Bass VST Plugins: Best Guitars & Synths of 2020 [GUIDE]

Last updated on January 1, 2020
by Jay Von K

Let me take a wild guess...

Best Bass VST PluginsYou're not sure which Bass VST Plugin to use in your recording productions!

How do I know?

Because there are just too many options to choose from...

Sounds familiar?

Well, the low-end is a make or break for your mixes, and choosing the right bass will get your groove going.

Want to know the best part?

We have compiled a list of the most versatile, powerful, and clean bass plugins you will ever need!

It's not a question of quality anymore, but flavor!

10 Best Bass VST Plugins

01. Rob Papen SubBoomBass 2

"The successor of the legendary SubBoomBass!"

Rob Papen Subboombass 2


Here’s the deal.

When it comes to matters GREAT bass synths, Rob Papen needs no introduction.

If anything, most of their releases have made it to the favorites list of many electronic music producers.

SubBoomBass 2 by Rob Papen

So, yes!

Versatility has been one of their strengths though SubBoomBass 2 is optimized to deliver a deeper low-end pitch.

With this synth, you have high quality presets which manifest Rob Papen’s depth and power.

SubBoomBass Presets

You can efficiently utilize them not only for popular genres such as RnB or Hip-Hop but other electronic music styles too.

Rob Papen SubBoomBass 2 comes with more than a dozen waveforms obtained directly from pitched down samples of specific instruments.

And guess what?

It also features a distortion stage, amplifier section, and two filters with various specifications.

It leaves nothing to chance with a step sequencer, free modulation section, and an effects unit.

SubBoomBass 2 Step Sequencer

If you find everything congested, you only have to switch the Easy Edit Mode to reduce the number of active controls.

This concept provides for quicker adjustments and speeds the workflow.

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02. NI Massive

"The synth that defined bass music."

Native Instruments Massive


Looking for a workhorse for anything synth related?

Massive by Native Instruments is a sure bet.


Drawing attention by its complex yet spectacular polyphonic functionality, this plugin is optimized for boundless creativity.

If anything, it comes equipped with adequate controls and variations to allow the creation of unlimited unique sounds without running out of ideas.

The NI Massive offers many wave tones, with each having an independent oscillator for processing and modification.

Massive Gallery

To add to this, you get an assortment of filter types, effects, macro controls, sequencing, and voicing regulators all working together harmoniously.

And it comes with GREAT presets too.

If you’ve never paid any attention to hybrid synths, you will be surprised how Massive creates excellent synth basses.

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03. Loopmasters Bass Master

Loopmasters Bass Master


If you are looking for an inspiring weighty bass tone, Loopmasters’ Bass Master Synth plugin is worth considering.

At its core is a pair of oscillators offering over 200 waveforms powered by both classic and modern bass sources.

Bassmaster by Loopmasters

It also features up to 350 presets with parameters ready-mapped to the three-slot mod wheel matrix.

On matters enhancing sound design possibilities, it offers up to 13 filter types, filter envelope, and LFO.

And you can amplify your sound with effects such as distortion, stereo chorus, and more.

If that isn’t enough, you can count on the three-band Frequency Booster for sonic shaping.

In reality, the number of customization elements and control are probably more than you can ask.

All said and done, and regardless of music genre you are into, Bass Masters’ incredible sound production resources actualize speaker-shaking tones in no time.

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04. Arturia Minimoog V

"Technology meets History."

Minimoog V by Arturia


If you have not tried Arturia’s virtual studio suite, the moment you do, you’ll probably be surprised why you didn’t notice it earlier.

The Minimoog V is a product of Arturia’s focus on emulating classic hardware instruments.


You are probably wondering what makes this plugin tick. Arturia Minimoog V features an advanced modulator that makes it possible to deduce shapes and control parameters.

Better yet, it has a vocal filter that boosts sonic possibilities thanks to a formant-analysis based effect.

So you can have the synth do the talking without much ado.

A modulation matrix is included dramatically improving on the original design and doing away with its limitations.

Can’t possibly tell it all with pure explanations, so you can as well stick your guns to it

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05. IK Multimedia MODO BASS

"The Producer’s dream bass."

IK Multimedia MODO BASS


If you are a fun of electric bass guitars, the IK Multimedia MODO BASS could be an excellent go-to plugin.

Although it’s not sample-based, as the premier physically modeled virtual bass instrument, it promises realism at a notch higher.

Modobass Playstyle

Why do we say this?

Not only does it provide multiple electric bass guitar sound options, but it also permits further tweaking of tone, character, and performance.

Make no mistake about it because thanks to its physical modeling technology, you get total control over the sound.

Besides, it features the electronic section from where users can switch pickups and manage their position and tone.

Modobass Amp FX

Similarly, it includes a performance mapping technique that allows the user to outline almost every aspect, including slides, vibrato, slaps, bends, and so much more.

Still not convinced?

You also have various playing styles.

So yes!

You can easily switch from finger to pick or slap.

At the same time, you have control over slide noise, detach noise, and so on.

In short, MODO BASS delivers the realism, credibility, and authenticity expected of a reliable computer-based bass player.

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06. Ample Bass J III & P III

Ample Bass JIII & PIII


The Ample Sound suits anyone looking for heavy bass tones in their tracks.

Ample Bass P III:

Ample Bass PIII

The Ample PIII offers over 3.6 GB of sound sufficient to allow the creation of an incredible range of realistic bass sounds.

