23 Best Bass VST Plugins: Perfect Bassline Craft (2024)

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Explore the best Bass VST plugins of 2024 to bring unparalleled energy, depth, and dynamic “oomph” to your music tracks. In the universe of music production, the bass does more than just serve as a rhythmic and melodic anchor; it’s a powerhouse that vitalizes a track, imbuing it with richness and that coveted “oomph.” While the nuanced dynamics of a live bassist are irreplaceable, the demands of modern music production often call for tools that offer flexibility, efficiency, and a diverse palette of tones.

Bass VST plugins have become an indispensable part of every producer’s toolkit, providing a spectrum of sounds from the deepest sub-bass frequencies to punchy electric bass tones and even lifelike upright basses. With the right plugin, you can tailor your bass sound to fit any music style, from EDM to rock, jazz to pop, and beyond.

In this guide, we’ll delve deep into the world of bass VST plugins, reviewing the top picks of 2024. Whether you’re in search of analog emulations, sophisticated synthesis, or meticulously sampled instruments, you’re guaranteed to find the ideal plugin to enhance your low-end. So, strap in and prepare to explore the powerful domain of bass plugins!

Our Top Picks
  • Spectrasonics - Trillian
  • IK Multimedia - MODO Bass
  • Output - Substance
  • Best Service - Chris Hein Bass
  • Toontrack - EZBass
  • Rob Papen - SubBoomBass 2
  • Ample - Bass J III & P III
  • UJAM - Virtual Bassist Bundle 2
  • Heavyocity - Scoring Bass
  • Sugar Bytes - Cyclop
  • UAD Moog - Minimoog
  • Impact Soundworks - Shreddage 3 Abyss
  • Prominy - SR 5 Rock Bass 2
  • Ilya Efimov - Bass Bundle
  • Synapse Audio - The Legend
  • Vir2 - Basis
  • Diginoiz - Subdivine
  • Waves - Bass Fingers
  • Future Audio Workshop - SubLab XL
  • Softube - Monoment Bass
  • Kilohearts - Phase Plant
  • Softube - Model 72
  • U-He - Diva

Acoustic and Electric Bass Emulations:

Screenshot of Spectrasonics Trillian, a leading Bass VST plugin
(Image Credit: Spectrasonics)

Spectrasonics Trillian

Experience an All-in-one Bass Powerhouse


  • Software Type: Comprehensive bass module with acoustic, electric, and synth basses.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/ Mac -VST, AU, AAX


  • Ample library, over 60 GB of acoustic, electric, and synth bass sounds.
  • Seamless Omnisphere integration broadens the sound possibilities.
  • Extensive multisampling and round-robin sampling offer high-definition sounds.
  • Incorporates dynamic performance features for enhanced realistic playability.


Spectrasonics Trillian is more than just a Bass VST plugin; it’s a comprehensive solution that provides an expansive library of over 60 GB, including acoustic, electric, and synth bass sounds.

Trillian’s power lies within its meticulous details. Every note rendered sounds authentic and unique, thanks to its extensive multisampling and round-robin sampling techniques. Further, its dynamic performance features, including legato slides and staccato releases, add that extra bit of realism to your performances.

Notably, Trillian’s seamless integration with Spectrasonics’ flagship synth, Omnisphere, enables you to utilize Trillian’s sound library within Omnisphere. This integration opens the door to new dimensions of sound design possibilities.

Final Thoughts:

As a true bass powerhouse, Spectrasonics Trillian serves as more than just a plugin. It caters to a wide range of genres and styles, providing a comprehensive bass solution. Although it might appear a bit pricey, the sheer quality and variety of sounds it offers make it a worthy investment. Whether you’re a beginner seeking ready-to-use bass sounds or a seasoned producer on a quest for extensive sound-shaping options, Trillian is bound to leave you satisfied.

Best Bass VST Plugins: IK Multimedia - MODO Bass
(Image Credit: IK Multimedia)

IK Multimedia MODO BASS

Physical Modeling in a Whole New Avatar


  • Software Type: Physically modeled electric bass.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/ Mac - VST, AU, AAX


  • The first physically modeled bass virtual instrument.
  • Provides unparalleled realism and playability.
  • Extensive customization options with 14 iconic bass models.
  • Custom string number, action, and gauge settings.


IK Multimedia’s MODO BASS takes a different approach from most bass VST plugins. Instead of using samples, it uses physical modeling to create its sounds, providing a level of realism and playability that’s hard to beat. The plugin allows you to customize nearly every aspect of the bass, from the model and playing style to the string number, action, and even the gauge settings.

MODO BASS includes 14 different bass models based on iconic bass guitars, so you have a wide range of sounds to choose from. You can also adjust the signal path and add effects, and the playing style can be switched on the fly. This gives you an incredible amount of control over your sound.

Furthermore, MODO BASS offers a variety of articulations and playing techniques, such as palm muting, slides, and bends. This, along with the detailed customization options, gives you an almost limitless number of possible sounds.

Final Thoughts:

IK Multimedia’s MODO BASS is a game-changing plugin. It offers a level of realism and customization that you won’t find in sample-based plugins. If you’re a bass enthusiast looking for the ultimate in authenticity and control, MODO BASS is a superb choice. Its wide range of sounds and extensive tweakability make it well worth the investment. It’s more than a plugin—it’s like having a collection of legendary bass guitars and a world-class recording studio right at your fingertips.

