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Are free VST Plugins any good?

Whether your searching for Eq's, compressors, reverbs, delay/echo's, Synths, guitars, piano's, orchestra sounds, filters, bass guitars, violins, strings or any other type of Virtual Studio Technology. Finding a good working and sounding one can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

That doesn't mean there aren't any good ones!

We select the best ones from trying them out and reading about what other testers have to say. It's unbiased and that's the reason why we also embed videos to the individual articles. In order for you to hear if the sounds are what you expect them to be.

On which platform and Operating system can they be used

Well that all depends on the programmer of the particular plugin.

Most VST's are build for Windows, while other programmers offer their program to the three major Operating systems. Windows, Mac and Linux.

When you open up a specific article you can read on which platform they can be used, so you don't download one you don't need.

Is there a Difference between Free and Freeware

Yes there is!

Freeware means that the developer can choose to make the software free for download, but you can only use it for your personal use. You cannot use it for commercial purposes, in order to do that you need to buy it!.

Free software is for you to use in any way you like!

Yes, you can even modify the script if you wanted to.

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