J1000 DQ65: 5 Band Dynamic EQ

j1000-dq65-free-pluginThe only thing that sucks with the J1000 DQ65 is that it's a plug-in without any expansion to 64-bit. Nothing should suck when it's free and I must agree with that. But it's a big downer it couldn't use 64-bit resources when it needs it.

The DQ65 is a 5-band dynamic equalizer that has two gain controls per band. The two bands control one loud and quiet threshold parts. Being able to control these two parameters allows for an excellent tone-shaping tool without much fuss.

As with some 32-bit plug-ins, they can be quite unstable. But this happens none too often with the DQ65.

As with dynamic equalizers, band-pass monitoring is achievable with just a single click. Handy for shaping individual frequency spots that you want processed.

Windows Download Available

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