19 Best Piano VST Plugins: Realistic Piano Tones (2024)

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There’s something timeless about the piano, isn’t there?

It’s a classic instrument that transcends music genres, resonating with soulful melodies that touch the heart. Whether it’s a gentle lullaby or an invigorating concerto, the piano has the power to stir emotions like no other instrument can. Now, imagine having access to this rich sound right within your digital workspace. Yes, we’re talking about Piano VST plugins!

From the grandeur of concert grands to the intimacy of uprights, these plugins capture the essence of these incredible instruments in incredible detail. They allow you to infuse your tracks with the dynamic, expressive tones of pianos, all from the comfort of your DAW.

But with the sheer number of options available, how do you find the one that strikes the right chord for you? Well, that’s where we come in!

Welcome to our ultimate guide for 2024, highlighting the 19 best piano VST plugins that have mastered the art of reproducing the enchanting sounds of the piano. From the high-end samples to the plugins that offer the best value for money, we have it all covered here.

So, whether you’re a budding producer looking for your first plugin, a seasoned professional in search of the perfect sound, or a music enthusiast who just loves the piano, this guide is for you. Let’s dive in and discover the piano VST that resonates with your musical vision!

Our Top Picks
  • Modartt - Pianoteq 8
  • XLN Audio - Addictive Keys
  • Garritan - CFX Concert Grand
  • Synthogy - Ivory II Grand Pianos
  • Soniccouture - The Hammersmith
  • EWQL - Pianos
  • VSL - Yamaha CFX
  • VSL - Synchron Fazioli F308
  • VSL - Bosendorf Imperial
  • VI Labs - Ravenscroft 275
  • VI Labs - True Keys Pianos Bundle
  • IK Multimedia - Pianoverse
  • e-instruments - Session Keys Acoustic Bundle
  • Native Instruments - Alicia’s Keys
  • Spectrasonics - Keyscape
  • Arturia - Augmented GRAND PIANO
  • Toontrack - Ezkeys 2
  • NI - Noire
  • Arturia - Piano V3

Physical Modeling Piano VST Plugins:

These plugins use physical modeling techniques to simulate the behavior of real acoustic pianos. This allows for highly expressive and dynamic performances, with the ability to adjust the physical characteristics of the instrument for customized sounds.

Best Piano VST Plugins: Modartt - Pianoteq
(Image Credit: Modartt)

Modartt Pianoteq 8

Reinventing the Art of Virtual Pianos


  • Software Type: Physically Modeled Piano VST Plugin
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX, Standalone


  • Stunning sound quality with physically modeled piano sound.
  • In-depth customization options.
  • Ultra-responsive dynamics for expressive performances.
  • Lightweight plugin that won’t burden your system.
  • Includes various unique piano models.


Welcome to Modartt Pianoteq 8, the industry’s leading physically modeled piano VST. This isn’t just a plugin; it’s an innovative tool that employs cutting-edge technology to bring you the most authentic piano sounds you can imagine.

The magic of Pianoteq lies in its physical modeling approach. Rather than relying on samples, it uses complex algorithms to emulate the behavior of real piano strings, soundboards, and more. The result? You get stunning sound quality that bristles with life, accurately capturing every nuance of a piano performance.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Pianoteq offers unrivaled customization options, allowing you to tweak everything from the hammer hardness to the soundboard impedance. This lets you craft your own unique piano sounds, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with a virtual instrument.

Yet, for all its complexity, Pianoteq remains surprisingly light on your system. It doesn’t require a hefty library of samples to deliver its sonic magic, making it an ideal choice for producers working on less powerful systems.

The cherry on the cake is the selection of unique piano models included in Pianoteq. From the grandeur of a concert grand to the subtle nuances of a fortepiano, it’s all there at your fingertips.

Final Thoughts:

Modartt Pianoteq 8 is a masterclass in the art of virtual pianos. It is a versatile tool that allows you to bring the vibrant and dynamic world of pianos to your productions, regardless of your system’s specs. Ready to experience the future of virtual pianos? Step into the world of Pianoteq today.

Sample-based Piano VST Plugins:

These plugins rely on high-quality recordings (samples) of real pianos, capturing the nuanced sound of different piano types. They offer highly realistic and authentic piano sounds, making them ideal for classical, jazz, and pop music production.

Best Piano VST Plugins: XLN Audio - Addictive Keys
(Image Credit: XLN Audio)

XLN Audio Addictive Keys

Unlocking the Door to Incredibly Realistic Keyboard Sounds


  • Software Type: Sample-based Piano VST Plugin
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX, Standalone


  • High-quality samples provide realistic and expressive sound.
  • Simple, intuitive interface for fast workflow.
  • Multiple microphone perspectives for sound shaping.
  • Effect and processing options for added creativity.


