7 Best Strings VST Plugins: Violins to Sections (2024)

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The power of string instruments in shaping the emotional tone of a piece of music is irrefutable. From the rich, full-bodied resonance of a cello to the haunting beauty of a violin’s tremolo, the versatility and expressiveness of strings make them a staple in any composer or producer’s sonic palette. This guide presents the best string VST plugins available in 2024, handpicked for their exceptional quality, realism, and expressiveness.

Whether you’re a composer looking for a comprehensive string library for your next orchestral score, a producer seeking distinctive string textures to enhance your tracks, or a solo musician in need of a realistic string accompaniment, you’ll find something to suit your needs. The VSTs reviewed in this guide offer a variety of features, from deeply sampled instrument libraries to innovative synthesis-based string sounds, catering to both traditional and experimental music genres.

We’ll follow each plugin with an in-depth review, detailing their specifications, benefits, and providing an overview of their features. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of what each plugin offers, aiding you in making an informed decision that aligns with your creative needs and budget.

Explore the sonic possibilities these top-tier string VST plugins bring to your productions. Let’s begin our journey into the vibrant, expressive world of virtual string instruments!

Our Top Picks
  • Output - Analog Strings
  • Best Service - Chris Hein Solo Strings
  • Musical Sampling - Soaring Strings
  • Heavyocity - NOVO Modern Strings
  • Best Service TO - Strings of Winter
  • Big Fish - Vintage Strings
  • VSL Vienna Instruments: Strings Complete

The Best Strings VST Plugins:

Best Strings VST Plugins: Output - Analog Strings
(Image Credit: Output)

Output Analog Strings

Captivating Hybrid String Sounds For Modern Productions


  • Software Type: Hybrid String Synthesizer
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Extensive sound shaping options with built-in effects, filters, and modulation.
  • Combine and mix two string sources for unique textures.
  • Arpeggiator and loop sequencer for rhythmically complex patterns.


Output’s Analog Strings is a modern take on stringed instruments, creating a unique blend of real strings and analog synth tones for unmatched expressiveness and variety. It is designed to cater to music producers, sound designers, and composers who want to explore the uncharted territories of string sounds.

Analog Strings isn’t a conventional string library; it’s a playground for musicians who love to experiment. With its creative blend of traditional string samples, rare vintage synths, and innovative sound design elements, it delivers a palette of sounds that range from cinematic pads and expressive leads to evocative ambient textures and edgy, modern string synths.

The plugin’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing easy manipulation of the sounds. With its dual string source setup, you can blend two string sounds together and further modify them using various filters, modulation options, and built-in effects. Additionally, the plugin features a rhythm generator, an arpeggiator, and a loop sequencer for creating rhythmically complex patterns and sequences.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re a modern producer or composer seeking a string plugin that breaks away from the traditional orchestral sounds and ventures into the realm of distinctive, hybrid string tones, Output’s Analog Strings could be an excellent addition to your plugin arsenal. With its broad range of sounds and its focus on creativity and ease of use, it offers endless possibilities to create unique string textures that can set your productions apart.

Best Strings VST Plugins: Best Service - Chris Hein Solo Strings
(Image Credit: Best Service)

Best Service Chris Hein Solo Strings

A Versatile Library of High-Quality Solo String Instruments


  • Software Type: Solo String Instruments
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Collection of 14 solo string instruments.
  • High-resolution samples with multiple articulations.
  • Advanced editing and scripting for realistic performances.


Best Service Chris Hein Solo Strings is an exhaustive collection of solo string instruments, designed for musicians and composers who require a comprehensive array of string sounds. The collection covers 14 instruments, from violins and violas to cellos and contrabasses, each recorded with meticulous detail and high-resolution audio.

One of the standout features of Chris Hein Solo Strings is its advanced legato scripting, which provides smooth and realistic transitions between notes. Additionally, it offers a variety of articulations, including staccato, legato, vibrato, and pizzicato, allowing you to tailor your performances for any musical context.

The sampled instruments sound pristine and natural, yet the plugin offers extensive editing capabilities. You can tweak almost every aspect of the sound, including the attack and release, vibrato, EQ, and even the room ambiance. This versatility, combined with the quality of the samples, makes Chris Hein Solo Strings an excellent choice for both studio production and live performance.

Final Thoughts:

The Best Service Chris Hein Solo Strings excels in both the breadth and depth of its string instrument offerings. Its versatility, high-quality sound, and intricate level of control make it a formidable contender in the market for string plugins. Whether you’re a film composer looking to score a touching solo string passage or a music producer in need of a diverse palette of string sounds, Chris Hein Solo Strings would be an invaluable addition to your software library.