Best Bass VST Plugins: Best Service - Chris Hein Bass
(Image Credit: Best Service)

Best Service Chris Hein Bass

Ultimate Detailed Bass Samples


  • Software Type: Detailed acoustic and electric bass samples.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/ Mac - VST, AU, AAX


  • Extensive 12.7 GB sample library covering various bass instruments.
  • Includes a detailed set of articulations for realistic performances.
  • Features an integrated MIDI player with over 1000 MIDI grooves.


Best Service’s Chris Hein Bass is a virtual instrument dedicated to the deepest of lows. With a massive 12.7 GB of content, this plugin covers a comprehensive range of bass instruments, including E-Bass, Acoustic & Electric Contrabass, and Electric Bass.

The real highlight of this plugin is its attention to detail. Chris Hein Bass comes with a set of 112 MIDI controllable features and articulations, such as legato, vibrato, slide, and more. This attention to detail allows you to create lifelike bass performances with incredible precision and realism.

The plugin also includes an integrated MIDI player loaded with over 1000 MIDI grooves. These grooves cover a wide range of styles and can be a quick source of inspiration or serve as a base for your tracks.

Final Thoughts:

The Chris Hein Bass plugin from Best Service offers an extremely detailed and versatile bass experience. With its exhaustive sample library, intricate control over articulations, and integrated MIDI player, it’s an excellent tool for any producer needing realistic bass sounds. The plugin might require a bit of a learning curve, but the reward is a highly customizable and detailed bass sound that can make a significant difference in your mix.

Best Bass VST Plugins: Toontrack - EZBass
(Image Credit: Toontrack)

Toontrack EZBass

The Ultimate Tool for Producing Pristine Bass Tracks


  • Software Type: Sampled electric and acoustic bass with songwriting tools.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/ Mac - VST, AU, AAX


  • AI-driven bassline generator, perfect for creating compelling bass tracks
  • Two meticulously sampled bass guitars — modern and vintage
  • Full range of customization options with different amps, effects, and playing styles
  • User-friendly interface, easy to navigate even for beginners


EZBass by Toontrack is a groundbreaking AI-based Bass plugin that takes your bass production to new heights. Available in VST, AU, and AAX formats for both PC and Mac, EZBass offers a balance of advanced features and usability.

The innovative software comes loaded with two meticulously sampled bass guitars — a modern and a vintage model — providing a versatile sonic palette for all genres. You can customize each bass with different amps, effects, and playing styles, meaning you can always craft the ideal bass sound for your production.

The plugin’s standout feature is undoubtedly its AI-driven bassline generator. Feed it any melody or rhythm, and it will generate a fitting bassline, a feature that can significantly speed up your workflow.

EZBass presents a comprehensive package that justifies its name. The AI technology, exceptional sound quality, and the flexibility it provides makes it a top choice for anyone looking to produce high-quality basslines efficiently.

Final Thoughts:

In summary, Toontrack’s EZBass is a fantastic tool for both beginners and advanced producers. It combines the sophistication of AI technology with an intuitive user interface, setting a high benchmark for any bass plugin. From the quality of the sound to the versatile features, EZBass warrants serious consideration from any producer aiming to incorporate rich and realistic bass tones in their tracks. The possibilities are endless with EZBass – the only limit is your imagination. Explore and let your creativity flourish.

Best Bass VST Plugins: Ample - Bass J III & P III
(image Credit: Ample)

Ample Bass J III & P III

Impeccable Emulation of Classic Bass Guitars for Your Productions


  • Software Type: Emulations of Fender Jazz Bass and Precision Bass.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/Mac - VST, AU, AAX


  • Delivers rich, authentic sound of classic Fender Jazz (J) and Precision (P) bass guitars.
  • Comprehensive library of samples with multiple articulations.
  • Features advanced scripting for seamless performance and customization.
  • Offers detailed string and fret buzz modeling for enhanced realism.


Step into the world of classic bass tones with Ample Bass J III & P III. As successors to the acclaimed Ample Bass series, these plugins expertly emulate the sound of two iconic bass guitars – the Fender Jazz (J) and Precision (P) basses. Whether you’re crafting a groovy bassline or laying down foundational rhythms, these tools deliver the authentic and rich tones you need.

What sets these plugins apart is their meticulously recorded samples, featuring multiple articulations that capture the subtleties of real bass performances. With advanced scripting, you can easily customize your bass tracks, controlling everything from playing techniques to nuances like fret noise and string buzz.

Ample Bass J III & P III continue the Ample Sound tradition of high-quality virtual instrument plugins. Their detailed modeling of the Fender Jazz and Precision bass guitars makes them a great addition to your plugin arsenal, regardless of your musical style or production needs.

Final Thoughts:

To sum it up, if you’re after the rich, timeless tones of Fender Jazz and Precision basses in your tracks, look no further than Ample Bass J III & P III. With detailed sound modeling, advanced scripting, and a vast library of realistic samples, these plugins are ready to take your basslines to the next level. Don’t let this opportunity slide – explore the sonic possibilities with Ample Bass J III & P III today!

Best Bass VST Plugins: UJAM - Virtual Bassist Bundle 2
(Image Credit: UJAM)

UJAM Virtual Bassist Bundle 2

Your Personal Session Bassist


  • Software Type: Range of bass sounds and styles.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Comprehensive library of realistic bass sounds and styles.
  • Intelligent groove engine for lifelike performances.
  • Perfect for those without extensive bass guitar skills.
  • Expandable sound packs allow for customizability and versatility.
  • Intuitive interface is perfect for beginners and professionals alike.