Step into the realm of rich, dynamic, and expressive keyboard sounds with XLN Audio Addictive Keys. More than just a plugin, Addictive Keys is your key to exploring the wide world of keyboards, right from your digital workstation.

At the core of Addictive Keys is its impressive library of high-quality samples. Recorded from world-class instruments and meticulously sampled, they deliver an unparalleled level of realism. Every note resonates with authentic character, capturing the unique expressiveness of a real keyboard performance.

But the beauty of Addictive Keys lies in its simplicity. The intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate, letting you find your desired sound quickly. This keeps your workflow smooth and fast, giving you more time to focus on creating.

Addictive Keys also offers multiple microphone perspectives. You can adjust these to shape your sound, creating anything from a close and intimate tone to a grand and resonant soundscape.

Further enhancing your creativity are the onboard effects and processing options. With these at your disposal, you can add your unique spin to the sounds, creating keyboard tones that truly stand out.

Final Thoughts:

XLN Audio Addictive Keys opens the door to a new level of keyboard sound production. Its combination of quality, simplicity, and creativity makes it an essential tool in any producer’s arsenal. So why wait? Unlock your potential with Addictive Keys today.

Best Piano VST Plugins: Garritan CFX - Concert Grand
(Image Credit: Garritan CFX)

Garritan CFX Concert Grand

Experience the Grandeur of a Concert Piano at Your Fingertips


  • Software Type: Sample-based Grand Piano VST Plugin
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX, Standalone


  • Exceptionally detailed sampling from a Yamaha CFX Concert Grand.
  • Recorded at the world-famous Abbey Road Studio One.
  • Multiple microphone positions for custom sound shaping.
  • Convolution reverb replicates the acoustics of Abbey Road Studio One.


Get ready to experience the grandeur and power of a real Yamaha CFX Concert Grand, meticulously sampled and recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studio One, with Garritan Abbey Road CFX Concert Grand. This is not just a virtual piano – it’s a ticket to the world-renowned sound of Abbey Road studios.

The plugin brings to life the resonant and powerful tones of the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand, captured with painstaking detail. Each note is vibrant and authentic, inviting you into the captivating world of a concert grand piano.

Yet, the magic lies in the location. Recorded at Abbey Road Studio One, renowned for its impeccable acoustics, the sound quality is nothing short of astounding. You’re not just playing a grand piano; you’re playing one in one of the world’s finest recording rooms.

Adding to the realism is the ability to control multiple microphone positions. With this feature, you can shape the sound to your preference, recreating the sound engineering techniques used in professional recording sessions.

The icing on the cake is the convolution reverb that replicates the acoustics of Abbey Road Studio One. Apply it, and you’ll be transported straight to the heart of this legendary location.

Final Thoughts:

Garritan Abbey Road CFX Concert Grand does more than deliver stunning piano sounds – it creates an immersive musical experience. The grandeur, the depth, the detail – it’s all there at your fingertips. Play a chord, close your eyes, and let the majesty of Abbey Road sweep you away.

Best Piano VST Plugins: Synthogy - Ivory II Grand Pianos
(Image Credit: Synthogy)

Synthogy Ivory II Grand Pianos

Your Passport to Rich, Majestic Grand Piano Tones


  • Software Type: Multi-velocity level grand piano collection
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX, Standalone


  • Unparalleled dynamic range for realistic performances.
  • Sympathetic Resonance and Pedal Noise modeling for authentic expression.
  • Half-pedaling functionality for nuanced playability.
  • Powerful DSP engine with custom upsampling for pristine sound.


The Synthogy Ivory II Grand takes you on an aural adventure, delivering the soul-stirring tones of the world’s finest grand pianos right at your fingertips. Its attention to detail is unmatched, promising a captivating piano playing experience.

Ivory II Grand isn’t just about recreating piano sounds. It’s about capturing the soul of the instrument. Its multi-velocity levels offer a dynamic range that mirrors the expressiveness of a real grand piano. From the softest pianissimo to the most roaring fortissimo, every note is a testament to the grandeur of the original instrument.

The plugin’s advanced modeling technologies such as Sympathetic Resonance and Pedal Noise take authenticity to a whole new level, replicating the intricate details of real piano performance. The half-pedaling feature adds another layer of nuance, allowing for subtle variations in your playability.

Under the hood, Ivory II Grand houses a powerful DSP engine with custom upsampling. This ensures that the plugin delivers an extraordinarily pristine and clear sound, rounding up its bid to recreate the grand piano experience in the digital realm.

