Building a Home Studio from the ground up can be a difficult task. Lucky for you it’s really a combination of different things you need to know about first.

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  • What equipment do you need.
  • How do you use it.
  • What about sound monitoring.
  • Getting a better signal
  • How to expand for the future.

If you’re looking for better quality recordings (which producer isn’t) then building a good home based studio is a must for the serious artist and engineer.

Recording Studios – How recording has changed drastically

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A few decades ago there was a time when audio was recorded differently from what we are used to today.

Back then the home based producer didn’t have the utilities we have today. Like using a computer with audio to digital converters.

In the old days they used to record to tape…

…While today’s engineers that don’t have the money to do that they use emulations of the old legendary tape recorders.

Which adds that vintage sound and feel to a track.

Having a good studio and being a great engineer are two different things!

But the first thing any engineer should know is whats out there to use. And so we have made this guide for beginners, but is also very usable for the expert.

The Definitive List – Best Online Home Recording Studio Resources

“From Computers and audio interfaces to Monitor Speakers and Room Acoustics this guide has got you covered”

The Chapters:

1. Essentials | 2. Recording | 3. Microphones | 4. Acoustics | 5. Upgrading


Essential Recording Equipment

Want to setup your new Home based Recording studio?
Check out this Essential first Chapter?

1. Computers | 2. DAW | 3. Audio Interfaces | 4. Monitors | 5. Headphones | 6. Microphones | 7. Audio Cables

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How to Record Audio Perfectly

 Do you need to know what you need and how to set it up?
Do you want to know more about Recording in a Home Studio?


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Everything about Microphones

The Mic is one of the most important things in Recording, you can read all about it here!


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Studio Acoustics and Furniture

Adjusting your Room acoustics can be a hard thing to do
We have the answers that you are looking for!


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Upgrading your Studio

Are you ready to improve on the setup that you already have?
Check out how you can take things to the next step