Final Thoughts:

If you’re seeking a reliable, high-quality virtual bass player that offers versatility, realism, and ease of use, then the UJAM Virtual Bassist Bundle 2 is an excellent choice. With its wide array of features and expandable sound packs, it’s a plugin that can grow with you as you explore new musical landscapes. Dive in and explore the rich, dynamic tones of the Virtual Bassist Bundle 2 today.

Best Bass VST Plugins: Impact Soundworks - Shreddage 3 Abyss
(Image Credit: Impact Soundworks)

Impact Soundworks Shreddage 3 Abyss

Dive Into Abyssal Depths with Ultra-Detailed Bass Tones!


  • Software Type: Bass Module focused on metal and rock bass tones.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Authentic bass guitar tones capturing the nuances of different playing styles.
  • Wide range of articulations ensuring dynamic and varied performances.
  • Built-in effects and deep customization for tonal perfection.
  • User-friendly interface that caters to both novices and seasoned professionals.


Impact Soundworks takes a deep dive into bass tones with their Shreddage 3 Abyss. Designed to provide an authentic and detailed bass guitar experience, this plugin caters to a wide range of genres, from rock to funk and everything in-between.

Shreddage 3 Abyss boasts a versatile range of playing styles, including fingered, picked, and even slap bass. Its range of articulations allows for nuanced and dynamic performances, ensuring your bass tracks feel alive and expressive. The onboard editing capabilities and effects give you the power to shape your tone to perfection, offering flexibility in both live performance and studio contexts.

Another notable feature is the plugin’s intuitive interface. It’s user-friendly and designed to ensure even newcomers to music production can get the best out of their bass sounds.

Final Thoughts:

Impact Soundworks Shreddage 3 Abyss isn’t just another bass VST. It’s a deep exploration of the bass guitar, promising authentic tones and playability. Its diverse offerings and top-tier sound quality make it a must-have for producers. Whether you’re just starting your music production journey or are a seasoned pro, Shreddage 3 Abyss is primed to elevate your low-end game.

Best Bass VST Plugins: Prominy - SR 5 Rock Bass 2
(Image Credit: Prominy)

Prominy SR 5 Rock Bass 2

Unleash The Power of Rock Bass Tones


  • Software Type: Sampled rock bass guitar.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Meticulously sampled five-string rock bass for authentic rock tones.
  • Offers multiple playing techniques: slap, fingered, picked, tapping, and more.
  • Built-in amp/cabinet simulations for the perfect rock sound.
  • Provides various articulations and dynamics for enhanced realism.


SR 5 Rock Bass 2 is tailor-made for rock enthusiasts and producers who crave that distinct rock bass punch. The plugin is a representation of a high-quality five-string bass specially sampled to capture the essence of rock music. Each note has been carefully recorded to retain the nuances of the real instrument.

A standout feature is its vast array of playing techniques. Whether you’re looking for the percussive sounds of slap bass or the melodic touch of fingered playing, SR 5 Rock Bass 2 delivers. Its built-in amp and cabinet simulators are top-notch, eliminating the need for external processing to achieve a classic rock sound.

Flexibility is a key factor here. The plugin allows for seamless transitions between various articulations and dynamics, giving the player an organic playing experience. The intuitive interface ensures even beginners can quickly craft the desired bass tone, while seasoned pros will appreciate the depth of customization on offer.

Final Thoughts:

SR 5 Rock Bass 2 is not just another bass plugin; it’s a dedicated rock powerhouse. Its unparalleled realism and focus on the rock genre make it an invaluable asset for rock productions. If you’re aiming to elevate your rock tracks with authentic, powerful bass tones, this plugin is an excellent choice.

Best Bass VSt Plugins: Ilya Efimov - Bass Bundle
(Image Credit: Ilya Efimov)

Ilya Efimov Bass Bundle

Authentic Bass Collection for Diverse Soundscapes


  • Software Type: Collection of various bass guitars.
  • Platform - Supported formats: VST, AU, AAX, Kontakt Player


  • Comprehensive collection spanning multiple bass instruments.
  • Provides both electric and acoustic bass samples.
  • Deep sampling for authentic playability and sound.
  • Built-in articulations and play styles for varying music genres.


The Ilya Efimov Bass Bundle is a comprehensive suite of bass instruments, capturing the essence of different basses for a wide range of music genres. If diversity in bass tones is what you’re after, this bundle surely won’t disappoint.

Every bass in this bundle is sampled with meticulous detail, ensuring the nuances and distinct tonal qualities of each instrument shine through. From the rich and mellow tones of an upright acoustic bass to the powerful and edgy sound of an electric rock bass, this bundle provides them all.

One of the standout features of the Ilya Efimov Bass Bundle is its extensive set of articulations and play styles. Whether you’re crafting a jazz, rock, funk, or pop track, there’s a playing style within this plugin that fits the bill. The interface is user-friendly, allowing for quick switches between different styles and tones, ensuring you get the right bass sound without breaking your creative flow.

Final Thoughts:

Ilya Efimov’s Bass Bundle is more than just a set of bass plugins; it’s a musical journey through the world of basses. It’s perfect for producers who are looking for a one-stop solution for all their bass needs. The attention to detail, combined with the range of tones and styles on offer, makes it a solid choice for anyone serious about their bass sounds.