Final Thoughts:

With the Synthogy Ivory II Grand, playing a grand piano is no longer a privilege of the few. It’s a virtual instrument that opens the doors to a world of rich, majestic piano sounds. Whether you’re a pro or an enthusiast, Ivory II Grand promises a piano-playing experience like no other.

Best Piano VST Plugins: Soniccouture - The Hammersmith Pro)
(Image Credit: Soniccouture)

Soniccouture The Hammersmith Pro

Exquisite Grand Piano Sounds at the Heart of Your Production


  • Software Type: Sampled Steinway Model D grand piano
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Incredibly detailed sampling of a Steinway Model D grand piano.
  • Extensive velocity layers for nuanced performances.
  • Harmonic resonance modeling for realistic piano sound.
  • Advanced scripting for responsive playability.


Dive into the world of lush, vibrant piano sounds with Soniccouture’s The Hammersmith Pro Edition. This plugin meticulously samples a Steinway Model D grand piano, promising to bring the authentic tones of this celebrated instrument to your music production.

The Hammersmith Pro Edition isn’t just a grand piano sample library; it’s an exploration of the depth and breadth of the Steinway’s sonic potential. The extensive velocity layers ensure a wide dynamic range, allowing you to express every nuance of your performance.

Beyond the meticulous sampling, The Hammersmith Pro Edition also features harmonic resonance modeling. This feature accurately recreates the inter-string resonances of a real grand piano, delivering an extraordinary level of realism to your tracks.

Responsive playability is a cornerstone of The Hammersmith Pro Edition experience. Thanks to its advanced scripting, the plugin faithfully reproduces the touch and response of the Steinway Model D, offering a playing experience that’s as close as it gets to the real thing.

Final Thoughts:

Soniccouture’s The Hammersmith Pro Edition is a testament to the beauty of the grand piano. It brings the exquisite tones of a Steinway Model D right into your studio, opening up a world of musical possibilities. If you’re in pursuit of the perfect piano sound, your search might just end here.

Best Piano VST Plugins: EWQL Pianos
(Image Credit: EWQL)

EWQL Pianos

Your Go-to Choice for Varied and Vibrant Piano Sounds


  • Software Type: Sampled Pianos
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Features four of the world's finest grand pianos.
  • Deep sampled for maximum expressiveness.
  • Includes both vintage and modern pianos.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.


Welcome to EWQL Pianos, a comprehensive piano plugin that brings together four distinct pianos under one roof. From the resonant tones of a concert grand to the vintage charm of an upright, EWQL Pianos provides a palette of sounds that cater to every musical preference.

What sets EWQL Pianos apart is the depth of its sampling. Each piano is deep sampled, capturing the nuances and individual characteristics of every note. This provides you with an incredibly expressive instrument, capable of capturing the full emotional range of your performance.

Not just a collection of sounds, EWQL Pianos also features an easy-to-navigate interface. This allows you to seamlessly explore the different pianos and customize them to your heart’s content.

Final Thoughts:

With its vast array of piano sounds, EWQL Pianos stands as an indispensable tool for any music producer. Its blend of variety, quality, and usability makes it a go-to choice for musicians of all genres. Whether you’re composing a cinematic score or producing a pop hit, EWQL Pianos can help bring your musical vision to life.

Best Piano VST Plugins: VSL - Yamaha CFX
(Image Credit: VSL)

VSL Yamaha CFX

Experience the Grandeur of Concert Piano in Your Studio


  • Software Type: Sampled Piano
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Stellar replication of the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand.
  • Immense dynamic range for expressive playing.
  • Multiple microphone positions for maximum versatility.
  • Exceptional realism and playability.


The Vienna Symphonic Library Yamaha CFX brings the grandeur and expressivity of a concert grand right into your studio. Designed to replicate the world-renowned Yamaha CFX Concert Grand, this plugin captures the depth and tonal richness of the original instrument with remarkable precision.

One of the standout features of the Vienna Symphonic Library Yamaha CFX is its dynamic range. From the softest pianissimo to the most forceful fortissimo, it responds to your touch with exceptional accuracy. This allows for truly expressive playing, making it a joy to use for solo pieces and accompaniments alike.

Further enhancing the realism of the Vienna Symphonic Library Yamaha CFX are its multiple microphone positions. You can choose between close, player, and room perspectives, each lending a different character to the sound. This gives you the flexibility to tailor the sound to the specific needs of your mix.

Final Thoughts:

The Vienna Symphonic Library Yamaha CFX offers an unprecedented level of realism and expressiveness. Its outstanding playability and versatility make it a valuable addition to any music producer’s toolkit. Whether you’re a classical composer or a contemporary producer, the Vienna Symphonic Library Yamaha CFX can breathe life into your music.

