in grabbing and exporting samples.

But I'd like to train myself in the Pascal programming language. It seems Edison gives you the ability to run scripts and create your functions with graphical interfaces. If I just focused on my Object Programming course in college, this VST is mind-blowing, at best.

7. Vocodex

Vocodex ImageI've seen lots of vocoders out there create some great harmonization and new flavor to already existing songs.

It's truly great technology for digital electronic artists and synth addicts.

Vocodex is simple enough to use with jus seven knobs, a wavetable and a gigantic knob for wet/dry mixing.

Each of those knobs include time stretching, formant, voice doubling and more.

Vocodex works by using a real-time voice frequency analysis resulting in a complete breakdown of your voice's tonal partials via waveform. The partial collected becomes the modulator to control the frequency band of another synthesized sound. Further down the rabbit hole are narrow-band frequency gates that filter out frequencies in the synthesized sound based on again, your voice.

It's actually using the synths of Sytrus, so there's no question about quality right here.

Vocodex has a modulator noise reduction for ambient sound/bleed blocking. As simple as such, it's highly efficient; no ideal situation for vocoder voice recording truly exists and you'll be dealing with high-frequency sounds at best.

Additional useful features include sidechain carrier and modulator input, voice doubling, and a built-in unison effect that I know you're going to have lots of use for.

8. Love Philter

Love Philter ImageYou have eight filter units combined together. The output of one could be fed to the next or you could let it go back into the channel.

You could solo each filter to see how they add up together when you try to develop your own sound. That's the objective of Fruity Love Philter.

The VST first appeared in Fruity Loops 7 and has gone on to FL10. Image Line released a standalone version to the glee of everyone interested.

The Love Philter's in channel options have an On or Solo option, both of which you already know the functions of. On the right you have the filters with low, high and band pass options. You also have envelope, cutoff and resonance controls right below. Above these are the parameters for the ALT function.

The ALT function alternates between resonance and bandwith. You get the standard switches for 12, 24 and 36 dB octave filters or you could have some fun with two additional settings that play with the 24/36 dB filter modes.

You also have a WaveShaper with a Uniploar mode that allows you to edit waveforms as you go.

Clearly enough, anybody would say the WaveShaper is the most useful feature of this tool. You might just be correct. But I'd have to say it's the eight filters that are the best tools in this VST.

Having eight filters with the ability to copy-paste settings into other oscillators for intricate and fine-tuned adjustments to create that unique sound is where it really counts!

9. Maxmimus

Maxmimus ImageIf you ever needed a mixing and mastering tool that's simple to use with multiple features for mastering, then Image Line's Maxmimus is everything you'll need.

Let's do away with those slightly-confusing Waves comps and even IKM's own set of high-quality compressors for something simple made up of lines and colors.

My only qualm about this effective tool? The limited number of bands available!

Maximimus offers the same low-mid-high frequency bands we've seen in other multiband compressors. Look-aheads, we've also seen that. Four individual compressor and a master band equalizer? We've also seen those

But we haven't seen anything that uses curves. This one does, and each curve is a fixed attribution to a ratio in traditional multiband compressors. The fun thing is, you could shape this curve to your will.

That makes for some great dynamic manipulation!

This is Maxmimus' most useful feature, especially for those who are thoroughly confused with ratio settings on traditional compressors.

What's more, you don't only have one curve (traditional single band compressor). You could add plenty of control points to edit the sound dynamics as much as you could. Join the control points and create new dynamic horizons! Whoa!

10. Grossbeat

GrossBeat ImageTime manipulation should go beyond vocal correction during the post-processing process.

Many DJs and electronic artists have tried their hand with traditional time manipulation tools to create awesome glitch, repeat, scratching and stutter performances.

Some even went through the DAW slip-edit phase to reach such ends.

Now, we've got computer technology and Grossbeat is the best when it comes to glitch and stutter performances!

Grossbeat features a click reduction option. Given that your settings would travel and play audio with different volumes, clicks are abound. This is plenty useful. Smooth attack compensation allows you to preserve transients during fadeouts from envelopes.

HQ resampling is notable for preserving audio quality throughout a massive time stretch or pitch shift. However, it's going to cost some CPU load so be careful.

A scratching clock allows you to perform some turntable scratches. This can be automated, making it one of the best features of this VST ever without the use of a turntable!

I wouldn't recommend using Grossbeat during live performances though. Unless you're using a touchscreen computer or a powerful external controller, you could use all the options as you would a DJ board.

However, these are some useful high-quality time manipulation devices that I have to admit, is really appalling if used effectively!

If your looking for an fl studio 12 free download click on it. Remember that it's just a trial/demo version.

The effects that are in it are doing the work as perfect as any other DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). The only thing you’ll have to purchase in the future, whether you have to pay for it or not are good Synths and drum VST’s.

Nevertheless this DAW does much more than most DAWs when you’re talking about manipulating sounds.

If you are looking for external plugins from other manufacturers besides you should check our catalog of vst's

When you practice with the plugins you already have then I wouldn’t be picky with VST’s plugins you want to buy and want to add to your collection.

You often think with your eyes but put a magnifying glass on and take a look what you already have and you will be amazed what Image Line fl studio vst plugins has to offer.

So you’ll see, it’s more than you think you know...

I’m still amazed to this very day what I can do to tweak sounds with FL. I can give you a tip for when you just start making music. Take a package of fat sounds and stick with it for a while.

With to many vst’s and patches you can’ t see any threes through the forest. This way, you’re just listening to sounds instead of spending your time with producing.

Do you want something that does it all, then I would advise you to purchase NI Komplete. It will cost you some but you will get real professional sounding instruments and effects.

I can tell you, this package has just about everything you need. I just lift out a few because there are just too many to discuss. I will talk about them later on other pages.

So what are your favorite Fl plugins? Whats your opinion about all of this? Let me know with a Comment and Share it with the world..haha

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