Best Bass VST Plugins: Waves - Bass Fingers
(Image Credit: Waves)

Waves Bass Fingers

Unleash Authentic Fingerstyle Bass Grooves


  • Software Type: Sampled electric bass with fingered playing style.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • 12 detailed articulations and up to 5 velocity layers.
  • Over 8 GB of meticulously sampled sounds.
  • Dynamic articulation switching for lifelike performances.
  • Extensive effects and modulation options for shaping tones.


Waves, a trusted name in audio plugins, brings forward their rendition of the perfect bass instrument in ‘Bass Fingers’. For those craving a lifelike bass guitar sound, particularly of the fingerstyle technique, Bass Fingers emerges as an impressive solution.

The plugin’s strength lies in its depth of sampling. With 12 detailed articulations, ranging from open to muted sounds, and multiple velocity layers, Bass Fingers captures the subtleties and nuances of a live bassist. Every slap, pop, and slide feels real and tangible, lending an organic feel to digital productions.

Waves ensures users get the flexibility they need. The dynamic articulation switching ensures smooth transitions between different playing styles, maintaining a natural flow. On top of the realistic samples, users have access to an extensive effects rack, allowing for tailored sounds—from the vintage warmth of a tube amplifier to the crisp clarity of modern processing.

Final Thoughts:

With Waves Bass Fingers, producers get a tool that excels not just in realism but also in adaptability. It’s a must-have for those who don’t want to compromise on the authentic feel of a fingerstyle bass guitar. This plugin solidifies the fact that you don’t need to be a bassist to nail that perfect bass groove in your tracks.

Best Bass VST Plugins: Vir2 - Basis
(Image Credit: Vir2)

Vir2 Basis

our Deep Dive into Rich Bass Sounds


  • Software Type: Comprehensive bass module with various types of basses.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Comprehensive library spanning acoustic, electric, and synth basses.
  • Detailed multisampling ensures authentic sound reproduction.
  • Intuitive interface for swift sound sculpting and customization.
  • Integrated effects rack for enriching and tailoring your bass tones.


Enter the bass realm with Vir2 Basis, a dedicated bass module renowned for its robust sound library and intuitive design. Whether you’re laying down a groove for a jazz track with an upright bass or powering an EDM anthem with thick synth basslines, Basis has got you wrapped.

At the heart of Vir2 Basis is its impressive multisampling. Each instrument is captured with immaculate detail, providing producers with a rich and authentic sonic palette. This dedication to quality ensures that every note played resonates with clarity and depth, capturing the essence of the real instrument.

Navigating and tweaking sounds is a breeze with its user-friendly interface. With its integrated effects rack, you can mold and shape the perfect bass tone without ever leaving the plugin. From EQ and compression to chorus and reverb, everything is right at your fingertips.

Final Thoughts:

Vir2 Basis reaffirms the fact that when it comes to bass, having a dedicated and well-sampled library can be the difference between a good track and a great one. This plugin brings the depth, warmth, and versatility that every producer needs in their arsenal. Whether you’re a beginner eager to get started or a seasoned pro looking for the ultimate bass solution, Basis stands tall as a top contender.

Synthetic and Electronic Bass:

Best Bass VST Plugins: Output - Substance
(Image Credit: Output)

Output Substance

Hybrid Bass Creation Machine


  • Software Type: Hybrid bass instrument combining real and synthetic sources.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/ Mac - VST, AU, AAX


  • Blend up to three sources to create complex, unique bass sounds.
  • Advanced engine for layering sounds and creating distinctive tones.
  • Offers over 300 presets for quick inspiration.


Output Substance is a unique bass instrument that combines traditional bass sounds with a wide variety of unusual sound sources. It’s not just another bass plugin; it’s an instrument engineered for the modern producer, designed to inspire creativity and deliver serious sonic complexity.

The engine of Substance uses three layers for sound design. You can blend acoustic and electric basses, full live brass sections, huge polysynths, or any other element from its extensive sound library. This hybrid approach opens up a world of sound possibilities that goes far beyond traditional bass sounds.

Substance also comes packed with an assortment of effects, filters, and modulation options. This lets you shape and morph sounds to suit your mix. Plus, the built-in rhythm sequencer can add movement to your sounds, creating pulsating basslines or rhythmic textures.

With its blend of synthesized and organic sounds, Substance can produce an incredible array of tones. From dirty and gritty, to soft and melodic, it offers something for every musical style.

Final Thoughts:

Substance by Output is a truly innovative bass plugin that is perfect for the modern producer. It excels at creating complex, evolving sounds that are sure to add depth and character to your tracks. Whether you need a powerful EDM bass, a subtle underscore, or something entirely new, Substance offers unparalleled versatility and sound design capabilities. It’s a worthy investment for any producer looking to take their bass sounds to new heights.

Best Bass VST Plugins: Rob Papen - SubBoomBass 2
(Image Credit: Rob Papen)

Rob Papen SubBoomBass 2

A Powerhouse Synthesizer for Deep and Diverse Bass Tones


  • Software Type: Bass synthesizer with a focus on deep and sub frequencies.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/Mac - VST, AU, AAX


  • Versatile synth engine allows for a wide range of bass sounds
  • Extensive modulation options provide deep sound-shaping capabilities
  • Easy-to-use interface makes it accessible for beginners while offering depth for advanced users
  • Sequencer and arpeggiator can add movement and complexity to sounds
  • Effects section includes high-quality reverb, delay, chorus, and more


Rob Papen’s SubBoomBass 2 is a specialized bass synthesizer plugin that’s all about delivering powerful, deep, and cutting-edge bass sounds. It’s a significant upgrade over its predecessor, boasting an even more robust synth engine, a wealth of new features, and a redesigned interface that’s as functional as it is good looking.

