HY Plugins HY-MB Drive: The Multiband EQ Distortion

hy-mb-free-pluginMulti-band compressors are a dime a dozen and often, they couldn't carry the things you need if you need extra-rich harmonic value to your instruments. Saturation plug-ins often affect the entire audio's spectrum, leaving you without the richness of the early stuff you actually wanted.

So HY-MBDrive -- clearly a multiband drive -- was designed to help you reach those thresholds that you want without affecting the other frequencies. This is especially helpful if you just need a boost with your track's low-end.

The plug-in divides the track into three spectrums at low, mid and high. You can set their frequencies early on with the mid-high and low-mid areas.

The fun part for this saturator is that when used with automation, you get the full effect of panning, changing frequency filters and even distortion types (half, full, drive, lo-fi) while you create your music.

Seriously, I feel that's excellent!

Only Available for windows

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