Best Piano VST Plugins: VSL Synchron - Fazioli F308
(Image Credit: VSL)

VSL Synchron Fazioli F308

A Majestic Symphony at Your Fingertips


  • Software Type: Sample-based piano VST Plugin
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Unmatched authentic sound from meticulous sampling of a Fazioli F308 concert grand.
  • Wide dynamic range caters to all types of compositions.
  • The Synchron Player engine provides unprecedented detail and realism.
  • Variety of presets and customization options to shape your sound.


Enter the realm of exquisite piano sounds with the Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron Fazioli F308. Your search for the most genuine piano experience ends here.

Vienna Symphonic Library’s venture into piano sampling has yielded one of the finest sounding piano plugins in existence. The meticulously sampled Fazioli F308 concert grand piano produces an unmatched authentic sound, capable of capturing the nuances of a real-world performance.

From delicate pianissimo to powerful fortissimo, the Synchron Fazioli F308 offers a wide dynamic range. This caters to a diverse range of compositions, from soft ballads to grand orchestral pieces, all ready to be explored in your studio.

Fueling the brilliance of this piano plugin is the Synchron Player engine. Offering unprecedented detail and realism, it guarantees to make every performance come alive on the listener’s end.

Not only does it sound fantastic, but the variety of presets and customization options also empower you to shape your sound. Whether you wish to tweak the lid position or adjust the tonal character, the Synchron Fazioli F308 allows it all.

Final Thoughts:

Your search for a true-to-life piano sound ends with the Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron Fazioli F308. Experience its lush and detailed sound today and bring a new level of realism to your compositions. Are you ready to embark on this musical journey?

Best Piano VST Plugins: VSL - Bosendorf Imperial
(Image Credit: VSL)

VSL Bosendorf Imperial

Unleash the Power of an Iconic Piano


  • Software Type: Sampled Piano Plugin VST Plugin
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX, Standalone


  • Captures the beautiful sound of the famous Boesendorfer Imperial grand piano.
  • Provides multiple microphone positions for versatile sound shaping.
  • Delivers a highly dynamic and expressive playing experience.
  • Includes a range of sound customization options.


VSL Bosendorfer Imperial, as the name suggests, brings to you the sublime sound of the world-renowned Bosendorfer Imperial grand piano. This sampled plugin serves as the perfect tool for anyone looking to add a touch of luxury to their compositions.

The Boesendorfer Imperial is an iconic instrument with a rich history, and this plugin captures its unique sound with meticulous detail. You’ll find the deep bass, resonant mid-range, and crisp highs that this grand piano is known for, all beautifully encapsulated in this plugin.

One standout feature is the multiple microphone positions provided. This versatility allows you to shape your sound in numerous ways, catering to a variety of musical contexts and preferences.

The VSL Bosendorfer Imperial also delivers a highly dynamic and expressive playing experience. Whether you’re playing soft melodies or loud, dramatic chords, this plugin responds superbly to your touch.

Moreover, it offers a range of sound customization options, enabling you to tweak and tailor your sound to match your creative vision.

Final Thoughts:

With VSL Bosendorfer Imperial, you get to enjoy the rich and luxurious sound of the iconic Bosendorfer Imperial grand piano, right within your DAW. Let your compositions bask in the grandeur of this famous instrument. Try this plugin today!

Best Piano VST Plugins: VI Labs - Ravenscroft 275
(Image Credit: VI Labs)

VI Labs Ravenscroft 275

Experience the Ultimate in Digital Pianos


  • Software Type: Modelled Piano Plugin
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX, Standalone


  • Recreation of the exquisite Ravenscroft 275 Titanium Grand Piano.
  • Provides ultra-realistic playing experience with advanced scripting.
  • Detailed velocity response for high-end realism.
  • Impressive effects suite for further sound customization.


VI Labs Ravenscroft 275 is not just another piano plugin; it’s a digital recreation of one of the world’s most exclusive grand pianos. This modelled plugin is a sure way to breathe life into your compositions.

The Ravenscroft 275 Titanium Grand Piano is known for its remarkable richness and clarity, and this plugin does an outstanding job of capturing these characteristics. The result is an authentic and inspiring piano sound, ready to elevate any music project.

At the heart of VI Labs Ravenscroft 275’s outstanding realism is its advanced scripting. This gives you an ultra-realistic playing experience, carefully emulating the complex interactions of piano strings, undamped strings resonance, pedal noise, and more.

Moreover, its detailed velocity response caters to the dynamics of your playing, ensuring a high-end realism that makes your music truly come alive.

With an impressive effects suite on offer, you can further tweak and refine your sound, adding layers of depth and texture to suit your creative vision.