At the heart of SubBoomBass 2, you’ll find two oscillators, each with a sub-oscillator. This setup provides an impressive range of tonal possibilities, allowing you to craft everything from fat, analog-style basses to futuristic, digital timbres. Plus, with up to 16-voice polyphony, you can even use SubBoomBass 2 for chordal parts and pads.

A standout feature of SubBoomBass 2 is its built-in sequencer and arpeggiator. These tools offer an intuitive way to add movement and complexity to your sounds, whether you’re creating pumping basslines for EDM tracks or atmospheric low-end textures for film scoring.

Finally, SubBoomBass 2 includes a comprehensive effects section with high-quality reverb, delay, chorus, and more. These effects can be used to further refine your sounds, adding depth, space, and character to your basses.

Final Thoughts:

Rob Papen’s SubBoomBass 2 manages to strike a fine balance between versatility and user-friendliness. It offers enough depth and complexity to satisfy experienced producers, yet its intuitive interface and feature set make it a great choice for beginners as well. If you’re looking to add some serious low-end power to your music, SubBoomBass 2 deserves your attention.

Best Bass VST Plugins: Heavyocity - Scoring Bass
(Image Credit: Heavyocity)

Heavyocity Scoring Bass

Intense Cinematic Lows


  • Software Type: Combines traditional bass sounds with synthetic elements for scoring.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, AU, AAX, Kontakt Full


  • Extensive library of intense and dramatic bass sounds, perfect for scoring applications
  • An innovative combination of traditional bass sounds and synthesized elements
  • Features three distinct modes: Notes, Loops, and Phrase Builder


When it comes to providing rich, cinematic low-end elements, Heavyocity Scoring Bass truly excels. This isn’t your everyday bass instrument; it’s specifically engineered for the creation of evocative cinematic scores. With a wide range of organic and synthesized sounds, Scoring Bass delivers a unique mixture of intensity and musicality that can’t be found in a typical bass VST plugin.

The plugin is divided into three distinct modes: Notes, Loops, and Phrase Builder. In the Notes mode, users can play and process a selection of natural bass sounds. The Loops mode offers a series of tempo-synced bass loops and the Phrase Builder mode provides a selection of rhythmic and melodic phrases to layer over your compositions.

Heavyocity Scoring Bass is perfect for composers looking for a tool to introduce serious depth and dynamism to their music. Its focus on cinematic scoring capabilities makes it a valuable addition to any music production arsenal, regardless of your genre.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking to add dramatic low-end elements to your compositions, Heavyocity Scoring Bass is worth the investment. Its comprehensive collection of sounds and innovative approach to bass design make it a standout choice in the realm of bass VST plugins. Turn your compositions into dramatic masterpieces with the robust and versatile Heavyocity Scoring Bass.

Best Bass VST Plugins: Sugar Bytes - Cyclop
(Image Credit: Sugar Bytes)

Sugar Bytes Cyclop

The One-Eyed Monster of Bass Synthesis


  • Software Type: Monophonic Bass Synth with a focus on wobble and dubstep basses.
  • Platform - Supported formats: Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Unique and powerful monophonic bass synth with a focus on wobble and dubstep bass sounds
  • Provides an array of cutting-edge modulation options
  • Features an intuitive interface and a wide array of effects for creative sound design


Sugar Bytes’ Cyclop is a bass synthesizer that stands out from the crowd. With a focus on monophonic bass sounds and cutting-edge modulation options, this unique plugin is the go-to tool for wobble and dubstep bass sounds.

One of Cyclop’s standout features is its intuitive interface, making it easy for users to explore the plugin’s wide array of sound design options. Whether you’re crafting complex modulation routings or tweaking the numerous on-board effects, Cyclop provides a fun and inspiring workflow.

Beyond its creative potential, Cyclop also impresses with its sonic capabilities. Its oscillators and filters are capable of producing a wide range of tones, from growling lows to squealing highs, making it a versatile tool for any genre that requires powerful bass sounds.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking for a bass synthesizer that offers something a bit different, Sugar Bytes Cyclop is definitely worth a look. Its combination of powerful sound design features and user-friendly interface makes it a compelling option for producers and musicians who want to push the boundaries of their bass sounds.

Best Bass VST Plugins: UAD Moog - Minimoog
(Image Credit: UAD Moog)

UAD Moog Minimoog

The Legacy of a Synth Legend in Your DAW


  • Software Type: Emulation of the classic Minimoog synthesizer, known for its bass sounds.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Emulates the legendary Moog Minimoog synth, renowned for its fat, rich bass sounds
  • Comes with an extensive preset library
  • Features a true-to-life interface that closely resembles the original hardware


The UAD Moog Minimoog is a faithful emulation of the legendary hardware synth that changed the world of music. Known for its fat, rich, and powerful bass sounds, the Minimoog set a standard for analog synthesizers in the ’70s and has been an influential piece of gear ever since.

