vst plugins: The Definitive HUB  [2021]

This is the most comprehensive HUB to VST Plugins online.

You will get acquainted with different types of VSTi & VSTfx plugins:

...and if you want to know which plugins are solid workhorses, you can click the links in the description.

Let's dive in.


look at some of the effects plugins 
(often known as VSTfx) that are widely used to polish and improve the sound of your productions. 
Add crunch and flavor to your tracks with these effect plugins. They really bring a song to life.
EQ VST Plug-ins


Improve your recordings and take full control of the frequency spectrum with the top equalizer VST plugins.
Best EQ Plugins
Compressor VST Plugins


Manage your dynamics to create interesting drum sounds, polish your vocals and make your songs explode.
Best Compressor Plugins
Reverb VST Plugins


Add realistic or other-worldly reverb to your voice-over, sound effects and music. Check out these reverb based VST plugins.
Best Reverb Plugins
Delay VST Plugins


Whether you are looking for real-world or unconventional delay for your tracks, you will find it here.
Best delay Plugins
Distortion Saturation VST Plugins


No need to spend money on distortion and overdrive pedals with these high-quality distortion VST plugins for every occasion.
Best distortion Plugins
Filter VST Plugins


Pass your audio recordings through unique creative filters to shape your sound and music.
Best filter Plugins
De-Esser VST Plugins


Get rid of the annoying harsh “sh” sounds and polish your vocals for maximum clarity.
Vocoder VST Plugins


Synthesize vocal sounds and shape them the way you want with top-notch digital vocoders.
Best vocoder Plugins
Autotunes VST Plugins


Fine-tune vocal performances for maximum musicality and clarity using top-quality autotune VST plugins.
Best autotune Plugins
Mastering VST Plugins


Finalize your songs like a pro with the top mastering VST plugins.
Best mastering Plugins


Yet to be written
Best chorus Plugins
Waves VST Plugins


Check out the best VST plugins by the top VST plugin brand “WAVES”.
Best waves Plugins


Check out the top VST instruments that can replicate analog instruments and even provide you with additional creative options. 

Drum VST Plugins


Create realistic drum patterns for your songs or make your own unique percussion sounds for every project.
Best drums Plugins
Bass VST Plugins


Make everyone move to your funky basslines or create earth-moving bass from your DAW.
Best bass Plugins
Synth VST Plugins


Play and record electronic sounds with digital synths or with plugins that imitate iconic analog synths.
Best synth Plugins
Piano VSt Plugins


Access dozens of different pianos with realistic samples and your audience won’t tell the difference from the real thing.
Best Piano Plugins


Searching for electric piano's with character and realism. These Rhodes and Wurlizters plugins sounds great in a mix.

Best Rhodes Plugins
Guitar VST Plugins


Add catchy riffs, chords and solos to your songs without the need to record any guitarist.
Best guitar Plugins
String VST Plugins


Keep realistic and adjustable string ensembles right at your feet for classical, rock and instrumental music.
Best String Plugins
Brass VST Plugins


Jazz and classical music writing are made easy with these plugins that recreate brass bands with high fidelity.
Best Brass Plugins
Choir VST Plugins


Do you love the sound of a real choir? Add realistic voices to your tracks with these amazing versatile choir plugins. All with their own special features.

Best choir Plugins
Orchestral VST Plugins


Compose instrumental music and hear it right back with the top Orchestral VST plugins.
Best Orchestral Plugins
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