Final Thoughts:

Experience the supreme grandeur of the Ravenscroft 275 Titanium Grand Piano with VI Labs Ravenscroft 275. It’s time to break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary in your compositions. Try it out today!

Best Piano VST Plugins: VI Labs - True Keys Pianos Bundle
(Image Credit: VI Labs)

VI Labs True Keys Pianos Bundle

Ultimate Collection of Realistic Piano Sounds


  • Software Type: Single-String Piano Plugin
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX, Standalone


  • Highly Realistic Sound: Each piano is deeply sampled with meticulous detail, offering an authentic playing experience.
  • Three Iconic Pianos: Includes American, German, and Italian grand pianos, each with unique tonal characteristics.
  • Extensive Dynamic Range: Captures the full dynamic range of each piano, from delicate pianissimo to powerful fortissimo.
  • Flexible Controls: Offers a range of adjustable parameters, including pedal noise, sympathetic resonance, and room ambiance.
  • Efficient Performance: Optimized for low CPU usage while maintaining high sound quality.


The VI Labs True Keys Pianos Bundle is a comprehensive collection designed to bring the sound and feel of three iconic grand pianos to your virtual studio. This bundle includes the American, German, and Italian grands, each recorded with meticulous attention to detail to ensure an unparalleled level of realism and expressiveness. The deep sampling process captures every nuance of the pianos, providing an authentic playing experience that rivals the real instruments.

Each piano in the True Keys Pianos Bundle has its own distinct character and tonal quality. The American grand offers a bright and clear tone, ideal for modern and pop music. The German grand provides a rich, warm sound that is perfect for classical and jazz compositions. The Italian grand features a balanced tone with a touch of brightness, making it versatile for various genres. This diversity makes the bundle suitable for any musical context, ensuring that you have the right piano sound for every project.

In addition to their realistic sound, the pianos in this bundle offer a range of adjustable parameters to tailor the sound to your preference. You can adjust pedal noise, sympathetic resonance, and room ambiance to create the perfect piano sound for your mix. Despite the depth of sampling and realism, the True Keys Pianos Bundle is optimized for efficient performance, ensuring that you can enjoy these incredible sounds without taxing your computer’s resources.

Final Thoughts:

The VI Labs True Keys Pianos Bundle is a must-have for any serious pianist or music producer looking for realistic and versatile piano sounds. With its high-quality samples, extensive dynamic range, and flexible controls, this bundle provides an authentic and immersive piano playing experience. Whether you’re recording, performing, or composing, the True Keys Pianos Bundle delivers the ultimate in piano realism and expressiveness, making it an invaluable addition to your virtual instrument collection.

Best Piano VST Plugins: IK Multimedia - Pianoverse
(Image Credit: IK Multimedia)

IK Multimedia Pianoverse

Revolutionary AI-Powered Piano Experience


  • Software Type: AI-Powered Piano Instrument
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Utilizes AI technology to deliver highly realistic and expressive piano sounds.
  • Extensive library of piano models and customizable parameters.
  • Integrates seamlessly with various DAWs for versatile music production.


IK Multimedia’s Pianoverse leverages advanced AI technology to offer one of the most realistic and expressive piano experiences available in a virtual instrument. By using AI, Pianoverse can dynamically adjust to the player’s style and nuances, delivering an authentic and highly responsive performance that mimics playing a real piano.

Pianoverse includes an extensive library of meticulously sampled piano models, ranging from grand pianos to uprights and more unique instruments. Each model can be customized with a variety of parameters, such as string resonance, pedal noise, and hammer hardness, allowing users to tailor the sound to their specific needs and preferences.

The plugin integrates seamlessly with all major DAWs, making it a versatile tool for music producers, composers, and performers. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features provide a powerful platform for creating high-quality piano tracks, whether in a studio setting or live performance.

Final Thoughts:

IK Multimedia Pianoverse stands out with its innovative use of AI technology, providing an unparalleled level of realism and expressiveness in a virtual piano instrument. Its extensive library, customizable features, and seamless DAW integration make it a top choice for anyone looking to elevate their piano sound in music production.

Best Piano VST Plugins: E-Instruments - Session Keys Acoustic Bundle
(Image Credit: E-Instruments)

e-instruments Session Keys Acoustic Bundle

Comprehensive Piano Collection for Diverse Musical Styles


  • Software Type: Sample-based Piano Instrument
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • High-quality sample recordings from renowned pianos.
  • Dual sound engine for versatile sound shaping.
  • Smart chord functionality and animator feature for creative inspiration.