This plugin perfectly recreates the original Minimoog’s interface, allowing you to tweak and shape your sounds just like you would with the hardware. However, unlike the original, this plugin version is polyphonic, which expands the Minimoog’s sonic capabilities and flexibility.

Moreover, the UAD Moog Minimoog comes with an extensive preset library, providing a plethora of sounds to start with and customize. Whether you want a classic bass sound or a spacey lead, this plugin has got you covered.

Final Thoughts:

The UAD Moog Minimoog is not just a plugin; it’s a piece of music history in your DAW. It offers the timeless sound of the original Minimoog with the added convenience and flexibility of a plugin. For those seeking that classic, analog synth sound, the UAD Moog Minimoog is a must-have.

Best Bass VST Plugins: Synapse Audio - The Legend
(Image Credit: Synapse Audio)

Synapse Audio The Legend

Emulating a Synth Legend with Precision and Clarity


  • Software Type: Emulation of the Minimoog, known for its iconic bass sounds.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Faithful emulation of the iconic Minimoog Model D.
  • Rich analog sound with exceptional detail and warmth.
  • Expanded feature set offering modern amenities like polyphony and built-in effects.
  • A user-friendly interface that both novices and seasoned producers will appreciate.


Synapse Audio’s “The Legend” is not just a name—it’s a testament to the prowess of this plugin in emulating one of the most iconic synthesizers in history, the Minimoog Model D. While there are many Minimoog emulations out there, “The Legend” stands out, owing to its precision, richness, and added modern functionalities.

At its core, “The Legend” reproduces the Minimoog’s signature warmth and fatness. Every knob, switch, and control of the original has been meticulously modeled, resulting in a sonic experience that’s indistinguishable from the real thing. But Synapse Audio didn’t stop at mere emulation. They took it further by introducing polyphony, onboard effects, and additional modulation options—features that make this plugin adaptable to today’s music production demands.

Whether you’re crafting soaring leads, punchy basses, or atmospheric pads, “The Legend” delivers with authenticity. The intuitive interface is straightforward, ensuring that you spend less time tinkering and more time creating.

Final Thoughts:

For those yearning for the classic Minimoog sound but desiring the convenience and flexibility of a plugin, Synapse Audio’s “The Legend” is a dream come true. It beautifully bridges the past and present, giving you an iconic synth sound while fitting seamlessly into a modern production workflow. If legendary sound with modern amenities is what you seek, this plugin is hard to overlook.

Best Bass VST Plugins: Diginoiz - Subdivine
(Image Credit: Diginoiz)

Diginoiz Subdivine

Dive into the Depths of Sub-bass Excellence


  • Software Type: Sub-bass Synth focused on deep sub-bass sounds.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Tailored for the creation of deep, powerful sub-bass.
  • Houses a collection of 808s and sub-bass samples.
  • Versatile ADSR settings for shaping your sound dynamics.
  • Seamless integration and compatibility with major DAWs.


When it comes to defining the low-end of your track, Diginoiz Subdivine takes center stage. Created specifically for those booming 808s and deep sub-bass frequencies, Subdivine is a potent tool for hip-hop, trap, EDM, and any genre demanding profound bass presence.

Subdivine isn’t just a regular bass plugin; it’s a meticulously curated library of some of the most iconic 808s and unique sub-bass sounds. These aren’t just mere samples; they are sonically rich and can be molded to fit any mix.

Flexibility remains a core feature. With its intuitive interface, producers can effortlessly modify the ADSR settings, ensuring the sub-bass hits just when you want it to and with the desired intensity. Whether you want it to be the main attraction or just provide that under-layer warmth, Subdivine provides the controls to make it happen.

Final Thoughts:

In modern music production, getting the low-end right is paramount. Diginoiz Subdivine ensures you never falter on that front. With its vast library and customizable settings, it’s more than just a plugin—it’s a sub-bass sanctuary. For those serious about their bass game, overlooking Subdivine would be a missed beat.

Best Bass VST Plugins: Future Audio Workshop - SubLab XL
(Image Credit: Future Audio Workshop)

Future Audio Workshop SubLab XL

Crafting Deep, Resonating Subs Like Never Before


  • Software Type: Sub Bass Synth focused on 808s and sub-bass synthesis.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • A dedicated platform for creating rich and punchy sub-bass sounds.
  • Combines synthesis, sampling, and spectral oscillation into one cohesive system.
  • Features a unique X-Sub™ engine for generating subharmonics.
  • Comes with an expansive factory library and presets designed by leading producers.


Future Audio Workshop’s SubLab XL is not just another bass synthesizer; it’s a tool specifically crafted for those bottom-end frequencies that form the backbone of many contemporary genres. From hip-hop to techno, the demand for deep, punchy subs is undeniable, and SubLab XL aims to make the process of crafting these sounds as intuitive as possible.

At the heart of SubLab XL lies its unique synthesis system, which beautifully marries synthesis, sampling, and spectral oscillation. This allows users to pull from the best aspects of each method, ensuring a broad palette of tones and textures. The X-Sub™ engine is particularly noteworthy. It generates subharmonics that can give your subs an extra layer of depth and richness.

In addition to its impressive synthesis capabilities, SubLab XL boasts an array of presets designed by industry professionals. Whether you’re starting a track from scratch or looking to elevate an existing mix with some hefty subs, the presets provide a quick yet effective starting point.