As an imitation of the Fender precision, it offers just the right mix of velocities giving enough provision for creativity.

Though it features only four strings, it should suffice.

Ample Bass J III:

Ample Bass JIII

Isn't it refreshing to relive the good old disco memories from years ago?

It turns out that precisely what the Ample Bass JIII delivers.

It emulates that fretless sound with a natural enthusiasm with plenty of options for legato.

Talk about Sustain, Palm Mute, Natural Harmonic, Hammer On, Legato Slide, Pop, Slap, Tap, and more, ABJ offers it all.

In any case, this plugin comes with a 3GB sample library and more than ten bass articulations.

All these can be used to create legato notes of different durations, pitch, and polyphony.

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07. Orange Tree Samples The Big Bottom Bundle

"Ultimate Bass Bundle."

Orange Tree Samples Big Bottom Bundle


Imagine the ultimate bass package that includes acoustic bass, fretted, and fretless electric basses.

Yes, with Orange Tree Samples, you got it all.

No doubt about it, the Orange Team bundle is an excellent acquisition given the following;

Evolution Rick:

Orange Tree Samples Evolution Rick 12

As simple as it may be, Evolution Rick comes close to taking after a Fender Precision fired up for common use.

The point is that it has no particular guitar emulation but offers deep bass tones.

And that’s not all because it has a smooth dynamic range that alone makes the whole package worth having.

Cherry Electric Bass:

Cherry Electric Bass

With this, you’ll have about 2.5 GB of samples from a 5-string though unspecified bass guitar.

It’s more of a line-in recording of an incredible bass guitar model.

Though inclined more to rock and metal music, the availability of lighter settings means it could work pretty well with most genres.

Corebass Pear:

CoreBass Pear

Looking for upright bass tones suitable for jazz and classic rock recordings, cinematic mixes, and the likes?

If yes, perhaps your search will end with the Corebass Pear.

Offering a fretless edge anchored by a fretless slide technology very much like synths- the feature facilitates achievement of GREAT sounds fitting needs as mentioned above.

Iconic Bass: Jaco

Iconic Bass Jaco

Any producer/composer would appreciate the genius behind the Iconic Bass.

Mainly, if you fancy the iconic and unique playing style of Jaco Pastorius, you’ll find your match with this plugin.

Talk about harmonics, vibratos, slides, and notes; it’s all covered and perfectly.

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08. NI Scarbee Bass


Scarbee Bass


For starters, Native Instruments' plugins rarely disappoint.

The Scarbee library offers nothing less than an acceptable depth of quality.

Rickenbacker Bass:


Rickerbacker Bass

Are you searching for an ideal product to add some aggression to your mix?

The Rickenbacker Bass offers mid-range as well as punchy low pitch ideal for playing with rock accompaniments.

After all, it comes with its own amp and string set, making it easy to produce sound suitable for distortion in the DAW.




If you can’t have enough of Fender J emulations, the presence of this should be enough attraction to NI Scarbee.

Jay Bass offers some jazz slapping and finger sounds that can add that funky feel to your tracks.

And what else, you have pickup positions and sets of various playing techniques.




Another fantastic Fender P bass emulation, this product extends the usefulness of virtual bass.

Picture a chill-sounding bass with a little pop-urban touch, and Pre bass is pretty much it.

Here’s the kicker!

Pre bass features sets of self-playing styles and a vast sample library capable of playing anything from calm to slightly aggressive sounds.




Topping off the impressive Scarbee library, MM offers ample sound frequencies to fine-tune tracks as required.

Wait a minute, with its legato styles and thick sound nothing stops its usefulness for acoustic, jazz, and metal music.

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09. Output Substance


Output Substance


In the simplest terms, Output substance is a new classification of bass that pushes typical low-end boundaries.

Substance Bass Engine

Unlike most bass plugins, the focus here is about creating new unique sounds and not mere emulations.

But how?

It blends profoundly processed electric and acoustic basses, complete and live brass sections, huge polysynths, analog synths, GREAT sound designs, and more into single patches.

Output Substance Editor

And that’s not all. Output has a powerful 3-layer engine, and over 300 presets, which makes working on sounds a breeze.

Beyond that, it has an intuitive preset menu with features such as smart tagging, Layer FX, Global FX, and macro slider, which facilitates fuss-free playing.

Most of all, it features complete effects control, Monophonic and Legato modes per layer, Rhythm page that syncs to tempo, and an advanced arpeggiator.

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10. Spectrasonics Trillian


Spectrasonics Trilian


Spectrasonic’s eye for excellence is well exhibited in this combination bass.

Trillian is comprehensively designed to combine many different kinds of bass into one amazing versatile virtual instrument.

Trilian Patch Browser

Let's get into the core.

Trillian is powered by next-gen Steam Engine Technology.

And it packs a 34GB sample library that includes electric, acoustic, and synth basses into one sound bundle.

Achieving expressive real-time performance of combined instruments can never be any easier.

Unlike Trilogy that came before it, here you have a beautiful staccato option, automatic legato, round-robin variations, dynamic slides, DI mixing, live and stack modes, among other editing features.

Trilian Total Bass

But perhaps the greatest strength of Spectrasonics Trillian is the high level of detail in the sampling.

Moreover, it’s the first product of the kind to integrate with Spectrasonics flagship Omnisphere ®synth, essentially providing an additional allowance for sound design.

All in all, Trillian packs everything one may need to bring dynamism in their tracks.

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