Voxengo Stereo Touch: Widening Delay Plugin

voxengo-stereo-touch-free-pluginThe Stereo Touch is a stereo-widening effect plug-in that needs some subtle touch to work effectively. It can work for the most expert of experts but with a little studying, even the beginner audio mixer can immediately understand the Stereo Touch's functions.

I was a bit skeptical at first with this plug-in (who wouldn't be; free plug-ins always have a certain catch) but its sound quality is far amazing. Plug it in front of a monophonic track and there you go; a widened sound.

I found this to work perfectly for vocals or stringed instruments with long sustains such as violins. It achieves the "surround" I need.

The iZotope Stereo Widener is a paid VST that comes nearest or even at the same sound of the Stereo Touch.

For Mac & Windows

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MAC Download

Windows Download

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