Final Thoughts:

For producers in search of the perfect sub-bass, Future Audio Workshop’s SubLab XL presents a compelling case. Its focused approach, combining multiple sound generation methods, ensures that you get the depth, punch, and clarity you desire. When it comes to subs, few plugins offer the same level of dedicated functionality and quality as SubLab XL.

Best Bass VST Plugins: Softube - Monoment Bass
(Image Credit: Softube)

Softube Monoment Bass

Superior Low-End Production for Contemporary Music


  • Software Type: Modern bass synth with a focus on high-quality sound.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • Crafted from top-tier source materials for the best bass tones.
  • Features modern and vintage sound processing capabilities.
  • Dynamic response with realistic string, noise, and resonance modeling.
  • High-definition spatialization tools for wide, full-sounding basses.


Softube’s Monoment Bass is a tool designed for music producers looking to get a professionally-mixed sound right out of the box. Known for its pristine quality and detailed response, Monoment Bass offers sounds that are both versatile and of the highest production value.

One standout feature of Monoment Bass is its foundation in top-tier source materials. Softube meticulously recorded boutique, vintage, and modern equipment to ensure that the plugin’s tones and textures are nothing short of premium. Whether you’re after the warmth of a vintage synth or the clarity of modern processing, Monoment has you covered.

Beyond its exceptional sounds, the interface and functionality are truly user-friendly. Dynamic response controls allow for detailed adjustments, simulating everything from string buzz to resonance, and providing a realistic playing experience. Moreover, the spatialization features ensure that your bass will stand out in the mix, offering both depth and width to your tracks.

Final Thoughts:

With Monoment Bass, Softube has yet again proven their dedication to quality and usability. For producers aiming for a professional-grade bass sound with minimal fuss, Monoment offers a solution that’s both easy to use and sonically outstanding. It’s a must-have tool for anyone serious about their low-end production.

Best Bass VST Plugins Kilohearts - Phase Plant
(Image Credit: Kilohearts)

Kilohearts Phase Plant

The Next Generation Synthesis Powerhouse


  • Software Type: Versatile semi-modular Synth with capabilities for bass sounds.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • Craft deep, resonating basses with its modular design.
  • Combine analog, wavetable, sampler, and noise generators for rich, layered basses.
  • Visual modulation system for dynamic, movement-filled bass sounds.
  • Take advantage of Kilohearts Snapin effects for further bass processing and sculpting.


Kilohearts Phase Plant isn’t just any synthesizer; it’s a bass sound designer’s dream. With a plethora of synthesis methods at your fingertips, you can craft everything from deep sub-basses to growling mid-range basses with ease.

The combination of analog oscillators, wavetables, samplers, and noise generators ensures a broad sonic palette, perfect for laying down the foundation of any track. Design a pulsating EDM bass, a warm and round jazz upright sound, or even the gritty resonance of an old school hip-hop sub.

Its visual modulation system is perfectly suited for bass sounds, allowing you to give life and movement to your tones, ensuring they cut through the mix and engage listeners. Plus, the inclusion of Kilohearts Snapin effects means you can distort, compress, EQ, and further mold your bass into perfection without ever leaving the Phase Plant interface.

Final Thoughts:

For those seeking a versatile tool to craft bass sounds that truly stand out, Kilohearts Phase Plant is an invaluable asset. Its design, flexibility, and integration with top-tier effects make it not just a synthesizer, but a comprehensive bass workstation. Whether you’re a bass enthusiast or a professional sound designer, Phase Plant offers everything you need to dive deep into the world of bass synthesis.

Best Bass VST Plugins: Softube - Model 72
(Image Credit: Softube)

Softube Model 72

Vintage Analog Bass Synth Reimagined


  • Software Type: Emulation of a classic monophonic synthesizer known for bass sounds.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • Faithful recreation of a classic 70s analog mono synth, known for deep and rich bass sounds.
  • Intuitive interface for easy crafting and tweaking of bass sounds.
  • Time-proven oscillator design for authentic analog warmth and depth.
  • Incorporated effects and advanced features to further enrich and evolve your bass tones.


The Softube Model 72 is a nod to the legendary synthesizers of the 1970s, capturing the essence and character of a bygone era while providing modern convenience and integration. For bass enthusiasts, the Model 72 delivers deep, warm, and punchy bass tones reminiscent of classic analog tracks.

This plugin stands out due to its authentic sound, thanks to Softube’s meticulous modeling of the original hardware’s circuits. Whether you’re chasing the punchy mid-range of a funky bass groove or the sub-heavy resonance of a droning bass pad, Model 72 has the tools and authenticity to achieve it.

Beyond its core synth engine, the Model 72 boasts an array of integrated effects and features, allowing users to shape and mold their bass sounds to perfection. The true-to-life resonant filter and classic modulation options give ample room to craft bass sounds that are both vintage and fresh.

Final Thoughts:

For producers and sound designers aiming to capture the magic of vintage analog bass in a modern digital environment, the Softube Model 72 is a must-have. Its dedication to authenticity, paired with contemporary features, makes it an invaluable tool for bass production across genres. Step into the golden age of synthesizers and let the Model 72 redefine your bass game.

Best Bass VST Plugins: U-He - Diva
(Image Credit: U-He)

U-He Diva

The Analog Diva of Digital Synths


  • Software Type: Analog-style synthesizer with capabilities for rich bass tones.
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • Exceptionally detailed emulation of classic analog synthesizers.
  • Offers a variety of modules inspired by legendary hardware, giving flexibility in sound design.
  • Renowned for its warm, rich, and authentic analog sound.
  • Efficient on CPU, without compromising on sound quality.