Best Strings VST Plugins: Musical Sampling - Soaring Strings
(Image Credit: Musical Sampling)

Musical Sampling Soaring Strings

Achieve Expressive Melodies with Elevated String Sounds


  • Software Type: Orchestral Strings
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Crafted to assist in writing fluid transitions and topline melodies.
  • Emphasizes a slurred, legato playing style.
  • Simplistic, one-page user interface.


Musical Sampling Soaring Strings, as the name suggests, is designed to deliver expressive and elevated string sounds, perfect for soaring over your mixes. The plugin focuses on producing legato string sounds, offering a slurred, connected playing style that’s ideal for topline melodies and fluid transitions.

Crafted to be intuitive and straightforward, Soaring Strings sports a simplistic, one-page user interface. Even with its simplicity, it manages to pack in a substantial amount of functionality. You can adjust elements like dynamics and vibrato intensity, which provide more nuanced control over your sound.

The samples have a rich, warm character that can add an expressive touch to any track. Whether you’re crafting an intimate, emotional piece or an epic, grand composition, Soaring Strings will help you achieve the sound you’re after.

Final Thoughts:

With its focus on legato playing styles and a user-friendly interface, Musical Sampling Soaring Strings is a reliable tool for any composer who values expressivity and ease of use. Its rich sound and flexible functionality make it a worthy addition to any music producer’s toolkit. Give your compositions a lift with the soaring, expressive sounds of this excellent string VST plugin.

Best Strings VST Plugins: Heavyocity - NOVO Modern Strings
(Image Credit: Heavyocity)

Heavyocity NOVO Modern Strings

Achieve Expressive Melodies with Elevated String Sounds


  • Software Type: Cinematic Strings
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Combines traditional string section recordings with advanced sound design.
  • Unique "CYCLE" engine for creating rhythmic and melodic sequences.
  • Macro control knob for intuitive sound manipulation.


NOVO Modern Strings by Heavyocity is not your standard string library. It effectively bridges the gap between traditional orchestral strings and modern sound design. This plugin combines beautifully recorded string ensembles with a cutting-edge, sound design-driven engine, giving producers a powerful tool for creating unique and intricate string textures.

One of the most exciting features of NOVO is the CYCLE engine. This innovative tool allows you to create complex rhythmic and melodic sequences. This feature, combined with the variety of articulations available, makes NOVO an extraordinarily versatile plugin, capable of generating everything from delicate pizzicato passages to aggressive, cinematic soundscapes.

The interface features a ‘Macro Control Knob’, which gives you the ability to manipulate multiple parameters simultaneously, thereby drastically altering the sound with just a few tweaks. Whether you’re after the sound of a traditional string section or something more synthetic, NOVO offers a wide range of possibilities.

Final Thoughts:

For producers and composers looking for a string VST that breaks the mold, NOVO Modern Strings could be the perfect fit. With its unique approach to string synthesis and its deep sound manipulation capabilities, this plugin brings a fresh perspective to the world of string VSTs. Let NOVO Modern Strings inspire your next composition with its advanced features and its unique, cutting-edge sound.

Best Strings VST Plugins: Best Service TO - Strings of Winter
(Image Credit: Best Service)

Best Service TO Strings of Winter

Winter-Inspired Strings with Exotic Soundscapes


  • Software Type: Orchestral Strings
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Exotic, winter-inspired string articulations.
  • Contains 60 unheard articulations performed by a 41-piece European string orchestra.
  • Provides a unique, atmospheric sound profile.


Best Service’s TO – Strings of Winter is an unconventional string library that veers away from the standard. Taking inspiration from the icy landscapes of winter, this VST comes packed with 60 unique articulations performed by a 41-piece European string orchestra. The result is a string library that delivers a cool, atmospheric vibe perfect for cinematic compositions.

The articulations go beyond the conventional, providing you with a selection of unique and textured sounds. This includes unusual techniques such as sul ponticello and col legno, adding an extra layer of depth and versatility to your music. The result is a plugin that delivers a hauntingly beautiful tone, fitting for everything from film scores to ambient tracks.

TO – Strings of Winter, with its frosty sonic palette, invites composers and producers to explore new horizons in their music. The easy-to-navigate interface ensures you can quickly get into the creative process, manipulating and blending sounds to achieve the perfect winter-inspired string section.

Final Thoughts:

Best Service TO – Strings of Winter offers an unusual take on a string library, providing winter-inspired articulations and a unique sonic palette. This plugin is an excellent choice for composers and producers looking to create a distinct, icy atmosphere in their tracks. Get ready to embark on a chilling musical adventure with Strings of Winter.

Best Strings VST Plugins: Big Fish - Vintage Strings
(Image Credit: Big Fish)

Big Fish Vintage Strings

Retro String Sounds for Authentic Vintage Vibes


  • Software Type: Vintage Strings
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Detailed sampling of vintage string ensembles.
  • Preserves the character of classic analog string machines.
  • Offers a wide range of articulations and effects.