The Session Keys Acoustic Bundle by e-instruments offers a meticulously sampled collection of pianos, captured from some of the most esteemed instruments in the world. This bundle provides two main piano models: the Studio Grand and the Concert Grand, each recorded with multiple microphone positions and dynamic layers to ensure rich, expressive sound.

The dual sound engine allows for seamless blending of two different piano sounds, providing a unique and versatile palette for sound design. Additionally, the bundle includes innovative features like the Smart Chord and the Animator, which help generate complex piano phrases and chord progressions with ease. These tools are particularly useful for composers looking for inspiration or those who want to quickly sketch out ideas.

Final Thoughts:

The Session Keys Acoustic Bundle is a top-tier piano VST that combines high-quality samples with innovative features for sound shaping and composition. Its versatility and ease of use make it a powerful tool for both professional musicians and hobbyists looking to enhance their productions with authentic piano sounds.

Best Piano VST Plugins: Native Instruments - Alicia Keys
(Image Credit: Native Instruments)

Native Instruments Alicia’s Keys

Authentic Sound of Alicia Keys' Own Piano


  • Software Type: Sampled Piano Instrument
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Meticulously sampled from Alicia Keys' own Yamaha C3 Neo grand piano.
  • Provides a warm, soulful, and intimate sound suitable for various genres.
  • User-friendly interface with customizable settings for sound shaping.


Native Instruments Alicia’s Keys is a sampled piano instrument that captures the essence of Alicia Keys’ personal Yamaha C3 Neo grand piano. The plugin delivers a warm, intimate, and soulful sound that has become a signature in many of Alicia’s hit songs. This attention to detail ensures that users can recreate the rich, nuanced tones that are characteristic of her music.

The interface of Alicia’s Keys is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing musicians to easily adjust parameters such as reverb, velocity curve, and pedal noise. This flexibility makes it suitable for various musical genres, from pop and R&B to classical and jazz, providing a versatile tool for composers and producers.

Alicia’s Keys integrates seamlessly with all major DAWs, ensuring a smooth workflow for users. Its high-quality samples and intuitive controls make it a valuable addition to any music production setup, whether for recording, composing, or live performances.

Final Thoughts:

Native Instruments Alicia’s Keys offers an authentic and deeply expressive piano experience, perfectly capturing the unique sound of Alicia Keys’ own piano. Its ease of use and versatile sound make it an excellent choice for producers and musicians looking to add a touch of soul and warmth to their tracks.

Hybrid Piano VST Plugins:

Hybrid piano plugins combine both physical modeling and sample-based techniques. This hybrid approach provides the realism of sampled pianos with the flexibility and expressiveness of modeled pianos, offering a versatile solution for various musical needs.

Best Piano VST Plugins: Spectrasonics - Keyscape
(Image Credit: Spectrasonics)

Spectrasonics Keyscape

Explore the World’s Most Coveted Keyboards in One Plugin


  • Software Type: Multi-instrument keyboard collection
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Extensive library of meticulously sampled keyboards.
  • Detailed velocity response for realistic playability.
  • Rich customization options with powerful effects engine.
  • Excellent for a variety of music genres.


Step into the realm of legendary keyboards with Spectrasonics Keyscape. This virtual instrument plugin offers an extensive collection of meticulously sampled keyboards, from the grandest of pianos to the most obscure vintage synths.

Every instrument in Keyscape’s vast library has been captured with impeccable attention to detail. The result is a rich and authentic tone that captures the character and idiosyncrasies of the original instrument. The detailed velocity response enhances the playability, making each keyboard feel alive under your fingers.

But Keyscape isn’t just about emulating vintage keys. It also provides you with a rich array of customization options. Thanks to its powerful effects engine, you can shape and manipulate the sounds to create something truly unique.

Whether you’re composing jazz, pop, or electronic music, Spectrasonics Keyscape offers the perfect keyboard sound for your needs. Each instrument within its extensive collection brings its distinct flavor to your musical project.

Final Thoughts:

Spectrasonics Keyscape is more than a virtual instrument; it’s a journey through the history of keyboard instruments. With its stunningly authentic sounds and comprehensive selection, it offers limitless creative possibilities. Experience the joy of playing the world’s most coveted keyboards right from your studio with Spectrasonics Keyscape.

Best Piano VST Plugins: Arturia - Augmented GRAND PIANO
(Image Credit: Arturia)

Arturia Augmented GRAND PIANO

Blending Acoustic and Synthetic Piano Sounds


  • Software Type: Hybrid Piano Instrument
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Combines realistic grand piano samples with advanced synthesis techniques.
  • Offers a wide range of sound customization options for creative sound design.
  • Intuitive interface with macro controls for easy manipulation of complex sounds.