U-He’s Diva stands as one of the most revered soft synths in the digital domain, known primarily for its uncanny ability to mimic the warmth and depth of vintage analog synthesizers. Aptly titled “Diva,” this virtual beast is particular about delivering only the most authentic and pristine sound, often indistinguishable from the real analog gear it emulates.

Diva’s power lies in its modularity. Users can mix and match oscillators, filters, and envelopes from various iconic synths, essentially creating their hybrid super-synth. While Diva can produce an array of sounds, from lush pads to piercing leads, it shines exceptionally bright when crafting deep and warm bass sounds. Every nuance, from the subtle drift in oscillator tuning to the saturation of the filters, has been meticulously modeled to recreate the analog magic in the digital realm.

Final Thoughts:

Diva by U-He isn’t just another virtual analog synth. It’s a tribute to the giants of yesteryears, serving their iconic sounds on a silver platter to the modern producer. For bass sounds that breathe with warmth, character, and life, Diva remains a top-tier choice, setting benchmarks in virtual analog synthesis. Whether you’re an analog purist or a digital native, Diva promises to be a cornerstone in your sound arsenal.

FAQ Buying Guide: Best Bass VST Plugins

With bass being such a pivotal element in numerous music genres, choosing the right Bass VST is crucial. This guide aims to answer the bass-specific nuances a producer might ponder when selecting their perfect plugin.

  • What is a Bass VST Plugin?

    A Bass VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugin is a digital tool that replicates the sound of bass instruments or generates unique bass tones. These plugins can emulate the sounds of classic analog bass synthesizers, traditional acoustic bass, electric bass guitars, or even create completely new bass sounds.

  • Why do I need a dedicated Bass VST?

    Dedicated bass VSTs are specifically designed to provide the depth, warmth, and punch required for bass sounds. They often come with specialized features and presets to enhance and shape the low-frequency content of your tracks, ensuring that your bass stands out and provides a strong foundation for your music.

  • Analog emulation vs. Digital synthesis: Which is better for bass sounds?

    Analog emulation: These VSTs are designed to mimic the sound of vintage analog synthesizers. They often provide a warm, rich tone ideal for various music genres.

    Digital synthesis: Digital bass VSTs use algorithms to generate sounds and can create a vast range of tones, from classic to futuristic. They might offer more versatility but can sometimes lack the organic warmth of analog emulations.

    Your choice depends on the genre you’re working in and the specific sound you’re after.

  • Can a Bass VST replace a real bass instrument?

    While many bass VSTs come close to replicating the sound and feel of a real bass, there’s a unique character and nuance to live instruments. However, in a mix, especially in electronic genres, it can be challenging to distinguish between a well-programmed VST and a live recording.

  • How do Bass VSTs compare to Bass ROMplers?

    VST synthesizers generate bass sounds through synthesis, allowing for deep sound design capabilities. In contrast, ROMplers play back pre-recorded audio samples, often providing a more realistic emulation of acoustic and electric bass instruments but with less sound design flexibility.

  • How important is post-processing after using a Bass VST?

    Post-processing, such as EQ, compression, and saturation, can help shape and enhance your bass sound, making it fit better in a mix. While some bass VSTs offer built-in effects, external processing can further refine the tone.

  • What's the significance of mono vs. polyphonic modes in Bass VSTs?

    While many instruments benefit from polyphony, bass often requires mono playback to prevent muddiness. However, some modern genres use polyphonic bass for chords or layered sounds, making this feature a valuable tool for some producers.

  • Why are oscillator shapes and configurations important in Bass VSTs?

    The shape and configuration of oscillators directly influence the texture of the bass tone. For instance, sine waves provide a soft, rounded bass, while sawtooth waves offer a buzzier, more aggressive tone. A versatile Bass VST will allow for multiple oscillator configurations to sculpt the desired tone.

  • Can I achieve slap, pop, and fret noise characteristics with a Bass VST?

    Yes, many advanced Bass VSTs offer these specific articulations, making them essential for producers aiming for a realistic electric bass guitar emulation.

  • Why are sub-frequencies vital in electronic music bass plugins?

    In genres like trap, hip-hop, or EDM, the sub-bass frequencies (typically below 60Hz) provide a palpable rumble felt in club systems. Bass VSTs catering to these genres often emphasize these sub-frequencies.

  • How do Bass VSTs handle the balance between clarity and warmth?

    A good Bass VST will allow users to sculpt the sound to either stand out prominently in a mix or blend seamlessly, providing warmth without overpowering other elements.

  • Do Bass VSTs often come with onboard effects?

    Many do, especially those tailored for electronic genres. Onboard effects like distortion, saturation, or modulation can drastically alter the bass’s character, making the VST more versatile.

  • How does glide/portamento function enhance Bass VSTs?

    Glide or portamento creates a sliding effect between notes, a popular technique in many genres for bass lines. It adds expressiveness and can transform a simple bass sequence into a more dynamic melody.

  • What's the relevance of sidechain compatibility in Bass VSTs?

    In many music styles, especially dance music, bass sounds are side-chained to the kick drum, creating a rhythmic “pumping” effect. Bass VSTs that can accommodate this technique either internally or seamlessly within a DAW become invaluable for producers in these genres.

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