Big Fish’s Vintage Strings is a string VST plugin that beautifully captures the timeless, warm sound of classic analog string machines. This plugin is ideal for music producers and composers looking to incorporate authentic vintage string sounds into their compositions.

Vintage Strings offers detailed sampling of analog string ensembles from the 70s and 80s, capturing their rich, distinctive characteristics. The result is a string plugin that offers not just authenticity but a whole range of expressive possibilities.

The library includes a wide variety of articulations and effects that can be combined to create your unique vintage string sound. From lush and mellow, to eerie and unsettling, Vintage Strings can provide the perfect backdrop for your musical pieces. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to tweak parameters and create your own custom presets.

Final Thoughts:

Big Fish Vintage Strings is a must-have for any producer looking for that authentic vintage string sound. With its detailed sampling and easy-to-use interface, it offers a lot of creative possibilities. If you’re looking to capture the timeless charm of vintage strings, this plugin should be on your radar.

Best Strings VST Plugins: VSL Vienna Instruments Strings Complete
(Image Credit: VSL)

VSL Vienna Instruments Strings Complete

Comprehensive String Library for Cinematic Compositions


  • Software Type: Orchestral Strings
  • Platform - Supported formats: PC/MAC - VST, AU, AAX


  • Offers a comprehensive collection of string instruments.
  • Captures the high-quality sounds of the renowned Vienna Symphonic Library.
  • Highly versatile, perfect for everything from cinematic scores to pop productions.


The VSL Vienna Instruments: Strings Complete plugin is an extensive library of string instruments, making it a highly sought-after resource among composers and producers. Built with sounds from the acclaimed Vienna Symphonic Library, this plugin delivers unmatched realism and depth.

Vienna Instruments: Strings Complete covers a wide range of string instruments, from violins and cellos to rare instruments like the viola da gamba. Each instrument has been meticulously sampled in various articulations, providing a depth of expression that will add richness to any track.

The plugin’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to adjust the parameters to fit your creative needs. Whether you’re crafting a dramatic cinematic score or a pop hit, Strings Complete provides the tools you need to create compelling string parts with ease.

Final Thoughts:

For composers and producers who need a comprehensive, high-quality string library, VSL Vienna Instruments: Strings Complete is an excellent choice. The attention to detail in the sampling, along with its versatility and ease of use, make it a powerful tool for any music production environment.

FAQ Buying Guide: Best Strings VST Plugins

Strings VST plugins have revolutionized music production, offering composers, producers, and musicians the ability to incorporate realistic string sounds into their projects without needing access to live orchestras. From cinematic scores to pop arrangements, the right strings VST can elevate your music. This guide will address common questions to help you find the best strings VST plugin for your needs.

  • What Are Strings VST Plugins?

    Strings VST plugins are software instruments that emulate the sound of stringed instruments such as violins, violas, cellos, and double basses. They can range from solo instruments to full orchestral ensembles.

  • Why Use Strings VST Plugins?

    Using strings VST plugins allows for greater flexibility and creativity in music production. They provide access to high-quality string sounds without the logistical and financial challenges of recording a live orchestra.

  • What Should I Look for in a Strings VST Plugin?

    • Sound Quality: Look for plugins that offer realistic, high-quality samples.
    • Articulations and Expressions: A good plugin should offer a variety of articulations (e.g., legato, pizzicato) and dynamic expressions.
    • Playability: Consider how intuitive and playable the instrument is, especially if you plan to play parts using a MIDI keyboard.
    • Customization: Options to adjust mic positions, reverb, and other parameters can help tailor the sound to your project.
    • CPU Load: Ensure the plugin is optimized to run smoothly on your system without consuming excessive CPU resources.
  • Sampled vs. Synthesized Strings: Which Is Better?

    Sampled strings use recordings of real instruments and tend to offer more realism and nuance. Synthesized strings generate sounds through digital means and can offer a wider range of sounds, though sometimes at the expense of realism.

  • Do I Need a Full Orchestral Library?

    This depends on your needs. If you frequently compose orchestral music, a comprehensive library might be beneficial. For pop music or smaller projects, a plugin focusing on solo strings or smaller ensembles might suffice.

  • How Important Are Microphone Positions?

    Multiple microphone positions can significantly affect the sound by offering different perspectives, from close and intimate to a full room sound. This feature is particularly important for achieving cinematic or specific spatial effects.

  • Can Free Strings VST Plugins Compete with Paid Ones?

    While free plugins can be useful, especially for beginners or for specific sounds, paid plugins often provide higher sound quality, more articulations, and better playability.

  • What Are Some Reputable Brands or Developers?

    Some top developers include Spitfire Audio, EastWest, Native Instruments, and Orchestral Tools, known for their high-quality string libraries.

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