Arturia Augmented GRAND PIANO is a revolutionary hybrid piano instrument that merges the rich, detailed samples of an acoustic grand piano with cutting-edge synthesis techniques. This unique combination allows users to create both traditional piano sounds and innovative, otherworldly textures, expanding the possibilities for sound design and musical experimentation.

The plugin features an intuitive interface with macro controls that simplify the manipulation of complex sound parameters. Users can easily adjust various aspects of the sound, including reverb, modulation, and harmonic content, to craft their desired tone. This flexibility makes Augmented GRAND PIANO ideal for a wide range of genres, from classical and jazz to electronic and cinematic music.

Arturia’s advanced synthesis engine provides deep customization options, enabling users to blend acoustic piano samples with synthetic layers seamlessly. This capability allows for the creation of unique, expressive sounds that stand out in any mix, making it a valuable tool for composers, producers, and sound designers.

Final Thoughts:

Arturia Augmented GRAND PIANO offers a groundbreaking approach to piano sound design by combining acoustic and synthetic elements. Its versatility, ease of use, and innovative features make it a standout choice for those looking to push the boundaries of traditional piano sounds in their music production.

Virtual Piano Collections VST Plugins:

These plugins include a collection of different piano and keyboard instruments, providing a wide variety of sounds in one package. They are perfect for producers looking for a diverse range of piano tones and styles, from grand pianos to electric pianos and more.

Best Piano VST Plugins: Toontrack - Ezkeys 2
(Image Credit: Toontrack)

Toontrack Ezkeys 2

Your Gateway to Effortless Songwriting and Stellar Sounds


  • Software Type: Multi-instrument keyboard collection
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX, RTAS, Standalone


  • User-friendly interface for seamless music production.
  • Extensive MIDI library for instant inspiration.
  • High-quality sounds from world-class studios.
  • Songwriting tool with advanced chord progression features.


Welcome to Toontrack Ezkeys 2, a virtual instrument plugin that combines a user-friendly interface with stellar sounds to give you a comprehensive solution for your keyboard needs.

Ezkeys 2 is more than just a piano plugin. It houses an extensive MIDI library, brimming with professionally played piano patterns and sequences. This means you have a vast range of pre-made loops and progressions at your disposal, ready to kickstart your creative process.

The sound quality is equally impressive, with all sounds recorded in top-tier studios. Each note resonates with the authenticity of the original instrument, bringing an added layer of realism to your compositions.

Yet, the real charm of Ezkeys 2 lies in its songwriting capabilities. The smart transpose function and innovative chord wheel make it a breeze to craft and modify chord progressions, making it an invaluable tool for both novice and experienced composers.

Final Thoughts:

Toontrack Ezkeys 2 does more than just play back samples. It invites you into the world of music creation, providing the tools, sounds, and inspiration you need to craft your masterpiece. Whether you’re a seasoned composer or just starting, Ezkeys 2 is ready to elevate your songwriting journey.

Best Piano VST Plugins: NI - Noire
(Image Credit: NI)

NI Noire

Elevate Your Music with the Melancholic Charm of NI Noire


  • Software Type: Sample-Based Piano Plugin
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX, NKS


  • Grandeur of the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano, sampled at the legendary Funkhaus Berlin.
  • Two unique sound modes: Pure and Felt.
  • Integrated effects, such as the Particles Engine, providing creative impulse responses.
  • Extensive customization options, including EQ, reverb, and other effects.


Enter the world of mesmerizing piano tones with Native Instruments Noire. It’s the sophisticated blend of grandeur and intimacy that you’ve been looking for.

Native Instruments Noire captures the essence of the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano, sampled meticulously at the legendary Funkhaus Berlin. This offers you an unparalleled grand piano experience right at your fingertips.

Distinguishing Noire from its counterparts are two unique sound modes: Pure and Felt. The ‘Pure’ mode renders the bright and transparent tone of the CFX Concert Grand, while the ‘Felt’ mode presents a more soft and intimate character, perfect for melancholic tunes.

Making Noire more intriguing is its Particles Engine, providing creative impulse responses. This generates a cloud of small, tonal fragments from each note, adding a surreal dimension to your compositions.

Further, Noire offers extensive customization options. This includes tweaking the EQ, adding reverb, or manipulating the lid position and room mix. This versatility allows you to shape the sound to your liking and create unique sonic landscapes.

Final Thoughts:

Dive into the world of Native Instruments Noire, where the lines between grandeur and intimacy blur. Experience its rich, dynamic sound and elevate your music to new heights. Don’t let this gem slip away!

Best Piano VST Plugins: Arturia - Piano V
(Image Credit: Arturia)

Arturia Piano V3

A High-Quality Emulated Piano Plugin


  • Software Type: Modeled Piano Instrument
  • Platform - Supported formats: Mac/PC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Realistic piano sound through advanced physical modeling.
  • Wide range of piano types and customization options.
  • Lightweight on system resources compared to sample-based pianos.
  • Includes multi-mic positioning.


Step into the world of legendary pianos with Arturia Piano V3, a versatile plugin that offers not one, but nine world-class pianos for you to play with. This emulated piano plugin is an ideal choice for musicians looking to add a wide range of piano tones to their sonic palette.

Arturia Piano V stands out in the realm of piano VSTs because of its expansive sound selection. It offers nine different piano emulations, each with its own distinct character and feel. From the bright and clear sound of a Concert Grand to the warm resonance of an Upright piano, you can find a piano tone to match every musical mood and genre.

The plugin utilizes advanced physical modeling technology to capture the intricate acoustics of these pianos. This allows it to deliver incredibly realistic and organic piano sounds. You can even customize the properties of the piano, such as the string length and hardness, to further tweak the sound.

In addition, Arturia Piano V3 includes an extensive sound-shaping library, which you can use to adjust your piano’s tone and resonance. With this feature, you can make your virtual piano sound as if it’s in a bright concert hall or a dampened recording studio.

The plugin also includes multi-mic positioning, allowing you to emulate the sound of your piano being recorded from different angles and distances. This provides another layer of customization, letting you achieve the perfect piano tone for your track.

Final Thoughts:

Arturia Piano V3 is an excellent choice for musicians and producers seeking a highly customizable and realistic piano instrument. Its advanced modeling technology provides a unique blend of authenticity and flexibility, making it a valuable addition to any virtual instrument collection.

FAQ Buying Guide: The Best Piano VST Plugins

Choosing the right Piano VST is a journey in finding the balance between realism, versatility, and system performance. This guide aims to shed light on the specific intricacies of piano emulation and what producers might consider when diving into the vast world of Piano VSTs.

  • What distinguishes Piano VST Plugins from other instrument plugins?

    Piano VST plugins are meticulously designed to emulate the intricate timbres, harmonics, and dynamics of pianos. Unlike standard synth or instrument plugins, they reproduce the complexities of hammer strikes, string resonances, and pedal nuances to deliver a believable piano sound.

  • How crucial is multi-sampling in a Piano VST?

    Multi-sampling is vital. It ensures that every key at different velocities is individually sampled, capturing the unique tone of each note. This results in a more realistic and expressive performance, closely mirroring an actual piano’s behavior.

  • What are the differences between modeled and sampled Piano VSTs?

    Sampled pianos rely on recordings of real pianos, often delivering a more authentic sound. Modeled pianos, on the other hand, use algorithms to generate sound, allowing more customization but sometimes at the cost of absolute realism.

  • Why do some Piano VSTs offer multiple microphone positions?

    Different mic placements capture varied aspects of a piano’s sound, from the direct tones of close mics to the room’s ambience with distant ones. Multiple options allow users to craft a piano sound that fits perfectly in their mix.

  • How do sustain and sympathetic resonance contribute to a Piano VST's realism?

    These are intricate piano behaviors. Sustain is the prolonged sound when holding a note or pedal, while sympathetic resonance occurs when undamped strings resonate in harmony with played notes. Capturing these adds depth and realism to the VST’s sound.

  • How do Piano VSTs cater to classical versus pop/rock genres?

    Classical-focused VSTs might emphasize grand pianos with a wide dynamic range and detailed expression. In contrast, those tailored for pop/rock might offer brighter tones, upright pianos, or even electric pianos, suitable for denser mixes.

  • Are the inbuilt effects like reverb or EQ necessary for a Piano VST?

    While not essential for realism, onboard effects aid in shaping the piano sound without relying on external plugins. This can be especially handy for quickly adjusting the tone to fit a particular mix or genre.

  • What is the significance of pedal noise and key-off samples in Piano VSTs?

    These subtle sounds, like the thud of pedals or the slight sound when releasing a key, add an extra layer of realism, immersing the listener in the illusion of a live piano performance.

  • How does polyphony count affect a Piano VST?

    Polyphony determines how many notes can sound simultaneously. Especially when using the sustain pedal, multiple notes might overlap. A higher polyphony count ensures that no notes are prematurely cut off, preserving the richness of complex passages.

  • Why might some producers opt for lightweight Piano VSTs over comprehensive ones?

    While detailed Piano VSTs provide unparalleled realism, they often require significant memory and CPU. Lightweight versions, sacrificing some detail, are invaluable for composing or when system resources are limited, ensuring smooth performance.

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